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Published by: Chand Singh on Mar 22, 2012
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Chand Singh
B.Tech. (Automobile Engg.)
+91-9873129371 chandsingh2007@gmail.com

Profile and Objective Seeking a position as Design Engineer with a leading organization where my experience and knowledge will be further developed and utilized in the area of product design and development. Tenacious, determined, not daunted by setbacks, rather use them to improve and move ahead. Not a clock watcher, rather a hard worker and a smart worker with positive work ethics. Motivated by new responsibilities and challenging work. Education and Qualifications 2007 - 2011 | B.Tech in Automobile Engineering LIMAT, M.D.U. Unive rsity, Rohtak FIRST CLASS: 68.16% 2005 - 2006 | Higher Secondary Certificate, B.S.E.H Govt. Sr. Sec. School, Gurgaon FIRST CLASS: 7.2 GPA 2003 -2004 | Secondary School Examination, B.S.E.H, Highway High School, Gurgaon FIRST CLASS: 74.83% Summary  Six months experience in product development, design engineering, Prototype development activities and Product testing.  Currently designated as Product Development Engineer with SKN Associates Pvt. Ltd.  Possess understanding of the logic of engineering drawings and principles.  Team player in design and development activities and industrial application involving modification/up-gradation of existing design and detailing using software tool like AutoCAD.  Have an experience of working on the CATIA V5 as design module.  Fundamental knowledge of GD&T and DFMEA. Area of Expertise  Co-ordination in preparation and finalization product plans/schedules, engineering designs/drawings and technical specifications of product.  Generation of virtual design of product with Catia V5.  Facilitating new product development initiative with key focus on quality control.


PROJECT UNDRTAKEN: PROJECT: AERO BIKE Description: Aero Bike is a bike that will run on compressed air without burning of any fuel.  Co-coordinating functional and reliability test on various product samples and initiating relevant action for enhancing function of product.  Involved in design development. prototype development and testing. Evaluating the developed components/product through testing and inspection. Goal that are to be achieve in new design are compactness and light weight of multifunctional valve and use of other materials in component in place of brass keeping same functionality of valve under the specified standard.  Modifying and upgrading existing design and generating associative drawing with AutoCAD. Role & Responsibilities in Project :  Assisting Sr. 2 . Role & Responsibilities in Project : Leading the group.  Involved in drawing development of product and its components using AutoCAD. Engineer throughout project. DESIGN DEVELOPMENT OF NEW MULTIFUNCTION VALVE Description: The multifunction valve is multipurpose valve in LPG fueled vehicle. Aero bike is an environment friendly bike as its only exhaust is air. Involved in design.  Involved in planning and schedule of project. We have modified the engine to give the power to wheels by only compressed air.

Date: Place: CHAND SINGH ( ) 3 . Linguistic Capabilities: English & Hindi Extracurricular Activities & Achievements  Member of Fine Art Committee in Zest 2009. Jagat Singh  Address: House No. Gurgaon  Contact Number: +91-9873129371  Hobbies: Vehicle sketching.1660/3 Rajiv Nagar. In this project we design the venturi of mixer and set various parameters to make the emission of vehicle in between the Bharat Standard 3 emission norms.G.P. I learn many things in this project like how L. playing football Declaration: I hereby declare that the above-furnished information is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.P. Manager throughout the project.  Coordinator of Discipline committee in Zest 2011. kit of manufacturing Organization under the emissions norm. Role & Responsibilities in Project :   Assisting the R&D Assist. kit for vehicle every organization have to approve a vehicle with L.G. Personal Information:  Date of Birth: 18th May 1988  Gender: Male  Father’s Name: Sh.  Event Head in Technitiate 2010.BS3 L. Involved in design development of venturi and testing of vehicle.G reducer work how it is design and the most critical part how the venturi of mixer is designed.P.G. Vehicle License Description: To get the license for manufacturing L.P. Zest 2010. singing.

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