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Counter-Struck? Bihar Flood Food for Gossip-
Relief Camp Mongers!

November, 2008

thly magazine
Infor mal mon
the students &
for 'em... T he K no l
Ladies and Gentlemen, after much of <insert-adjective-here like
hardwork>, Knol is ready to 'take a grab'!!
It actually took 'forever' to come up to the expectations we had from our
Issue 1; Version 3

There are many things. First of all, this tiny thing in our heads.. which
people think is 'gray'. Then there comes the FOSS [Office
suite like MS Office] inside which Knol has been structured out-and-out.
Friends have been ultra-supportive & of course the fantastic four five (read:
undersigned. Not really though!).

P ROCURE the “thi ng”:
Rs. 0 (hey! Its FREE)

To get your hands [finally] dirty with the 1s t ever issue, there are 2 options:
a) you gotta download this eBook (pdf) [get download link from Blog site]
2) go to the Internet-lab. Its there on almost every computer's 'documents'
folder. Read it. [& Make people] Read it [again].
d) read articles online @ the blog site (see bottom for Link).

This index page couldn't drop by. It [=the page] feels sorry!!

Infor mal ly K N OL 's stil l
F UTURE SCOP E: anches ar e
Dated: 20081121

Get advertisements inside Knol & get rich(er) soon!! N ote: Other br
inv ol v ed too.
[ps : v r still waiting 4 that person with a CRAPpy creativity 2 show up]

Anshul Bahukhandi, CS - II Nikunj Lahoti, CS - IV Swati Dutt, ET - IV E
Isha Arora, CS - IV Tapan Dutt, CS - IV
(Feel FREE to say 'W') E
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