By: Noor Sarah Khor Group: 21A

Andreas Vesalius (1514-1564)

 Humanism is based on the principle that the proper concern of man is man.  .MODERN western medicine have two separate philosophical roots: scientific determinism and humanism. More ancient basis for the physician's role than scientific determinism.  Scientific determinism: indispensable in approaching patient treatment with important limitations.

 .HUMANISTIC MEDICINE  Aimed: Addressing the problems of contemporary health care. Fundamental: (i) Open communication (ii) Mutual respect (iii) Emotional connection btw physicians and their patients.

so that if it did not achieve with us a greater perfection that at any other place or time among the old teachers of anatomy.VESALIUS THE HUMANIST [ANDREAS VESALIUS (1514-1564) ]  Modern medicine began in 1543 ~ first complete textbook of human anatomy. De Humanis Corporis Fabrica by Andreas Vesalius (1514-1564). However revolutionary his achievements may seem to the modern historian. it might at least reach such a point that one could with confidence assert that our modern science of anatomy was equal to that of old.  Anatomy. according to Vesalius:  “…should be recalled from the dead. for Vesalius.” . it was only the revival of the work of ancient anatomists. and that in this age anatomy was unique both in the level to which it had sunk and in the completeness of its subsequent restoration.

(iii) He knew from reading Cicero and Celsus that the ancients had dissected human bodies. (iv)Modern anatomy was indeed the resurrection of ancient anatomy. he learned from Galen that Alexandria had been the center of anatomical research. (ii)Vesalius extended this humanism to include anatomy. .(i) The development of art and literature during the Renaissance as a rebirth of the truth and perfection once possessed by the Greeks in antiquity.

traditional moral supports have been weakened and precepts disassembled. Every one of its tenets is being seriously questioned and is likely to be reformulated. Under pressure of moral conflicts buffeting our entire culture. Thank you!!  .Conclusion  Medical ethics has become a subject of the widest public concern.

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