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The proponent ends up on the idea to create a system that will help the company to improve their transaction and processes in running their business. This study is proposed to develop and design a Computerized Inventory System and Point of Sales with Barcode Technology for RJs Fishing Supplies and General Merchandise that will help to improve their current transaction which is the manual system. The manual system is the process of man power in performing all of the activities such as: Listing the purchased product(s), recording the transaction in a logbook, manual counting of the item stocks and even generating of reports that cause of inaccurate reports. The proposed is capable of using Barcode Reader for the user to have easy way to encode purchase product. The system also provides a module to monitor the actions done from a user, also a system security that will protect important data from unauthorized personnel and reports generated automatically base on the information from the user. The Computerized Inventory System of RJs Fishing Supplies and General Merchandise were develop to give the owner/ manager and the employees an easy time dealing with the inventory problem.