Mary Poppins (1964

(Find a case study for a film that has used cross-media convergence) Mary Poppins is a film that was made in 1964 that was produced by Walt Disney himself. It was the first film of its kind to mix live-action with animated characters and other trick photography effects such as flight and levitation. It was filmed in the ‘Walt Disney Production Studios’ which are a subsidiary of ‘Walt Disney Pictures’. ‘Walt Disney Pictures’ are a subsidiary of ‘Walt Disney Motion Pictures Group’ which are a subsidiary of ‘The Walt Disney Company’. It was distributed by Buena Vista Pictures, who are now known as the ‘Walt Disney Motion Pictures Group’. Under Walt Disney Motion Pictures Group are:

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Walt Disney Pictures and Television o Walt Disney Pictures o Touchstone Pictures o Disneynature o Hollywood Pictures Walt Disney Animation Studios o DisneyToon Studios Pixar Animation Studios

During ‘Mary Poppins’, Mary, Jane and Michael meet Bert who is a screever (draws art with chalk on the street). Mary uses one of his drawings as a gateway to and animated countryside for an outing for the children. Animations included the penguins, race course people, and the levitation of the horses. The animations were done in the Walt Disney Animation Studios.

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