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All Somali NGO Handbook 2005[1]

All Somali NGO Handbook 2005[1]


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This document contains all the names and adresses of all the NGOs that were operational in Somalia as of 2005
This document contains all the names and adresses of all the NGOs that were operational in Somalia as of 2005

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NGO Profile

Brief Description:
Community Aid frontier is a community based organization
formed by local inhabitants from Wajir who have vast expe-
rience in humanitarian work within the region and beyond.
Community Aid frontier is dedicated to improving the living
conditions in the communities in the area. Wajir. Community
Aid frontier is committed in improving the livelihood of the
community. The organization addresses health, access to
credit and food security (milk production), Community Aid
Frontier works in the communities through participatory

CAF Action is registered with the department of social servic-
es as a community based organization (CBO). CAF Action is
pursuing registration as a Kenyan non-governmental organi-


CAF Action is a voluntary non-sectarian, community organi-
zation registered in June 2004, based in Wajir district in
North Eastern Kenya.

The organization is the brainchild of local people and leaders
from communities in Wajir district. They are committed to the
needs of their pastoral communities of both Kenya and
Somalia by undertaking activities in the areas listed below.
• Food security- agricultural infrastructures, milk production
and honey production (storage and marketing), fishing
• Health – AIDS/HIV, FGM, Maternal health care, Hygiene
• Education- Girl child education, Civic education, voter’s
education and adult literacy.
• Water and Sanitation- community wells rehabilitation,
sanitation in schools and water pans and troughs rehabil-
• Initiation of income generating activities.
• Environmental conservation and protection.
• Gender sensitization and promotion.

Our Mission:

To work with poor and marginalized pastoral people to erad-
icate poverty, disease and illiteracy by overcoming the injus-
tices and inequities causing them and by recognizing people’s
rights to education, shelter, food, water and rural health serv-
ices (HIV Aids awareness and child support programme)
based on the following principles;
• Strengthening capacity for self-help;
• Providing economic opportunity;
• Delivering relief in emergencies;

• Influencing policy decisions at all levels;
• Addressing discrimination in all its forms.

OUR Vision:Is to empower local communities to participate,
take control in decision-making of local development initia-

OUR Goal:Improve the poor conditions of life in the commu-
nities within Wajir district.


Fighting poverty and diseases together has four goals:
• Recognizing that poor people have a right to life's essen-
tials, including food, water, healthcare, livelihoods and
•Working increasingly in partnership with others to achieve
greater impact.
•Promoting change at local and national level in favour of
poor people.
•Counteracting discrimination against women and girls.

In all our actions our ultimate goal is to enable people to exer-
cise their rights and manage their own lives.

Headquarter Information

Contact Person: Mohamed Ali
Address: c/o: CiDRi
Neleon Place, Rhaphta Road Westlands
P.O. Box 587 – 00606 Sarit Centre
Nairobi - Kenya
Email Address: cidri@wananchi.com
Mobile Number: +254 721 812 745
Telephone Number: + 254 20 445 2135
Fax Number: + 254 20 445 2136

Regional Office:

Contact Person: Ms. Nahai Abdullahi Barrow
Address: P.O. Box 143 Wajir - Kenya
Email Address: caf-actionkenya@yahoo.com
Mobile Number: +254 723 991 419
Telephone Number: + 254 464 21464
Fax Number: + 254 464 21464

Field Office

Contact Person: Hasan Omer Ahmed
Address: Beledwein – Hiran Region (Somalia)
Email Address: caf-actionsomalia@yahoo.com
Telephone Number: + 252 2 571 616
Fax Number: + 252 2 571 616

NGO Handbook 2005


Other Agency Details

Year Agency Became Active in Somalia: 2004
Local Counterparts in Somalia: N/A
No, of Permanent Expatriates Staff: N/A
No, of Permanent Local Staff: 5
Agency Presence in Neighboring Countries: Kenya

Project Details

1 Jazira Fishing Activities:
This program is intended to upgrade the livelihood of the local
fishing communities in Jazira (Banadir Region) and to improve
their fishing skills.

The program is to distribute fishing equipment, fishing boats
and giving training for enhancing their fishing skills.

Start Date: on line
End Date: six months after funding
Donor: CiDRi Canada, UNDP
Main Sector: Food Security
Sub-Sector: Fishing
Region: Banadir
District: Dharkenley

2 Warsheikh Fishing Activities:
This program is intended to upgrade the livelihood of the local
fishing communities in Warsheikh (Middle Shabelle Region)
and to improve their fishing skills.

The program is to distribute fishing equipment, fishing boats
and giving training for enhancing their fishing skills.

Start Date: April 2004
End Date: September 2004
Donor: CiDRi
Main Sector: Food Security
Sub-Sector: Fishing
Region: Middle Shabelle
District: Warsheikh
Fax Number: +254-20-214435


NGO Handbook 2005


Candlelight for Health,Education & Environment

NGO Profile

Brief Description

Candlelight for Health, Education and Environment (CLHE)
was founded in 1995 as a non-profit making organization,
dedicated to development issues in under-served and/or
marginalized Somaliland communities.

Candlelight is active in the following sectors: Health, educa-
tion, environment and income generation

Headquarters Information

Contact Person: Ahmed Ibrahim Awale
Address: Hargeisa, Somaliland,
P.o. Box 4630, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Email Address: candasli@yahoo.com
Telephone Number: +252 2 523146
Mobile: +252 2 426069
Fax Number: + 252 2 213 6610

Regional Office

Contact Person: Ms. Jawahir Ahmed Abdi
Address: Burao, Somaliland
Email Address: bvtc10@yahoo.com
Telephone Number: +252 2 710144
Mobile: +252 2 436065

Other NGO Details

Year Agency Became Active in Somalia: 1995
Local Counterparts in Somalia: CBOs
No, of Permanent Expatriates Staff:
No, of Permanent Local Staff: 12
Agency Presence in Neighboring Countries: None

Project Details

Candlelight runs a number of projects in the area of health
(preventive health, PHC, HIV/AIDS and FGM awareness,
production of clean delivery kits), education with focus on pro-
motion of girl child education, vocational skills, and environ-
mental projects.

These projects have a span of from 1-3 years and are fund-
ed by a number of organizations viz. Oxfam Netherlands
(Novib), International Solidarity Foundation, Heinrich Boell
Foundation, Public Welfare Foundation, Christian Aid,
UNICEF and others.

1 HIV/AIDS, FGM awareness and Maternal Health
Awareness raising, capacitating MCHs to function

Start Date: May 2004
End Date: April 2006
Donor(s): Oxfam Netherlands
Main Sector: HN
Sub-Sector: HIV/AIDS, FGM, PHC, MCH, safe motherhood
Region: Galbeed (Hargeisa), Togdheer, Sahil
District: Hargeisa, Burao, Odweine, Sheikh

2 FGM/FC awareness
Awareness raising, training of TBAs, alternative skills for cir-

Start Date: June 2004
End Date: May 2006
Donor(s): Public Welfare Foundation
Main Sector: HN
Sub-Sector: FGM
Region: Galbeed (Hargeisa),
District: Hargeisa, Gebilay, Salahley, Balli Gubadle,

3 Bee Keeping Training
Training of agro-pastoral households on bee keeping tech-
niques and provision of beekeeping tools

Start Date: Jan 2005
End Date: July 2006
Donor(s): Christian Aid
Main Sector: FS
Sub-Sector: Rural agriculture
Region: Galbeed (Hargeisa), Sahil
District: Hargeisa, Sheikh

4 Vocational training
Training youth on plumbing and secretarial skills

Start Date: Jan 2005
End Date: Dec 2005
Donor(s): International Solidarity Foundation
Main Sector: ED
Sub-Sector: Vocational training
Region: Galbeed (Hargeisa), Sahil
District: Hargeisa, Sheikh

NGO Handbook 2005


5 Integrated Environmental Management
Soil conservation, community trainings, reforestation, aware-
ness raising, production of energy saving stoves etc

Start Date: May 2004
End Date: April 2006
Donor(s): Oxfam Netherlands
Main Sector: Food security
Sub-Sector: Rural agriculture
Region: Galbeed (Hargeisa), Sanag, Sahil
District: Hargeisa, Sheikh, Burao, Mandhera, Erigavo

6 Strengthening the participation of rural women in develop-
ment projects

Empowerment of women in the rural areas in the decision-

Start Date: March 2005
End Date: August 2005
Donor(s): International Republican Institute
Main Sector: GV
Sub-Sector: Gender
Region: Galbeed (Hargeisa)
District: Hargeisa


NGO Handbook 2005


CARE Somalia South Sudan

NGO Profile

Brief Description

CARE has been active in Somalia since 1981 when it began
providing support to refugees in the country at the invitation
of the former government of the Somalia Democratic Republic.
CARE’s programming activities since then have included
large-scale emergency relief and refugee assistance activities,
water facility construction, primary health care, small scale
enterprise development, local institutional building, primary
school education, and agriculture. With the outbreak of civil
war in 1991, CARE moved its main office to Nairobi, but con-
tinued to maintain sub-offices in Puntland, Somaliland and
Southern Somalia. CARE Somalia works in partnership with
Somali and international NGOs, civil authorities and local

Headquarters Information

Contact Person:Gordon Molitor-Country Director
& Lex Kassenberg-Assistant Country Director
Address: P.O. Box 2039, KNH-Nairobi
Email Address: gordy@care.or.ke & lex@care.or.ke
Telephone Number: 254 20 2718405/7/50
Fax Number: 254 20 2718406

Regional Office

Contact Person: Geoffry Chege
Address: P.O. Box 2039, KNH-Nairobi
Email Address: gchege@care.or.ke
Telephone Number: 254 20 2713672
Fax Number: 254 20 2718524

Field Offices

Contact Person:Abdikarim Nur
Address: CARE Hargeisa c/o CARE SSS-Nairobi
Email Address:abdikarimnur@hotmail.com
Telephone Number: 252 213 4703
Fax Number: 252 213 4880

Contact Person: Osman Hirad
Address: CARE Bossaso c/o CARE SSS-Nairobi
Email Address: osmanhirad04@yahoo.com
Telephone Number: 252 523 4738
Fax Number: 252 523 6499/4801

Contact Person:John Miskell
Address: CARE Mogadishu c/o CARE SSS-Nairobi
Email Address:jemiskell@hotmail.com
Telephone Number:252 1 679893
Fax Number:252 1 214002

Other NGO Details

Year Agency Became Active in Somalia:1981
Local Counterparts in Somalia:60
No, of Permanent Expatriates Staff:5
No, of Permanent Local Staff: 160
Agency Presence in Neighboring Countries:Ethiopia,
Uganda, Tanzania, Sudan, Kenya

Project Details

1. Rural Food Security Program (Southern Somalia)
TCARE began implementing the Rural Food Security Program
(RFSP) in January 1998. RFSP focuses on saving lives and
decreasing malnutrition and improving agricultural produc-
tion and economic activities in Southern Somalia. The
Emergency Free Food Distribution (EFFD) component of the
program focuses on Gedo Region, which consistency has
reportedly the highest global acute malnutrition rates in
Somalia, a country with notoriously high malnutrition. The
Emergency Food for Work (EFFW) activities focus on Hiran,
Bay, Middle Shabelle and Bakool regions and include the
rehabilitation of canals, roads, river embankments, water
catchments, land clearing, sand dune stabilization and market

Start Date:4/4/2004
End Date:30/3/2005
Main Sector:Food
Region:Gedo Region (EFFD), Hiran, Bay, Middle Shabelle &
Bakook (EFFD)

2. Somaliland Schools Improvement Project (SSIP)
The SSIP project started in April 2004. It aims to rehabilitate
15-20 schools in communities that have encouraged and sup-
ported girls to complete primary education and join the teach-
ing profession and sponsor 15-20 potential female teacher
trainees that are committed to return to their local schools as
teachers to the Somaliland Teacher Education College (STEC).
USAID through Creative Associates funded the 1-year project.
The aim of the project is to encourage more girls to enroll in
and attend school with the aim of increasing the number of
female teachers. The project hopes to accomplish this through
mobilization of the communities to support education, partic-
ularly for girls.

Start Date:


End Date:



Creative Associates

NGO Handbook 2005


Main Sector:Education
Sub-Sector:Primary Formal Education

3. Puntland Pastoralist Program (PPP)
The overall goal of the Puntland Pastoralists Program (PPP) is
to reduce vulnerability of pastoral communities through
increased resilience of livestock production to climatic vari-
ability. The final goals are:
1 increased access to essential animal health services for the
target pastoral communities, and
2 improved understanding and consensus among the stake-
holders on natural resource management needs.

The program is composed of three components:
1)Community-based animal health services component: The
program will utilize business-oriented approach to
strengthen community animal health services run by 60
Community Animal Health Workers (CAHWs), and facili-
tate technical support provided for CAHWs by 4 private
2)Institutaionl framework component: The program will
strengthen an institutional framework for community ani-
mal health service delivery among the Ministry of Livestock,
Agriculture and Environment (MoLAE), the private sector
and pastoral communities.
3)Natural resource management component: The program
will conduct an externally commissioned multi-sectoral
study on pastoral livelihoods and natural resource man-
agement and integrate community-led action research
activities into the ongoing interventions under the commu-
nity animal health component.

CARE partners with VSF-Suisse and 4 local NGOs. The par-
ticipants include 60 CAHWs, 4 Community Development
Committees, 4 veterinarians, the Puntland Livestock
Professional Association, and the MoLAE. The program will
benefit approximately 20,000 pastoralists in 4 districts in
Bari, Nugal and Mudug regions of Puntland.

Start Date: 26/10/2004
End Date: 31/12/2005
Donor(s): World Bank
Main Sector: Livestock
Sub-Sector: Civil Society Strengthening
Region:Bari, Nugal, Mudly
District:Quardo, Bender Bayla, Eyl & Jariban

4 Support to Vulnerable Groups
The aim of the project is to improve the livelihood of vulnera-
ble households through access to food as well as enhanced
water availability, market access, and environmental conser-

vation by way of rehabilitation of collective infrastructure. The
target population are 5,440 destitute, poor, and middle
income households living on the Sool Plateau, Sanaag region.
These households are pastoralists who keep shoats and
camels and have close links with permanent settlements in the
area. CARE applies the cash-for-work approach to provide
short-term employment opportunities and the much-needed
cash for purchase of food and meet other livelihood require-
ments. The cash injections will have a direct impact on
improved food access and livelihood security of the target
group in particular and the local economy in general. The
proposed main activities will involve rehabilitation of rural
infrastructure, environmental conservation, and community
management capacity building. Specific activities will include
rehabilitation of roads, berkads, balleys; soil conservation
along the gullies; and training of community implementation
and facility maintenance committees on management.
Besides the improvement of the household livelihood security
of the targeted communities through the cash for work activi-
ties, the project will aim to stem the environmental degrada-
tion caused by human and animal pressure on the natural
habitat that has exacerbated over the past period of poor

Start Date: 1/11/2004
End Date: 31/1/2005
Donor(s): OCHA

5 Civil Society Expansion Program
The final goal of the five-year program that was initiated in
October 2000 is to realize strong civil society organizations
that contribute to good governance and peace building with
cooperative, productive, linkages with civil authorities. The
program strengthens institutional capacity and sustainable
linkages among civil society organizations (CSOs), communi-
ties and civil authorities by partnering with 37 CSOs. The pro-
gram provides financial, technical and institutional support for
the partner CSOs in the form of sub-grants, and uses the
process of delivering community-based development projects
to foster linkages among the stakeholders and promote good
governance and democratic principles.

Start Date:1/10/2000
End Date:30/9/2005
Main Sector:Civil Society Strengthening
Sub-Sector:Agriculture, Livestock, Health, Water and
Sanitation, Income Generation
Region:Puntland: Bari, Nugal & Mudug; Somaliland:
Galbeed, Awdal, Sahil, Toghdeer & Sool


NGO Handbook 2005

Sub-Sector: Agriculture, Livestock, Health, Water and
Sanitation, Income Generation
Region: Puntland: Bari, Nugal & Mudug; Somaliland:
Galbeed, Awdal, Sahil, Toghdeer & Sool

Support to Primary Education (STEC)
STEC is currently the only available Teacher Education College
for primary school teachers in Somaliland. A number of agen-
cies are working with the institution to support training of
teachers to work in the formal or non-formal basic education
sectors. Coordination is necessary to prevent duplication of
efforts and also maximize impact; CARE International in
Somaliland is taking a lead in this coordination.

STEC began operating in 2002, with secondary school stu-
dent from form 2. The students complete the secondary edu-
cation curriculum in the college and then persue the teacher
training courses in the final year. The STEC graduated 159
teachers in 2003. Currently, it has 165 students in two class
levels who will graduate in 2004 and 2006. There are 60 stu-
dents (13 male and 47 female) in form 3. While those in form
4 are 105 students (80 male and 25 female). The girls’ schol-
arship program has increased the enrolment of female student

The project aims to building the institutional capacity of STEC
and MOE to sustain the process and increase the number of
qualified female teachers in Somaliland.

Start Date: 1/10/2002
End Date: 30/9/2005
Donor(s): USAID
Main Sector: CSEP
Sub-Sector: Tertiary Education

7. NGO Security Preparedness and Support Project
The NGO Security Preparedness and Support (NGO-SPAS)
Project aims to reduce the risks posed to programme person-
nel and assets of NGOs operating in Somalia through the pro-
vision of specialised, coordinated and focused security man-
agement support. The project recognises the insecure operat-
ing environment all NGOs face in Somalia and the collective
value of enhancing security preparedness and support. The
project seeks to provide the NGO community with its own
security focal point and ensure the development of tailored
security support services in relation to information gathering,
analysis and reporting; coordination with relevant actors such
as UNDSS; the upgrading of security preparedness through

through the provision of training and technical advice; and the
undertaking of security assessment activities.

Start Date: 1/10/2004
End Date: 30/6/2006
Donor(s): European Commission
Main Sector: Security
Region: Somaliland

8 Puntland Health Partnership Project – Phase II
The goal of the Puntland Health partnership Programme
(PHPP) is to increase access quality maternal health care for
22,000 women in 4 rurall communities and two urban centres
Mudug and Nugal regions of Puntland by 17th May 2005.

Health care in Somalia is among the worst in the world, due
to the breakdown in central government, civil strife and a host
of other reasons. With the highest maternal morbidity and
mortality rates in sub-saharan African, improving Somali
women;s access to maternal/child health (MCH) services is of
particular concern. CARE has been working to improve
access to MCH services by working with 5 local NGOs and 4
public health facilities to train community health workers
(CHWs), traditional birth attendants (TBAs) and strengthen
management and cost recovery systems at the rural health
posts and urban health facilities and integrate community
based health services into the public health systems.

Start Date:15/3/2004
End Date:14/5/2005
Donor(s):Dutch Governement
Main Sector:Civil Society Strengthening
Region:Nugal & Mudug Regions

9. Tsunami Relief and Rehabilitation Program
In partnership with ten local NGOs in Puntland, CARE
Somalia intends to comprehensively respond to the humani-
tarian needs of 4,000 households (24,000 people) affected
by the Tsunami waves on 26th December 04. The Programme
involves immediate food and non-food relief during the initial
six month phase with adherence to Sphere minimum stan-
dards. Most of the activities will be carried out by Somali
NGOs and the implementation phase will focus on accounta-
bility and capacity building. In the second phase of the proj-
ect during the second half of 2005 rehabilitation of livelihood
assets, structures and options will be the focus of activities. All
activities will take place with the strong participation of local
communities and coordination with local authorities.

NGO Handbook 2005


An additional third phase is envisaged in 2006 and beyond

Start Date: 28 Dec 04
End Date: 27 Dec 05
Donor(s): CARE UK & CARE Deutchland
Main Sector: Relief
Sub-Sector: Health
Region:Bari, Nugal and Mudug
District:Hafun, Bender Bayla, Eyl & Jariban


NGO Handbook 2005

General Information

In Somaliland, together with Caritas Luxembourg, operational
under the name of “SwissGroup”

Agency Profile

Brief Description

Caritas Switzerland is a Roman Catholic relief and develop-
ment association active since 1901. Caritas Switzerland pro-
vides assistance independent to religion, opinion or national-
ity in 53 countries worldwide. As part of its mission suggests
it seeks “collaboration with all people of good will”. The scope
of activities in Switzerland and abroad reflects four priorities:
disaster relief, social reconstruction, migration and develop-
ment cooperation.

Key areas of the Somaliland program are “Water, Sanitation
and Hygiene” and “Non-Formal Education for women”.


Contact Person: Dieter Nussbaum
Address:Löwenstrasse 3, Postfach, CH-6002 Luzern,
Email Address: dnussbaum@caritas.ch
Telephone Number: +41 41 419 22 22
Fax Number: +41 41 419 24 24

Regional Office

Contact Person: Marc Bloch
Address: P.O. Box 14954, 00800 Nairobi, Kenya
Email Address: mbloch@caritas-switzerland.org or swiss-
Telephone Number: +254 20 444 7699 / 7267
Fax Number: +254 20 444 8571

Field Offices:

Contact Person: Nura A. Magan
Address: SwissGroup Hargeisa, Somaliland
Email Address:swissgroup@telesom.net
or caritas_swissgroup@yahoo.com
Telephone Number: + 252 21 348 03 STC
+252 2 523 274
Telesom +252 22 535 85 Soltelco
Fax Number: +252 21 348 03

The NGO in Somalia

Year Agency Became Active in Somalia: 1992
Local Counterparts in Somalia: Somaliland Ministry of Water
& Minerals, Somaliland Ministry of Health & Labour,
Somaliland Ministry of Education and local NGOs such as:

No. of Permanent Expatriates Staff: 1
No. of Permanent Local Staff: 18
Agency Presence in Neighboring Countries: Kenya, Sudan,
Uganda, Ethiopia

Projects Details

1. Water, Sanitation & Hygiene ‘WASH’ for Northwest
Somalia (Somaliland)
Through a concerted program of interrelated activities, the
project provides water and sanitation facilities together with
specific hygiene and sanitation training for different age and
gender groups (through PHAST and CHAST methodologies).
The project focuses on rural villages and primary schools.

The H & S component is tied to a long term campaign to raise
public awareness of the importance of hygiene practices and
proper sanitation facilities to broader issues of human health
and to expand this awareness throughout Somaliland and
other regions of the country.

In order to improve access to drinking water for people and
their livestock berkads will be built.

Start Date: June 2003
End Date: May 2006
Donor(s): EU, Caritas Luxembourg, Swiss Government
Main Sector: Water, Sanitation and Infrastructure
Sub-Sector: Rural Water, Hygiene and Sanitation education
Region: Togdheer
District: Odweiene, Buhodle, Burao, Sheikh

2 Non-Formal Education for Women (NFE)
•Development of non-formal teaching material for adult
women in order to acquire basic literacy and numeracy

•Training of teachers from small women NGO’s and other
•Coordination of numeracy and literacy training for women
of 15 years and older.
•Improvement of the capacity of the implementing part-
ners/training centres.

Start Date: July 2003
End Date: December 2005
Donor(s): Swiss Government, Caritas Germany
Main Sector: Education
Sub-Sector: Adult education (non-formal)
Region: West Galbeed
District: Hargeisa



NGO Handbook 2005


NGO Profile

Brief Description

CEFA is a non-profit making organization of international vol-
untary service and cooperation. It is greatly involved in com-
munity development, agricultural and rehabilitation pro-
grammes, with its main areas of intervention being in

Headquarter Information

Contact Person: Marco Benassi
Address: BOLOGNA 40122- VIA LAME, 118. ITALY
Email Address: P152370@Bologna.it
Telephone Number: (0039 051) 520285 - 520068
Fax Number:(0039 051) 520712

Regional Office

Contact Person:Francesco Baldo
Address: P.O.BOX 1498 – 00606 NAIROBI. KENYA
Email Address:cefa@nbi.ispkenya.com
Telephone Number: 254-2-718845/51
Fax Number:254-2-715713

Field Office

1. Jowhar
Telephone Number: 252-1-613502
Fax Number:

Email Address: cefajowhar@globalsom.com
Radio Frequency: 13500LSB
Contact Person: Ahmed O Hagi/Edward Baars

2. Merka
Telephone Number: 252-1-676767
Fax Number:

Email Address: cefamerka@globalsom.com
Radio Frequency: 13500LSB
Contact Person: Bashir Arush

3. Bossaso
Telephone Number: 252-52-51371
Fax Number:

Email Address: cefabosaso@hotmail.com
Radio Frequency: 13500LSB
Contact Person: Mario Tedo

3. Erigavo
Telephone Number: 88 2165 1170473
Email Address: cefaerigavo@nbi.ispkenya.com
Radio Frequency: 13500LSB
Contact Person: Robert Hughes

Other NGO Details

Year NGO Became Active in Somalia : 1994
Local Counterparts in Somalia:N/A
No of Permanent expatriate staff: 1
No of Permanent Local staff: 5
NGO Presence in Neighboring Countries: Tanzania, Kenya

Project Details:

1. Improved food security of the rural poor in Middle Shabelle
The IFSRP intensifies and continues to build on the principal
activities of the SHARP aimed to improve livelihoods, in par-
ticular food security, at household level. The action main tar-
get group is the poor smallholder agricultural producers in
Jowhar District, while expecting a major spill over effect to the
other districts of Middle Shabelle region. CEFA will implement
activities in capacity building, training of trainers and farmers,
rehabilitation and development of irrigation infrastructure,
crops improvement, intensification, diversification and mar-
keting and sustainable natural resource management. IFSRP is
designed for funding within the EC Food Security programme
under ECs’ Rural Development and Food Security sector. IFSRP
will specifically target women involvement. organizational
skills in order to cover the whole cycle from sowing to retail
sale of the produce.

Start Date: 1-march-05
End Date: 30-Aug-07
Donor(s):European Commission
Main Sector: Food Security
Sub-Sector: Rural Agricultural Development
Region: Middle Shabelle Regions
District: Jowhar Districts

2. Community development of Erigavo District (Phase II).
The project is involved in water, hygiene, sanitation and assis-
tance to local institutions, community groups and community
selected micro-projects. An integral component of all activi-
ties is the capacity building of participants in a manner which
will enable them to improve the sustainability of the activity
and plan for future development.

Start Date: 1-june-04
End Date: 31-Dec-06
Donor(s):European Commission
Main Sector: Rural development
Sub-Sector: Economic Recovery
Region: Sanaag Region
District: Erigavo district

3. North East water and sanitation (NEWS)
The action covers three priority areas of intervention of the
SISAS: Enhancement of good governance, Reduction of wide-


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