Jesus wanted to spend time with God in prayer. God was very happy when Jesus prayed!

God is happy when we pray, too. Remember prayer is spending time with God—talking, listening, and being still. Choose at least one mealtime when you will take time for prayer before you eat. Ask everyone to thank God for something or someone. Then ask each person to pray for someone else. You can also add a brief moment of quiet time. Enjoy praying together as a family.

After Jesus ate a meal with His friends, He went to a garden to pray. In this garden, there were big olive trees, beautiful plants, and a big rock. Jesus was with His friends. He told them to wait—He needed to go and pray. Jesus went to the big rock. He bowed His head and prayed. Jesus asked God to help Him do what God wanted. Jesus wanted to follow God no matter what. He wanted to be faithful to God. Jesus spent time with God in prayer. --John 17:1-26


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