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Week 2 Assignment

Week 2 Assignment

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Published by: Omar Kahill Clarke on Mar 22, 2012
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Williams James’s functionalist theory of psychology was – Our memories and ideas deeply influence how we function in an environment

and also sensation cannot be separated from mental association as it influences past experiences. In the early years of psychology women often combatted situation like discrimination, some were not offered teaching jobs or even degrees in the field. Social psychology - targets thinking, i.e. how people’s actions and thoughts are influenced by others. Personality psychology - targets differences in people’s characteristics such as aggressiveness, selfesteem. Physiological psychology – focuses on human behavior and how it is affected by chemical reactions in the body and processes in the brain and neural system. Sigmund Freud’s idea was that much of our behavior is related to our unconsciousness and how it relates conflicts, motives and desires while John b. Watson argues psychology should only be related to observable and measurable behavior.

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