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Adv Pre Pesach Shiurim 2012

Adv Pre Pesach Shiurim 2012

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Published by: brahmw on Mar 22, 2012
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Pre-Pesach Shiurim at YIWH

“Navigating Your Way Through Pesach Preparation”

By Rabbi Brahm Weinberg
This class will be offered twice:
Shabbat March 24th at 5:30PM at YIWH Wednesday March 28th at 8:00PM at YIWH
We all have so many questions about what exactly needs Pesach supervision and how careful we need to be in cleaning the house… In this class we will review all the basic halachot of how to clean the house and kasher the kitchen and utensils for Pesach. Together, we will take a look at some of the ins and outs the “OU Guide” and what you can and cannot buy for Pesach. Part of the class will also be devoted to going over the procedures and rules about Erev Pesach and of the Seder.

“Insights in to The Hagaddah”

By Rabbi Brahm Weinberg
This class will be offered:
Tuesday April 3rd at 8:00PM at YIWH Looking for things to share with people at your seder? Wondering what a certain passage is doing in the text of the haggadah? Come and hear some fascinating insights in to the text of the haggadah and the themes of Pesach.


“Space to Grow with Questions Unanswered” By Rabbi BrahmWeinberg
This class will be offered: Shabbat Afternoon March 31st at 5:30PM at YIWH
Join us at YIWH to participate in the time honored tradition of studying some of the laws and concepts of Pesach as well as excerpts from the Haggadah with the rabbi on the Shabbat afternoon immediately preceding Pesach. This year we will study the message of the Passover holiday as expressed by the Korban Pesach and we will discover what message it is meant to convey to us about faith and about ourselves. By exploring the themes of Pesach we hope to come to a more rich, more meaningful celebration of the holiday.

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