March 18, 2012

Choose a simple object to keep in your pocket all day. (You might pick a marble, a rock, a sticker or a bead.) Each time you touch it, say, “I trust in you, Jesus.” If you are nervous or scared, use the object as a reminder Jesus is always with you.

Practice your memory verse! You can find it in Ephesians 4:32.

While in the car, talk about a time when you trusted Jesus. What happened? What happened during a time when you didn’t trust Him? Which one works out best and how does it feel? In March and April, the offering money you bring will help the Malawi Nursery School. Malawi is in Africa, so you will be sharing God’s love with children all around the world! Bring those dollars and coins!

Spend time in prayer. Ask God to help you trust in Him. Thank God that He can be trusted and that you can always count on Him.