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Failed Leadership Survey

Failed Leadership Survey

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Published by Katie Pavlich

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Published by: Katie Pavlich on Mar 21, 2012
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gaLher lnformaLlon on Lhe speclflc behavlors whlch lnfluenced boLh poslLlve and negaLlve responses Lo

Lhls quesLlon. 8esponses are anonymous, buL wlll be shared wlLh Lhe A1l LxecuLlve SLaff and fleld
leadershlp. 1he LxecuLlve SLaff ls commlLLed Lo uslng Lhe feedback Lo deLermlne whaL acLlons should be
Laken Lo address Lhls crlLlcal lssue.
Survey responses are requesLed by 5%/&2(678(97:9. 1hls survey ls lnLenLlonally narrow ln focus and ls
noL lnLended Lo replace Lhe more comprehenslve CÞM Lmployee vlewpolnL Survey whlch wlll be lssued
for 2012 ln Lhe comlng weeks. ?our feedback Lo boLh surveys ls deslred and wlll help shape Lhe fuLure
dlrecLlon of Lhe 8ureau.

Cllck on Lhe followlng llnk Lo Lake you Lo Lhe survey: Lmployee vlewpolnL Survey

1hank you for your parLlclpaLlon.


Late last year, ATF received the results of the 2011 Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey (EVS).
The survey, done annually by OPM, helps us listen to our employees and focus on employee
perceptions that drive job satisfaction, commitment, engagement, and ultimately contribute to the
accomplishment of our mission. In particular, the survey helps us identify and expose problem
areas which, while at times uncomfortable, are essential to improving our operations.

A key area on last year`s survey in which ATF fell short was leadership. Most troubling were
ATF`s ratings in relation to the question: 'My senior leaders maintain high standards oI honesty
and integrity.¨ The honesty and integrity of senior leadership is fundamental to the success of
any organization. Given recent changes in ATF senior leadership, we want to reassess employee
perceptions on this issue and gather additional information on the behaviors of senior leaders
which underlie responses to the Employee Viewpoint Survey question.

Feedback from the survey will remain anonymous and help the ATF Executive Staff as they seek
to address this critical issue.

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