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“I will be born to save the humanity, whenever the sacred law of Justice
(Dharma) is at stake”, the great seers are born in this world in order to save the
individuals souls, immersed in the ocean of sorrow of incessant births and deaths.
Whenever the sacred justice is at stake and the unrighteous on their ascendancy,
in order to save the devotees from the sufferings of this world and make them
obtain the highest state of bliss, with grace, God, the Absolute is born in this world
in human forms and explained clearly the efficacy of the spiritual path and
spiritual ideals. “Aganda Paripoorana Sachidananda Sarguru Swamigal” who is
one among them, was born in the form of “Sargurunathan” as a boon to Tamil
Nadu and graced the people with his preaching of spiritual ideals.

Sathguru traveled the length and breadth of India to save the people by his
preaching. He explained to the people, the four principle objectives, worthy of
human pursuit, namely, “Righteous Conduct, Wealth, Love and Salvation”. He
taught them with his grace the experimental wisdom “Satchithanand only is the
God”. “The Conscious Soul is the Supreme God”, “Making individual soul attain
the state of the Supreme (God) Soul is the compassion for all living beings”.

Sathguru traveled from Kanyakumari, in the South to Rishikesh, the North,
upto Haridwar, from Kolkatta in the East, to Mumbai in the West, and explained to
the people clearly, according to their level of non-duality, monism and spiritual
doctrines and taught them clearly the philosophy that “God is One”, and “The
Conscious Soul is the Supreme God”. And he further explained to them: “Self-
realisation is the penance”, “One, who sees the seer, is the learned”.

There are sixty four yogas. (“Yoga is a system of emancipation of the self of
union of the self with the Eternal self; a system of gradual conquest of the
activities of the mind and the body and the power of will so as to be free from the
misery and pains of life. This they consider as yoga; The firm holding back of the
senses. Then one becomes undistracted. Yoga, truly, is the origin and the end
(Katha Upanisad, VI: 11). Those who followed after meditation and abstraction
(Yoga) saw the self power of God (Deva) hidden in his own qualities (Swetasvatra
Upanisad, 1:3). Restraint of the breath, withdrawal if the senses, meditation,
concentration, contemplation, absorption. Such is said to be six fold Yoga (Maitri
Upanisad VI:18).. He whose self is harmonized by Yoga sees the self abiding.

“Dedication to learning wisdom (Gnana Yoga) is the best among them. This
“Gnana Yoga” can be accomplished with the grace of Sathguru. There is no other
way better than this”, thus explained Sathguru. Wherever he went he had
explained not only the Spiritual Doctrines, but also how to live the worldly life –
living life, pure life, simple life, properly with propriety by living a Divine Life and
attain the everlasting state of the highest bliss.

The holy body of Sathguru in its graceful form captivated one and all. With
his grace and compassion, he had the ability to make the lowest people of the
mundane world, and those who were like beasts, come to him for salvation.

On his way back to the south after his pilgrimage to the North, he
performed some miracles for the people. Without having desire for the things of
others, he came to Vaitheeswarankovil in Tamil Nadu on foot and was there for
two years observing the vow of silence. Acclaiming his excellence, the local Chief
of Saiva Mutt and the Head of the Monastery served him devotedly during his
stay there.

There he came to Chennai after visiting Chidambaram and Seerkali. When
he was in Chennai he taught the spiritual knowledge, “Consciousness in Spiritual
Knowledge” and “Wisdom in Spiritual Knowledge”.

Then he went to Rameswaram and Dhanuskodi in the South East direction
and then to Colombo, Kandi and Kathirkamam in Sri Lanka and taught the people
there the spiritual truths. “Satchidanandh only is the God and making the
individual soul attain the state of the Supreme God is the compassion for all the
human beings.

Then he reached Nagapatinam harbor by ship and after visiting many
places in Tamil Nadu including Vadalur, Mohanur, Kattuputhur, Vellore,
Velayuthampalayam, Karur, Tiruchirapalli; he reached Thiruvaanaikovil and
showed the devotees his performance of miracles.

He reached Thiruvaiyaru in 1935 and staying there in Thirukailayam; he
taught the devotees the virtues of spiritual knowledge. While he was staying in
Thiruvaiyaru, everyday a lamb came there for grazing. One day, while grazing, it
was bitten by a snake and it swooned. Seeing this, the compassionate sage pats
it. Immediately it started jumping about. Seeing this,’ he miracle the devotees
began to have love and devotion for the saint”.

While performing miracles lie this, one day some devotees, who thought
that there was no lamp in the ashram, brought one. Seeing that he said, “Not
necessary! The sage has lamp”. The devotees, who saw a light coming towards
the ashram at that time, became rapturous and started worshipping him.

After the incident, the saint cleared the doubts of the people thereby
explaining the Vedas and explained his experience and went to Palani in Madurai

After staying at Palani for some days in 1935, the sage came to
Kanakkanpatti, a village five miles away from Palani and stayed there at a temple.
Kanakkanpatti and Pottampatti are the two parts of a big village, having more
than one thousand houses. While he was staying at Kanakkanpatti, he
performed miracles according to their state of mind.

Experiencing the grace of Sathguru and getting his knowledge through
realization, many people came to him, worshipped him and served him. Sensing
their love, the sage taught them the spiritual truths.

While staying in Pottampatti, the sage went to a garden to take bath in the
well. A boy from that garden, without knowing who HE was, threatened him by
saying “Who are you? Why have you come here? Get out”! and struck lightly at
his body with the dried stalk of a millet. All of a sudden he became stupefied and
was afraid, for he felt his hands and legs had lost sensation. His father, who came
to know of this, came to the sage and asked him for his pardon. After some days
both of them donated a part of their garden land for constructing a building for
Sachidananda Sabai. (When the sage was in Dindigul after this incident i.e., in
1938, “Aganda Paripoorana Sachidananda Sabai” was established in the same
place and the portrait of Gurunathar was installed. From then onwards, every
Tamil month, on Third Thursday, Gurupooja has been performed.)
The sage established ‘Sachidananda Sabai’ in Pensioner street, Dindigul.
When he was there, Gurupooja prayer were conducted at Kanakkanpatti with the
singing of “Gurusthothra songs”. The children danced round clapping hands
rhythmically, and moved round striking short coloured sticks to the rhythm of
songs. The children thus sang and danced with happiness.

Devotees carried every month after the Gurupooja the portrait of Sathguru
in a possession with singing advaita songs and dancing in order to get his grace.
Once on such occasion, some atheists of the village, who didn’t have faith in
Sathguru, asked the devotees why they had made a fuss about him (Sathguru),
when he was at Dindigul. They asked: “Can the portrait of your Gurunathar
speak? If at all, let him speak. So, that we can also hear him”. ‘Gurunathar
showed these ignorant persons a wonderful miracle and made them his ardent
devotees. When thousands of people gathered there to take part in the
procession, a loud noise was heard from the portrait of Sarguru, which enthralled
everyone with overwhelming emotion. In order to make the doubtful atheists feel,
a warning came from the portrait,” Leave your arrogance! Head will be split! Be
careful!”. It was followed by a loud noise as if there exploded a bomb. The fear-
stricken atheists, who understood the greatness of Sathguru, became his
devotees and started singing in praise of him. From that day onwards many
people, who understood the greatness and glory of Sathguru, became his
devotees. They have been serving in the Sachidananda Sabai since then.

When Sathguru was at Pensioner street Sabai at Dindigul, a person
afflicted with leprosy and could not even walk, came there every day to have his
glimpse. Seeking his ardent devotion, with his grace, he cured him of his illness.
Another person, who was suffering from an incurable disease (with a bad smell
emanating from his body) took refuge in the sage with devotion and love, and had
his glimpse everyday. He was cured of his disease. He has been praying in
Sathguru in his mind., since then. A clerk, working in the District court, started
losing his eye sight and could not work. He had the graceful glimpse of Sathguru.
He got back his eye sight. From then onwards he has been serving in the Sabai.

A Christian lady who had been mad for a long time, came to her senses,
when she had the glimpse of the sage. She fell at his feet. From then onwards,
the lady who had been completely cured of her madness, started serving the

A camp clerk of the Governor of Tamil Nadu was suffering from an incurable
stomach ache. When he heard the glory of Sathguru, came to have his glimpse at
Dindigul performed gurupooja and took the sacred offering of the sage. This
made him get cured. Overwhelmed with his feelings, he devoted himself to the
service to the sage.

After his stay at Dindigul he came to Chatirapatti inn 1939 and established
Sachidananda Sabai, East of Chatirapatti village, by the side of Dindigul-Palani
Gurupoojas were performed on first Thursday of every Tamil month.
Children sang Gurusthothra songs and danced round clapping hands
rhythmically, and moved round striking short coloured sticks to the rhytim of
songs. The devotees ceremoniously recited the sacred songs and texts of

Four years after establishing the Sabai at Chatirapatti, the Annual
Gurupooja was performed for three days. The poor were fed on these three
days. All the devotees connected with the Sabai were present at this Gurupooja.
Sathguru graced these devotees with his sacred teachings, which they had never
heard of. The sage stayed there for a long time, performed many miracles and
graced many devotees.

Then he left Chatirapatti in 1942 and stayed for sometime as
Kodaikeelpatti, Kallakonarpatti, Tiruchirapalli, Thanjavur, Cudalore and Mathur. In
19465, when he was at Mathur Thotti, he registered the Sabai in the name of “Sri
Aganda Paripoorana Sachidananda Sabai” and nominated members of the Board
for the Sabai.

Sathguru’s close devotees became ascetics and did spiritual service as
well as service to him. They worked for the growth and development of the Sabai.

Wherever he was with his self-realising grace and compassion, bestowed
on his devotees his grace, according to their state of mind, to lead to pure worldly
and at the same time develop their spiritual attainments.

Sathguru Sachidananda Swamiji attained “Vidheha Mukthi” (release from
the bonds of the world) on 19.11.1946 at Government Estate, Chennai. His mortal
body was interned at Gurushetram on Thursday November 21, 1946 in the
presence of ascetics and devotees of the Sabai.

Five days after his departure from life, the devotees, saw the coming of an
undivided flaming light from the North-East direction, shining above the
“Samadhi” (Holy grave) and becoming one with it. Seeing this unusual sight, the
devotees started praying and performing poojas with devotion. As bestowed his
grace on devotees before his departure from life, he has been bestowing his
grace on all who come to his “Samadhi” for prayer and to those who pray to him
in their minds. He bestows upon them, peace of mind and his grace.

There is no doubt that the Vedantic philosophical and graceful sayings of
Sathguru will ever lead the people of this world in the spiritual path.
This ashram is situated at Tambaram Velacherry main road in Chennai.
After Sathguru’s Samadhi this place is called as GURUSHETRAM. This will be
reached from Tambaram about 4 kilo meters. There are 20 branches and lot of
devotees come and attended the pujas and other activities. There is a regular
weekly Thursday prayers, every Sunday prayer, every Tamil month first week
Thursday prayer, poornima prayer, Tamil New Year prayer and English New Year
prayer performed very grand manner.

CHENNAI – 600 073.

PHONE: 00 91 44 22290054