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Financial Accounting with SAP ERP 6.

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Question: 1
The transfer from the under-construction phase to completed asset is referred to here as ______. A. capitalization of the asset under construction Answer: A

Question: 2
Consider the following sentences about field status: 1) Fields which ______ can be made ______. 2) Fields that can be entered, but are not required, can be set to ______ entry. Which of the options below matches the blank spaces of those sentences? A. must not have an entry/optional for 1; suppressed for 2) B. must have an entry/suppressed for 1; suppressed for 2) C. must have an entry/optional for 1; optional for 2) D. must have an entry/required for 1; optional for 2) E. must not have an entry/required for 1; optional for 2)


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Question: 3

What are the fields that can be used as selection criteria in reporting from the below given options. A. Evaluation groups: These are asset master data fields for which the user can specify use and meaning. B. Reason for investment: In this master record field, you can enter a reason for the investment. C. Environmental protection indicator. Here you can enter a measure taken to comply with environmental protection laws. Answer: A, B, C

Question: 4
Consider the following statements: Which of the statements is false (Please choose the correct sentence)?

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Answer: D

The account type field in terms of payment basic data screen should be defined separately. E. false B. Define the baseline date. C. Calculate only the required conditions for SD invoices. the asset value date is determined for each depreciation area. true ed . Inserting a "V" in the invoice reference field during document entry means the terms of payment are activated in the non-invoice-related credit memos. Enable the cross-company code transactions. true Question: 7 What is the purpose of the terms of payment? (Please choose the correct sentence) A. E. Calculate a cash discount and invoice due date. B.c Be I TC er tif i Question: 6 By the period control method of the depreciation key. false B. Terms of payments are copied from invoice to credit memos when they are linked to. D. B. Answer: C om Answer: B Answer: B . D. Answer: D Question: 5 Company codes from different countries cannot tie processed i n same payment run A. C.A. The day limits define the dates of the cash discount periods. to prevent any done change in the term of payment. at least you define it in the terms of payment. A. Calculate the tax amounts. The system cannot define the splitment of an installment payment.

To record documents that will not be included in the general ledger. B. To post incoming and outgoing payments in any transaction currency. true ed . TC er Answer: A Answer: B Question: 11 If a closed year is subsequently released for posting. To make remittances to vendors.c om Question: 9 . false B. true Answer: B For which scenario can you use the cash journal? tif i A. A. D. asset value date Be I The ______ determines the depreciation start date of the asset. To manage cash in local branches and offices. This date is determined for each depreciation are by the period control method of the depreciation key. C. Answer: D Question: 10 A. it can only be closed again once the year-end closing program has been re-run. false B.Question: 8 Asset history sheet is the most important and most comprehensive year end report or intermediate report A.

Associated items D. No tif i TC er ed . Blueprint document C. E. false B. C. Business process groups B. Yes B. Blueprint structure Answer: A. Business groups E. true Answer: B A. Business scenarios F. A.c The master data section of ASSET CLASS consists with control data and default values for the administrative data in the asset master record Question: 14 Tax calculation by system are usually posted via separate line item to a special tax account in standard scenario A.Question: 12 It is possible for the planned depreciation to be displayed through through assigning depreciation terms and a planned start-up date to the order or project. falsh Be I Question: 15 Identify the features of a Business Blueprint from the following list: (There are more t han one correct answer for this question) A. true B. B. F om Question: 13 Answer: A Answer: A .

c om Answer: A. for example.Question: 16 What do the posting keys specify? (4) (Note: we can have more than one correct sentence. The account type. Please select the sentences you think they are correct)? A. true [FI-Master Data] Field Status group control: A. Whether the line item is connected to a payment transaction or not. B. Answer: B Be I Question: 18 tif i ed . C. D. Whether the line items contain "credit" or "debit" values. The GL account group. by the posting of a customer invoice. Whether the line items are valid for a business transaction. Whether the posting is sales-relevant and the sales figure of the account is to be updated by the transaction. C. The number ranger. C. Question: 17 The area menus can be displayed but not changed in area menu maintenance TC er Answer: A A. E . D. E. D. Whether the accounts are allowed for posting. false B. The fields for data entry screens. B.

If an area posts APC values to the general ledger periodically. scrap value B. or make adjustment postings. D. After the depreciation lists and asset history sheet have been checked. index C. C om Answer: A. B. Once depreciation has been posted in FI-AA and FI. If you change any depreciation values. If the final result is not satisfactory. depreciation is posted. C. B. you can carry out depreciation simulation or (bulk) changes.c The number of the G/L account to be charged can be automatically suggested by the system provided that automatic account determination has been defined for company code. variable depreciation portion Answer: A. A. C. D. a balance sheet and profit and loss statement can be created. E Answer: A .Question: 19 The ______ specifies the master data level at which each field can be maintained. B. ed . Maintenance level Answer: A Question: 20 Preparation for year-end closing: (one or more options are true) er Question: 21 A. you will need to run report RAPERPOO for periodic posting. Be I TC Question: 22 What are the depreciation terms that are mainly used as additional parameters in the cost accounting depreciation area? A. false B. E. you must run depreciation posting again. true tif i A.

The index series must be assigned to an index class. B. invoice and so on. It is composed of tables that are related in a business context. C. The visualization of both entire technical and business information. such as an employee. sales order. E. It is a sequence of dialog steps that are consistent in a business context and that belong together logically. D. The ability to monitor the total progress of period-end closing when the user uses more than one task list. although they have different charts of depreciation A. D.c Question: 24 Question: 25 According the Replacement Values: Index (one or more options may be true) A. D. purchase requisition. as well as the technical and business status of every task. Answer: A. Only year-dependent index classes are used. E Several company codes can use the same chart of accounts. B. The opportunity to postpone someone's tasks. You enter the index series in the asset or in the asset class. It is all the transaction data generated via transactions. B. E. C. D. including the related application programs and it is maintained in the Class Repository. B. Answer: A. It is the instanced class of the Class Builder. D Question: 26 What is a SAP Business Object (Please choose the correct sentence)? A. C. C. B. Please select the sentences you think they are correct) A. The opportunity to view the work of colleagues and the processing sequence. An indexed revaluation can also be calculated for accumulated depreciation and imputed interest. Answer: D om Answer: A . false tif i Be I TC er ed . It is the representation of a central business object in the real world. true B.Question: 23 What does the monitor provide? (4) (Note: we can have more than one correct sentence. The access to messages and result lists.

False B. C.Question: 27 A document can only be reversed if: One or more is correct.c Answer: A Answer: A Answer: A. A. No Question: 30 What are the elements that are available to enter rules for the prerequisites (validation & substitution) and check (validation): A. True ed . Comparison operators C. The original document contains no cleared line items. if the document does contain cleared items. B . vendor and G/L line items. D. B. then these items must be reset before reversal can take place. Operands om Answer: A. Yes B. Logical Operator (boolean terms) B. Question: 28 It is not possible to use two check series for making payment tif i Be I TC er A. The original document contains only customer. All specified values (such as. C Question: 29 SAP provides model charts of depreciation for many countries but we can also define our own chart of depreciation (by copying and changing) A. cost center) are not still valid. The original document was posted in FI system or originating in other modules. B.

Reduced cost of operation Question: 32 One of the main tasks of Asset Accounting is to represent the ______ in the detailed form of an asset history sheet. false Be I You can define whether interest should be calculated for the cost-accounting depreciation area. Reduced cost of implementation C. D. Cash discount periods. D. More reliable IT solutions E. Answer: A. asset portfolio tif i TC er ed . Reduced ROI D. Baseline date for due date calculation. B.c Question: 33 A. (There are 5 correct answers to this question) A. B. Question: 34 [FI-GL] The payment terms are used to define: One or more is correct A. Faster ROI F. F Answer: A Answer: A . true B. The house bank. and whether depreciation should continue below zero. More leverage from IT investments B. D om Answer: A. Cash discount percentage rates. C. B. A.Question: 31 Identify the benefits of SAP Solution Manager. E.

The Accrual Engine is a generic tool for calculating and creating accrual postings. One of the disadvantages of being using the Accrual Engine is that you can make periodic accruals postings automatically as performance optimized mass data processing using an accrual run.c Consider the following sentences: Which of the sentences is false (Please choose the correct option)? Question: 37 Payment cannot be made by adjusting a special G/L transaction which is posted in G/L A. B. er tif i ed . True B. C. You have to create deferrals when an expense or revenue is posted in the current period. True Answer: A Be I om Answer: B Question: 36 . the debit account and the credut account. False Answer: B TC A.Question: 35 Physical inventory is a MM/PP module transaction and hence no accounting entry is passed in G/L but real stock is adjusted in MM/PP A. One of the benefits provided by the Schedule Manager is the closing process is more transparent and easier to handle. E. D. but is incurred or earned partly or completely in the future. False B. The purpose of the account determination in the Accrual Engine is: determine the document type.

) om Question: 39 . If the asset arrived after the invoice was received. that is. D Answer: A Answer: B Question: 40 It is not possible to void unused checks A.c The organizational units of Financial Accounting are used for external reporting purposes. Be I ed . integrated postings are made. its a reason for not making integrated postings. The asset has already been delivered but the invoice has not. Company Code tif i Answer: A. Business Area D. they fulfill requirements that your business is subject to from external parties (e. False B. True Question: 41 Choose the correct answer : A. transaction type Answer: A er TC A. B. Which of the following Organizational units are Mandatory in an ERR system with FI? (There are 3 correct answers to this question. Fiscal Year C.Question: 38 The asset history sheet reports and other FI-AA report use the ______ to identify the different kinds of transactions and display them separately A. Client regulations) .g. B.

E. 0000 C. On the general data section of customer & vendor masters. C. Answer: A. D Answer: A Answer: B . Line Item Display. Please select the sentences you think they are correct)? (2) A. In the account ID. Question: 43 The program ______ directly posts to the G/L accounts and additional account assignment objects. At one-time (account) document entry. Open Item Management. 1000 Be I What depreciation key is used to ensure that depreciation is not calculated for assets under construction in depreciation areas for the balance sheet? Question: 45 What characteristics are configured as standard for every customer/vendor account (Note: we can have more than one correct sentence. 2000 B. B. Currency.c Question: 44 A. Purchasing Organization. tif i TC er A. C. D om Answer: A. D. D. Company Code. When defining house bank. B. RAPOST2000 ed . B.Question: 42 [Bank-Master Data] Bank master data records can also be manually: One or more is correct A.

True Answer: A Question: 47 tif i TC er A. commission. We can use numeric fields as well as alpha numeric fields with which we can primarily execute mathematical calculations. A. True B. False Question: 49 A tax code may have several tax rates entered for different tax types A. etc. Which will make a direct posting into the G/L om .c Answer: A. Sub-number. Asset class. C Answer: A Answer: B The maintenance levels in me system are: One or more is correct Question: 48 A. B. B. False B. we can enter the entries like bank debits for bank charges. C. False B. True Be I Through bank statement entry. ed .Question: 46 At the Complete document call up point. Main number.

Dunning procedure. Number intervals for G/L account master records can overlap. false B. E. Company Code. In the chart of accounts segment.c Answer: B Answer: C Question: 53 About the dunning program configuration. C. TC ed . it is necessary to indicate whether the account will be a balance sheet or a profit+loss statement account. D. They are usually displayed as a separate balance sheet item and therefore need a separate account determination in their asset classes. E. Every company code that needs to use an account from the assigned chart of accounts has to create its own company code segment B. True er Question: 52 A. For P+L statement accounts. Sales Organization. the balance is carried forward to the same account. Customer master record. om Answer: ACD . C. what controls how dunning is carried out (Please choose the correct sentence)? A. Question: 51 All special G/L transactions are posted to G/L accounts A. False B. It is not possible to influence the appearance of an account's master data.Question: 50 True or false? Please choose the right answer : (3) A. B. Dunning texts. true tif i Answer: B Be I AuC are a special form of tangible assets. D.

None of the above. Posting depreciation. Which of the following options exist for this assignment One or more is correct. F. B. D. A single G/L account can be used per currency. C. false Answer: A You can use the Schedule Manager to manage the following periodic processing in Asset Accounting One or more is correct. A single G/L account can not be used per currency type. D. A. F . B. Usefull life. true B. Automatic pasting of asset transactions from a depreciation area to the General Ledger. B. E. B. ed . D. A.c The following parameters can be changed on a time-dependent basis: one or more is correct A. Variable depreciation amount. A single G/L account can be used for all currencies and currency types. Percentage scrap value. Be I TC er Question: 56 tif i Question: 57 All reconciliation accounts and all G/L accounts with open item transactions in foreign currency must be assigned to the G/L account for realized losses and gains.Question: 54 By using screen layout control you can specify the field attributes in the asset master record and the maintenance level of the fields A. D om Question: 55 Answer: A. Answer: B. B Answer: A. Depreciation key. C. C. Absolute scrap value. A single G/L account can not be used per currencies and currency types.

D. True B. purchase organisation C. B. C Question: 59 er TC A. open item management B. Post to different G/L accounts. Post to same G/L accounts. Please select the sentences you think they are correct)? (4) om . line item display E. Vendor. The different company code.c What of these alternatives are considered master data (Note: we can have more than one correct sentence. D. One or more is correct. Customer. E Answer: B Answer: A. D Question: 60 In AP and AR. C. C. A. D. company code Be I ed .Question: 58 [FI-AM] Several asset class can use the same account determination if. B. C. Asset. currency D. G/L Accounts. tif i Answer: B. False Question: 61 What characteristics are configured standard for every customer/vendor account A. account group cannot be created with external number range A. Answer: A. Chart of Accounts. They use the same chart of account. E.

asset under construction Be I Question: 65 It is possible to get the report of customers created by a user in a company code A. As an asset master record with line item management. As a normal asset master record (for summary settlement). B A. because they have to be shown separately in the balance sheet. Answer: A. the system posts a message. false B.Question: 62 You can manage the under construction phase in FI-AA in the following ways A. B. True B. False Answer: A om Question: 63 Answer: A Answer: A . A. Question: 64 ______require a separate asset class and corresponding G/L account.c In validation procedure. a check is performed and if the result of the check is TRUE. if the prerequisite statement is satisfied. true tif i TC er ed .

C. F. and specify whether assignment from the number range should be carried out externally or internally... A. Various company codes can be assigned to the chart of depreciation. You can choose between external and internal number assignment by specifying correspondingly defined number range. You may choose small intervals. D Only balances in local currency indicator set in balance sheet accounts that are not managed in foreign currencies and not managed on open item basis A. D. One or more is correct. Answer: B. The number ranges can be defined at company code level. they are not changeable. The sample chart of accounts provided by SAP cannot be adapted to meed your own requirements. If the depreciation attributes are specified by the system. E. F om Question: 67 Answer: B .. C. D. specify the number range per company code. C Question: 69 Consider the following in case of number range intervals: One or more is correct A. The account group determines the fields for data entry screens if you create or change a master record in a company code. D. Answer: A.c Be I TC er tif i Question: 68 Choose the correct sentences. In Customizing for the asset class. B. A. B. B. The account group also determines in which number interval the GL account number must reside. D. The number assignment is uniform for the asset class by specifying the number range for an asset class in the asset class. The account group only determines in which number interval the GL account number must reside. Alphanumeric intervals can only be assigned externally. Several charts of depreciation can also be assigned to an asset class. false B. The GL account group is a classifying feature for general ledger master records. Answer: B. C. B. since an extension is possible if the extension already belongs to another interval.Question: 66 [FI-Master Data] Define GL Account Group. true ed . C. C.

(There are more than one correct answer to this question) om Question: 71 . 2.Question: 70 The depreciation attributes for the assets choose to be specified by the system A. 1. 3) A base currency can be used for an average. F Answer: B Question: 72 Consider the following sentences: 1) A base currency can be assigned to an exchange rate type. two very efficient combinations of the exchange rate tools are using a base currency for the average rate (M) and using the exchange rate spreads to calculate the buying and selling rates (B and G).c Identify the features of the service desk from the items listed below. 3 and 4) B. 2. a buying or a selling rate. 4) The relations between currencies have to be maintained per exchange rate type and currency pair in the translation factors. 2) To deal with exchange rate spreads. Are changeable B. SAP Help B. Which of these combinations is true? (1) A. 3 and 4 Be I TC ed . 1. Managing SAP Notes F. 2 and 3) E. Message handing process tif i Answer: B. Error handling D. 2 and 4) C. Are not changeable Answer: B er A. Customer solution database C. 1. 3 and 4) D. E. 1. Solution Manager diagnostics E. D.

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