[SHORT COURSEWORK 1 – PAIR ] January 1, 2012 Justification for the chosen songs and poem

By : 1) Santha Nair d/o Chandran ( 890710-43-5074) 2) Nor Emillia bt Redzuan (910312-07-5136 )

Language is always fun to learn but children these days are afraid to enter language classes especially the English class due to poor command or formality basis. Teachers should be creative enough to attract young learners to learn language by providing a non-threatening atmosphere, likewise said by Lo and Fai Li (1998). Language arts through songs and poetry are a dynamic platform to learn language as it helps children to express themselves by not only moving their body and clapping hands but by learning English as an entertainment rather than fleeing away from the class. Choosing the correct songs and poems can be challenging but when a teacher focuses on the correct pedagogical principle and purposes, there is no option for diverting form the path. Different genres and types allow a teacher to be talented to use songs and poems in English classrooms. Based on the Malaysian Curriculum Specifications of English for Year 3, one of the most important aspects that a teacher should consider is integrations. The song entitled The Family Song (Youtube.com, 2012) allows a teacher to integrate daily life happenings with the children. The content of the song reveals the world of self, family and friends which is one of the themes in the curriculum, whereby it allows the young learners to differentiate members by relating to their own family. Even though being a blues genre song, the word choices in the lyrics like mother, father, brother, sister, uncle, aunt, grandma and grandpa repetitively, allows the learner to develop intrapersonal qualities. As they would know the people around them, like in the song which consists of the family tree, it helps them to realise the relationships among family members and coherently develops inter personal traits for instance respect to the


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As this song gives motivation to learn English with the peers in terms of helping each other. Reach for the Stars by S Club 7. This is because in this song that we chose which entitle Teddy Bear from Star Media Distribution Sdn. By all means. This is the song where most of the PISMP TESL 1/ SEMESTER 3 Page 2 . creates and uses R&B songs for their show but teachers can use the songs to teach high level proficiency level students like Year 5 and Year 6. teachers can seek language learning potentials as the standard of words used is high (Lyrics. The main purpose of using this song in the primary school are we can integrated the moral values in our lesson. Number 6) we can teach them the values before they are sleeping. Glee and not forgetting the Asia‟s Best Musical Show. wish goodnight and switch off the lights. Bhd (In the English Kid Songs CD) will help us a long during teaching and learning process. From Teddy Bear song (English Kid Songs CD. Youtube. is one prominent song used in English language learning classrooms overseas where this particular song gives motivation for one student to reach their goal and dreams. S Club 7. We can teach them as the lullabies are one of the way to teach children about the culture an ethics before sleeping which some of them are not being taught by their parents as we know parents nowadays are busy with their careers. 2012 elders. this song allows the children‟s intra and inters personal development contently. R&B songs are very catchy as it is the combination of rhythm and blues. Moving on for our next selection of songs for young learners for use in the primary English as Second Language (ESL) classroom is from the lullabies genre.com. The other song that we chose for our students in the primary ESL classroom is Do-Re-Mi (Sound of Music. appendix) and it equips the student of frequent usage of English in secondary school. it also prepares them for the real world in terms of using the language as stated as one of the educational emphasis in the year 5 Malaysian Curriculum Specifications. that they have to say prayers.[SHORT COURSEWORK 1 – PAIR ] January 1. 2012). Beyond that. The Kitchen Musical. Songs can truly cultivate the purpose of teaching moral values. Groups like the High School Musical. Famous R&B songs can be used for high proficiency level students to encourage language learning potentials.

[SHORT COURSEWORK 1 – PAIR ] January 1. but we have different options when it comes to language arts integration in classrooms and undoubtedly using poems from different genres and types definitely can be done. Limerick is one of the most popular poems among children. 2005). So they would give more attention PISMP TESL 1/ SEMESTER 3 Page 3 . As teachers . The fun of the limerick lies in its rhythm and its broad humour which are the main reasons we decided to use in the primary ESL classroom with the student. we have discovered a poem which it really attract students by the arrangement of words. we cannot rigid ourselves with one kind of materials only while teaching a language like only use songs during class. Moreover. 2012 people of various ages are familiar with it because of its pedagogical principle of teaching this song to the children which is the resources of this song is a lot. From narrative poetry. the students by aged 7 to 10 would be touched by this poem which is the butterfly is actually a something near to their interest. we hope that this type of poem is suitable for Malaysian primary school students and it will attract children‟s interest in learning English and can build a reading culture among them. We also can use this song to develop the children‟s linguistic where the lyrics in Do-Re-Mi (lyrics . we can teach the pronunciation as students always having difficulties in pronouncing word which is unfamiliar but this song really can help them. Book 1. As example. The aesthetic values which is integrated in the poem that is from the word by word we can imagined the beauty of a butterfly in a poem title Lovely Butterfly (Early Leaners Poems for Children. we as an ESL teacher have to teach them all the word that they do not understand. This will help them to add their vocabulary and knowledge. appendix) is mostly an unfamiliar words such as doe. then they will understand the fun which is inserted in the poem itself. This poem allows us to make sure the aesthetic development of an art is nurtured in students‟ mind. ray and sew. from this song. Although it may be different in the lyrics or rhythm but the basic is there. they know the pronunciation of „sew‟ and „so‟ is the same that is /səʊ/. Of course. The limerick entitle Parrot named Jack can really help children in language learning potential whereby. they do not know how to pronounce the word sew but if they pronounce the music notes.

In coherent with that songs and poetry can be very essential in teaching and learning a language as children loves to move around. PISMP TESL 1/ SEMESTER 3 Page 4 . Since it is a very famous Japanese poem. a haiku by Paul Brown (Poem. clap their hands and even induce themselves in the world of imaginations. (fourth poem) Young learners are like a cube of sponge. For instance. appendix) about cherry. In our new Malaysian Curriculum.[SHORT COURSEWORK 1 – PAIR ] January 1. The lines like “blossoms in countless colours” describe the aesthetic element of appreciating the cherry. Therefore. language art is very vital not only in the sense of choosing materials to teach but in the purpose of developing aesthetic values among children. teachers should use language art in their lessons to make it interesting and help plus encourage young learners to use the English language as fully as possible so that they would be proficient in the language not only when they are young but for the future benefits also. apple and rose. where it is short and develops language arts skill. they maybe want to memorize it and tell others about the butterfly by using the Lovely Butterfly poem. style and form and even the anatomy of the poem itself spell bounds a child to value and appreciate it. beauty. Haiku is not only appropriate for young kids and suitable for their age due to its length. expressiveness. KSSR. realism. apple and rose is a simple poem which reveals the characteristics of a haiku itself. but a haiku truly helps a teacher to use it in the English language classroom. Coherently. but haiku encourages the value of appreciating art by itself. favouritism. 2012 to the lesson and with the help of the teacher. poem selections are easy for a teacher. where they absorb everything when a teacher teachers them.

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