Rider University

Blackboard Service Pack 8 Testing Plan
Goal: To create, and test an effective workflow for combining courses in Blackboard 9.1 as well as investigate the possible user interface changes and how to ease them out to the general population.

Step One: Installation Lead: Rick Testers: Shaun and Heeyoung Coordinator: Eva Procedure – Rick will install SP8 into Dev. Rick will contact Eva to let her know it’s done. Eva will contact Shaun and Heeyoung to test Test criteria Building Blocks are working; Course and Student data are intact. Connections to content server are intact. Once Shaun and Heeyoung sign off on the installation, Eva will contact Beth and Bill to let them know. Step Two: Course Combo testing Lead/Tester: Shaun Coordinator: Eva Procedure – Shaun will test and create a workflow process for combining courses. Test criteria – Combine 5 courses view results from instructor and student view. Draft document for faculty. Shaun will also coordinate with Carol and Eva to create a communication plan on how to inform faculty about this change.

how to enable/disable them and what value they will provide Rider. Test criteria – List and evaluate UI changes. provide a feedback report of some type to Eva. Discuss with Carol the best procedure to introduce the changes to faculty. .Step Three: (Can run concurrently with step two): UI Changes Lead/Tester: Heeyoung Coordinator Eva Procedure – Heeyoung will evaluate the UI features in SP8.

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