Questionnaire for Executive 1) What are the characteristics of your target customers Geographic Regions:      City     Tier1 Teir2

Tier3 All East West North South All

Demographic: Age:     <15 15-30 30-45 >45

Psychographic: Personality:_____________ Attitude:_____________ What is the positioning strategy of cadbury chocolates based on     Place Price Promotion Product Reason for such positioning

e. c.Cadbury differentiation in the chocolate industry lies in _______________________________________ What is the product Line length of Cadbury chocolates Is the current mix of product line length and depth of Cadbury chocolates optimum  Yes  No Comments:_______________ Who are the main competitors of Cadbury chocolates in India? 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) Which region in India gives you maximum revenue? On what basis is the pricing decided? Whom do you target as your key customer? How is your distribution channel working? What are your IMC strategies to tap maximum customers by effective visibility? On what basis is the segmenting and positioning of cad bury chocolates done? 9)Who buys your product 10)What need or function does it serve once the cadbury chocolates are consumed Questionnaire for customers Q 1. Which brand comes to your mind when you hear the word “Chocolate”? a. d. b. Cadbury (Dairy Milk) Nestle Amul Parle Others .

e. Which Cadbury slogan/tagline comes to your mind first? a. billboards etc. d. Child artists c. Television Print Outdoor (hoardings. If no. Emotional appeal Jingles Storyline Visuals of chocolates Celebrity appearances Others Q 5. Young actor/actress b. b. No Q 8. b. e. e. then who according to you would be a better endorser? a. b. c. Models . Amitabh Bacchan is the right celebrity to endorse the brand? a. What according to you is the best feature of any Cadbury advertisement? a. No Q 3. Yes b. Yes b. d. d. Kya swaad hai zindagi mein Khaane waalon ko khaane ka bahana chahiye Kuch meetha ho jaye Shubh aarambh Others Q 4. c.) Radio Others Q 6. What Cadbury advertisements are most appealing? a. No Q 7. Do you think the Cadbury advertising campaigns shown during festival season are better than the ones shown during the rest of the year? a. Yes b. c. Do you feel that Mr. f.Q 2 Have you seen Cadbury advertising campaigns? a.

Politician f. No Q11. is advertised the best? a. AD Campaign Availability Variety of products Other factors Questionnaire for dealer 1 which is the most preferred brand in chocolate? 2 Is the distribution of Cadbury satisfactory? 3 which variant of Cadbury is preferred by the retailer? 4 do you face any problem in dealing with Cadbury? 5 does the price change affect the buying behavior? 6 which brand is a threat to Cadbury? 7 your suggestion for the company? . d.d. e. Yes b. do you feel. d. b. c. Which chocolate by Cadbury. b. Others Q 9. c. Sports personality e. f.Are you satisfied for the price you pay for Cadbury chocolates? a. Do you feel Cadbury’s has a strong impact on people’s minds and hearts? a. Dairy mild range 5-star Temptations range Bourneville range Perk Others Q10 .

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