The Seven Birds of Michael Nishri

From: Michael Nishri © 2012 Email:

In this presentation I will show seven new bird concepts for the enjoyable game Angry Birds. Additional ideas will be provided further on.

Stormy the lightning bird is charged with electricity, when tapped it releases a lightning strike and electrocutes the pigs.

The Finix bird is a hot tempered bird, when tapped it explodes releasing fire the burns the pigs and the wood.

The Sickie bird is infected with bird flu, when tapped it sneezes and infects the pigs with a disease that makes the pigs explode and they infect the other pigs.

Twee Ninja
The Twee Ninja bird is well trained in ancient martial arts, when tapped it turns into three ninja stars that cut structures and pigs.

Metal bird is a rock n’ roll bird that likes to listen to very loud rock music, when tapped she introduces a MASSIVE speaker and switches on loud rock n’ roll music that shatters glass and breaks structures.

The KABOOM bird likes to mess around with bombs, when tapped she hurls a dynamite stick that obviously explodes and blows up the pigs.

The Twinkie Star bird is a tiny bird with a lot of courage, when tapped she turns into a meteor and drops on the pigs. Recommended for Angry Birds space.

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