r:ubiic Affairs Offke, A.,FP.ca;;;p Genera~ Emigo Aguin;:;1do, TeL Nos.

: llil-50tli ioca; fiuuu 8: 6700 Teief;:ut. No~ Bll-S432
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22 March 2012

J Montemayor

MaJaya D Tribune


B Bauzon M Mallari

Mia Times
D Tribune



Predicted Mean Sea Level Pressure Analysis for 8 p.m., 21 March 2012



Predicted Mean Sea Level Wind Analysis for 8 p.rn., 21 March 2012


Satellite Image for 4:32 p.m., 21 March 2012






At 2:00 p.m. today, the Low Pressure Area (LPA) was estimated based on satellite and surface data at 220 km southeast of Puerto Princesa City (8. go N, 120.80 E).

Southern Luzon, Visayas, and Western Mindanao will experience cloudy skies with scattered rainshowers and thunderstorms becoming widespread rains over the Bicol region and Western Visayas which may trigger f1ashfloods and landslides. The rest of the country will be partly cloudy to cloudy with isolated rainshowers or thunderstorms. Moderate to strong winds blowing from the northeast to east will prevail over Luzon and Visayas and coming from the southwest to southeast over Mindanao. The coastal waters throughout the archipelago will be moderate to rough.

·1:1.March 2012






March 2012


Z-1.March 2012

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Aquino welcomes more UStreeps
Foreign Affairs Secretary Albert del Rosario. Del Rosario announced the scheduled talks as President Benigno Aquino 3rd said that mOfe US troops would be welcome, but ruled out permanent bases. The President told Agenc!! France-Presse in an interview that talks were underway for the I~ngtirne allies to hold more military training exercises in the Philippines, as well as increase the nu mber of tim es that US Navy ships visited. "We are talking with them. We will have more of the same, i"is what Iam trying to say/' :,'_;President Aquino said, Yireferring to a IODg-standing '/,':partnership that sees regular ;:',loint exercises and US port calls i'<i~ Philippines; the "Their ships can come and call ,"on us, can be replenished, but .,,'our (onstitution will not allow ;\any permanent berthing herein /.:""y form," the President added. »:::~There'might be increases in ":·>te'rms of personnel, but it will .>~Vve:to b~.very clear on when "":t~eY,'come in and go out. They ·;~~nllorhe~ere permanently," deploym"'!lts in Thailand, the chief of US liilval operations, Admiral Jonathan Greenert, wrote in December. Mr. Aquino said that the Philippines was also looking to the US for help in building up its defense tapabilities, amid a maritime territorial dispute with China that flared last year a'nd. a host of other seturity issues. The Philippines had asked the United States for F·16 fighter jets, as well as patrol vessels, tra nsport aircraft and ra dar systems/according to the Chief Executive. , "They are still studying the req uest for the excess F· 1 6s. We are hoping (that] they will look at it favorably," he said. Mr. Aquino said that fighter jets were a top priority for the Philippines; which has one of the worst-equipped militaries in the region because the country has none. "From nothing to one is a significant leap. Iam told (that] we can sustain two squadrons[24 aircraft]," the President said. He emphasized that there were many reasons the Philippines needed to increase its military capabilities, including combating terrorism, helping deal with natural disasters and evacuating Filipi!_loSfrom crises overseas. mile, excl usive economic zone.a nd are believed to sit atop vast oil and gas deposits. While China has bristled at US interference in what it regards as a regional dispute, President Aquino said that the Philippines' was entitled to seek help from the US in building up its military capa bilities. "We are not getting any offensi\'e capability from the Americans. But we do need-I th ink all countries have a legitimate' need for-defe nse, and that is our focus," he said. Nevertheless, the President said that he was confident that the Philippines' dispute with China would be resolved peacefully and the Philippines is willing to allow Chinese companies to jointly develop the contested oil a nd gas fields'. "We are open to getting them as partners in the ex~loitation of these resources, subjects to our laws of course," he added.





The ne,gofiations come while the USis expa~ding:its military presence iJrtbeAsia-Padfic as a counterweigbttotising China, West PhiIippi ne Sea having brokered'a.de~lla5f'y~ar Bufhe also talked in depth about with Au~tralia to place more. , •..': the Philippines needing to troops there. .: . "':-~:" protect its rights to pa rts of the . ; 'It is also expecting stafi~Il-' . West Philippine Sea, which ~evenll combat ships in-' '. ',;';i.Beijing calls the South China Sea, Singapore audstep lip . "'"t~'8t are, wlthinits200'nautical"



, .,

The Washington talks next month will involve del Rosario, Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin, US Se<retary of State Hillary Clinton and us Defense Secretary Leon Panetta. Although the Foreign Affairs chief said that the agenda of the talks is still being discussed, he said that "we [the Philippines] wanHo see how we can maximize our benefits on the basis of the treaty alliance," referring to the Mutual Defense Treaty (M DT) sign ed in 1951. The MDTstates that botb ' coufltries must tom~ in aid of each

2+2 talks

other in cases of external attacks, and also allows ttie Philippines to ,acquire military equipment and hardware from the US. "We will,be looking fnrways to enhance the relationship between tn\'! two countries 011 the basis of [the] strategic partnership we have" We are [also] looking to enhance the MDT," del Rosario said after the launching of the Philippines' China Vears of Friendly Exehang es at the DFA. He added that his agenda will be guided by having the US as one of two strategic partners for the Philippines, the other one being Japan. The United States is also the Philippines' only treaty aUy. Del Rosario said that he aims to ensure the MDT's contribution to developing minimum credible defense capabilities in the country. "That [establishinq a minimum credible defense posture] is our objective," he added_ The DFAchief/however, clarified that "we are also very cogniza nt of the fact that we must be doing this within'whatis aUowed hy the (onstitutio'n." This is the first time the incumbent foreign and defense secretaries will be meeting with their US counterparts. On January 27, the two governments issued a joint statement following the completion of their second bilateral strategic dialogue in Washington, where they said they are looking forward to continue high-level talks. In their statement, they reaffirmed their cemmltmsnt to expand their alliance and enable them to address the challenges oHhe 21st ee ntury. WltM REPORt fROM AFP


21 March




Aquino says more US troops, drones welcome
'Ihe 'Philippines is allowing USdrones ~Weare talking with them. We will have to conduct reconnaissance flights over its. more of the same, is what I am trying to territory but strikes from the unmanned say,;' Aquinosaid, referring to a longstanding planes are banned, President Aquino said. partnership that sees regular joint exercises Aquino added more UStroops would be '.. and USport calls inthe Philippines. welcome to rotate through the Southeast "Their ships can come and calion us, Asian nation, but ruled out permanent bases.. can be replenished, but our Constitution Aquino told Agen.c"eFrance Presse in will not allow any permanent berthing here an interview that talks 'were under way in any furm. for the longtime alliesto hold marc military "There might be increases in terms of training exercises in the Philippines, as personnel, but it will have to be very dear on well as increase the number of times that when they come in and go om. They Cannotbe US Navyships visited. here permanently.", Turn to page 2

Aquino says more US troops, droneswelcome'
The negotiations come while the United States is expanding its military presence in the Asia Pacific as a counterweight to .', rising China, having brokered a : deal last year with Australia to place more troops there. It is also expecting to station several combat ships in Singapore and step up deployments in Thailand, the chief of US naval operations, Admiral Jonathan Greenert, wrote in December. Aquino said the Philippines was also looking to the United States for help in building up its defense capabilities, amid a maritime territorial dispute with China that flared last year and a host of other security ISsues. The Philippines had asked the ," United States for F-16 fighter jets, as well as patrol vessels, transport aircraft .and radar systems, according to Aquino. "They· are still studying the request for the excess F-16s. We are hoping they will look at it favorably," he said. Aquino said fighter jets were a top priority for the Philippines, which has one of the most poorlyequipped militaries in the region, because the country has none. "From nothing to one is a significant leap. I am told we can sustain two squadrons (24 aircraft)." Aquino emphasized there were many reasons the Philippines needed to increase its military . capabilities, including combating terrorism, helping deal with natural disasters and evacuating Filipinos from crises overseas. But he also talked in depth about the Philippines needing to protect its rights to parts of the South China, Sea that are within its 200·n?::~:cal-miIe exclusive economic zone and are believed under way are an extension ofthat:J.: to sit atop .vastoil and gas de¢peningpartnership.i,,:' deposits.' '" ...•..•.•.. ··'WhileClUnahaSpristled at U$:.; China and Taiwan also Claim int.er1'erenQe-iii.wha.fitregards~;~': those areas as theirs, even though a regional diSpute, Aquino said theLf the contested waters are much,.Philippines was entitle if to seek);. closer to Philippine landmass 'than , heip from the U nlted·States iii:;~ Chinese. ". building itimilitary capabilities>.' Diplomatic tensions escalated ' ' ...'''We are not getting any\ last year when the Phlllpplnes oJfenshie capability from the: accused China of harassing a Americans. But we doneed -Ie: Philippine-chartered oil think all countriea-have a: exploration vesselin one of the legitimate need for ~clefense, and' disputed areas called Reed Bank, thatis ourfocus,"'hesaid.< and of other.bullying.tactics. . Nevertheless.Aqulnosaid h~:' Philippine concerns abut was confidentthattl!,e Philippines':·! China's perceived aggressiveness dispute with China would be":, prompted it to seek help from the resolved peacefully,·· "< United States in building upits .' He also said the Philippines.'; maritime defense capabilities. was willing allow: Chines~J The United States responded companiestojointly develop the) favorably,delivering a former coastcontestea and gas fields. ',: guard cutter to the Philippine Navy ,"We'are open to getting them(: last year and promising more as partners in the exploitation of military aid. ~;"::$ercsonr-v=, subjects to our The nsgotiatlons eur rentlv laws of eo;...se.: ne sa'« aFP:





1-1 March




" .... "". ,o"·~ '.:..... .. .


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,~~~.;: .': .•<.-.: \:~ ....:.'
.... _._'<:., .. :

,'. .bJit()Ur;Gon§titutionwillnot'anow;any,);!pjile .. ea(Sou~ S
•••• < ••

.counterweiithtto:rising;Chinl\,.haVll}!L .'../ 'Philip'pine,~oncefusal:loutChina."s·
chie~ofU~'nav'a],ope~a:tioris;AdriiiraI:; ,;vdra1:jIY;delive~g'a fornl~r'C~t ·Jonatl1an;(i~ert,wroteinD.ec,~m~:,'(iua;d.:~tterto the:rhilippin~avY, N ber.' , .' - 'last year and promising more niili- ,

. help jnbuildingupits"de,fEmse'-l:!~M-,; . ,an extension of thatdeepen- , bilities,amidJln1ari~e territorial,ing'Jm,:iIl~rship~ .. ~
_. ,

pe~e~~;~:u~~~hee;~;~~,;,',.:,:~u:!~:-~~~~~'!~~~~~~ terms Of,personnel, but it will haveto, atQp vast oil and,ga$'deposits.;- '.<" .... , be very clear on when they>come'in r,... 'Diplomatictension,sescalate<ilaSt --anp go,OUt.Th~y,cann()tQe'?,?r:'~'7' YE!<lr·Whenlli.ePhilippin~s<:accllsed"


.. hiria'Se~'that'ilre!, C


way are

.• ',










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~I[ll,', ~/l!l",~$itlJ>:a/t'I:fl:,it:~


.'? __ .

·'~,")fl/S(Jjgllilytii~,'j~ts>::;'f~ ,<':i






2 ?March


The Mallo/lal Newspapllr



.~:",.,:-~:Xj~\ij·;~l·t, ;!.lJ.I.:,.~;\~lI3J .. l' ')
. '..•..•' ,

MiUt~ry abuses
'.. , . ....
.".> ';~:VI¢TOR REYES

a deni e'd

~~A~fmiJi~~iY"abuse!'?'" '. ):ttriArmycomtli:mcler,10 village chieftains, and two .priests·dis.puted,a11~g4tions of abuses committed by sOIditrsagainStfarmersinside the Hacienda Luisita in Tarlac, owiiedbyth~CQttiarigcO::AquinO family; "Therers'notrurh-tcthe allegations of military abuses at Hacienda.Lursita.r-saidLt. Col. Erncsto Tortes, commander of the3t·dNIechanize,d Infantry Battalion that operates in various areas in Tarlac, including at Hacienda Luistta. "The allegations are unfair, peddled by anti-peace.andantidevelopment groups, which are meant to .brcak and weaken the harmonious relationship between the military and the majority of the. residents of Hacienda Luisita," he said. Torres.saidall the 1.0barangay captains and Fr.Kennedy Feliciano, parish priest of Central Azucarera de Tarlac, issued separate statements belying the supposed military abuses. ,. .Feliciano said that since he. took oyer the parish. priest in 2006, he has "never heard of untoward. incidents, abuses or violations involving military present. here' (in the hacienda)." "In fact, I have seen these men in uniform actively participating in various civil andecclesiastical activitieswithin our coniinuniw.I _beIie'y-ethattfleyaredo,ing their bestnot just to -make us feel safe.and secure butalso inprornoring unity and peace among us, "the parish .priest 'said: . Quotinl? from the statements of the barangay captains, Torres' saidthe:y\:vi1I~geJeaders) said the.military.has been working maintain peace and order In the area; , The alleged tnilitaryabllses:wel'eaetuaIlyraisedhy the United Luisita Workers Union, the Alyansa sa rnga ManggagawaBukid sa Asyenda ,LuisitaCAmbala) and the.Unyon ng.mgaManggagawa'Iast Monday. . .' .'; . .... 'Thethreegrolll'shaveaskedJustict Secretary Leila de Lima to investigate' the alleged 'abuses committed by rnilitaryand their civilian agents, including surveillance and interrogations -cifthe members of the three farmers' groups. '. , Early this month, Ambala, and the Luisita Unyon ng mga Manggagawa.rand Luisita Peasants and People's Alliance started a signature campaign calling for the pullout of soldiers inside the hacienda. The' three groups alleged the presence of the soldiers threaten 'the farmers who are pursuing an agrarian case involving the 'hacienda. The Supreme Court in November last year ordered the distribution of the nearly five hectare sugar plantation. Hacienda Luisita Inc, which controls the hacienda, has filed a motion of reconsideration,



2'2. March





'irifluence_;'_tlle'.'''''· '" ',," "'·.','()f ;Sl1preme_':~.c~urt-:deliberation~ -





1IMarch ,2012

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'.: ..




.. ' .


institution.: ,.':":::.


r",;,~,~t/~~,r,:S:,::jjtJl,~k,',\,~,·,,~l~~~S~§~J~~t,t~f·..·'~f';;, .."*··~::::r:"_""."::.:{~~:.\'.;'~(\;:...::. "~.. : .. : /;_.~;(.:~; J;,j'~JJo~,,~~.(,;soldiersWhOJoiIie(htPei: ,'riaJ'1~clipaga,1~£8Y~lleS~ctiy:e,bl;,;;"




..<~::; ... :,:IritI1e;last,2:6.Ye~J;S:Sil1~ef;tli~,.~9&~

:).:.'>.:\.:':-. ~;...~~;,

dell)oCracy;fto~1986 to1990tOgether



. . The pallgasinangoverl:uj~anu . .former congressmanwho was.·among·., theprincipalauthors;ofAth~Ma~" Carta forPolicemen.also lauded the

""th~·'~ngs.".o't'f~rPer ,Pr~siclent':~del,"

. •Aqumo.adrtlitiistrati9Iisho~ingpOOj~'· '.ect~-notably-:tlie~2~,800 J'louSiQgiulits, '·fOl~:police~ell.~nd·soldie'rShiLu'zoh;'


theproylll(!e, 'V(itha,n,?!her 3,I!200~ .,. followin.the.next 15:tn(>nt4s,,f;f$::.· . -

anuIllber,ot'whichare.coIi'strJcted'hi·· ·


March 2012




March 2012


... -:· W

By Marrah Erika Lesaba
. Manila

Calatagan, Batangos,

andKtistine L. A!avein

HEN~angrove.,trees were ·cut down"lri' Barangay Hukay 'in ,Caiatagan;" Batangas, ,last 'month to clear' a foreshore area for the construction of a Philippine Air Force (PAF) detachment, militant fishers) groups have cried "massacre."

"The massacre .of .mangrove forest in Barangay Hukaydoes not only constitute grave human rights violations, it is also oneof thehighest .forms ofenvironmental destruction and red-carpet killing of-people's livelihood," FeInando Hicapnational chairof Pamalakaya.-sald in a'statementon Monday . Pamalakaya reported fhat about 400 mangrove -treescoveringLs hectares of land were felled by the military and urged the Department of Enviroriment and Natural Re:~ources (DENR) toinvestigate. ,"', .•.. INQUiRER went' to Hukay on Tuesday The tochec~'~he·-vera~io/ of 'the char~e and found ailothervE!fSlOn;' .. '" '.. ' '.' . 'Rdrrielio'rilIacalalad, the ibarangay chair, said more than 50 kalapinay(Avicennia) trees belongingtothe mangrovefamilywere cut in a clearingoperation which'began oil Feb:-20, affectini'5;000 squaremeters of land. ; '''Ang' 'kil1apinay aY1crisangtumutubo sa ttibing~dagat hindi kagaya ng bakawan (mangrove) nil iiinatanim pa (Kalapinay.naturally growsnear the shore unlikethe bakawan which hasto be planted)," said a 68-year-oldwoman resident,' who declined to be named. "Tutubo paang.mga yun, nando'n pa ang mga ugat eh (The kalapinay will still grow because the roots are still intact) ," she added. , Oilier residents, Ofelia Velasco .and Loreta Endaya, said they do ,nothave,bakawan but kalapinay and other shrubs that grow by themselves and do not need to be planted.v, Asked 011.Tuesday to comment orrthf!djf~' fering details of the report, Pa$al~y~ said it was standing 1:lY its accoum;"(:;":'',:'','" . In an interview on Monday, HiPilt[said' members of the PAF's 730th Cornfutt'GrouJ? led by Sgt. Joel Macasaet and of 16th Jpfantry Battalion}~~l '~Y Gonzales removed the m_angrove trees,lri

HukayonPeb. 21. ',: Citing .Iocal-reports, Hicap said 10 soldi'~s-:-four'from' the PAP unit and six from the' Armyunit=-arrived 'at the village in early February-with'marerials to be used inbuild.ing a detachment near the mangrove-area. 'They were '.prevented from touching the mangroves afterlocal policeinenintervened, Pamalakaya said. But on Feb. 21, it said, the soldiers and some 30 construction workers returned and proceeded to cutthe mangrove forest coveringLs ha offoreshore land. ' Hicap said around 400 old trees were de-stroyed.aQ,d, .another 200 new ones were

were sacrificed for government ;_)r(;ject~; the trees must be replaced since these pn)~ teet the coastaljcommunities from big waves and serveas'habitat for-fish and 'Jt''1'r: er aquatic resources. _:' The ;officer recalled massive cutting 01; • mangrovesin Calatagan in 1990 unti1200'l': when 'the Bantay-Dagat (sea patrol) was created. In 2006, the cutting of mangroves' wac; decreased because of the enforcement of the Calatagan MunicipaLFisheries':Cod~; which imposed a.ban on.mangrove cutting> In clearing the mangrove area in Hukay, Pa-.

Q~that:'he'~ii~;ed mem:b~;;' of thePAF's
740thCombat Group to-cut more than '50 kalapinay trees in a 1;6·ha property 'donated by aprivateindividualro theCalataganmunicipality Hukay has a population-of 2,352; whose sources of livelihood are .fishing and planting of sugarcane' and vegetables. • "Kalapinay doesn't serve as a, laying site for fish since they grow along the shore and not in the water," Mien Custodio, the munlcipal.environmenr and natural resources officer, said .in another interview. . Her records did not show any mangrove trees in Hu!,-jiy"s~E:;said~"""", "". ; .: ,";;'. '.Custodid'said,:hei';Qf;fice:had:been :focUsed·

,Baha, Balib~go,]ruit6'c; Bucal.Encarnacion,
Carret:tinari,'<:Oli10d,';Samburlg<Ul;,Sta;::Ana;' Talibayog, TaJisaY;~Thnag~;'Poblaciclp 1; FOblacion2,iPObladdn3mPOblaoon4.'", :,,;:. ";:She;"s'ai{f':~~~N~nr';t~~'e~~fi~ie"i111!Dgroyes"





and ~hrub·swe~tutinBararlPyHukay

in CaJatigan, Batangas, to give wayforthe construction ofa

Philippine Ai~

13 A




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l:tMarch 2012




.~.~ : i ~

:,-.:.-...\ ..'~.~~.>:~:.:;;:':.h'~




."::" ":"."... <" ':'~'.' _"

' .....•...• n '



.,.:~:'. :.;~·~<.'.'~~;:s;::c "" .""_'",': i~
.: .'





,·,/~,l§~~~(;cm.~~~B;\1~da,ti1W>; anti-~por gr9l!pjhat)s-run~mg'af~, '.' 'q9b1D:~r~~!.:L~s:·e,f!i!{,'59!Pm~H4~r.'.'Hf,?~ th,eJ9~.~Bpers> ' '. '. '.,';::' .~< ',> ...:....•• tht:,193,rd,rl1~l1tryJ'lBWlo7~n.4ifi~i'!;;,..,::.·.:.·.··"XesJtljeJqdp~~pew~9~JJ,l<m~;;:;; •



March 2012

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~ .j:--



.. "'Edtic~tidll:S~cretary'Ailllin;Lu\stro.' ~ya~while,ap'p~aledJor ;th~ immedk'




.. ~

Z:L.March 2012

tj Page:_....".... __

.\ ..

~t. March


Page: _',,'-' B_'


Brigade,;QQmriiarId~r-;Co~,"GF¢gorio , ,joiii'hefin:tpe:;ictual,mspectioIl:oithe" ,site and'c()lIle'upwith:an,;iccurnte,aB:o

•. !~i~~~~ptelt)si~'~~'·'


~[March 2012

'I:Jnyeiied'a:,record-.;.s_etting,peace: 'mal'l<er 'bui It.aftheibofder'.of: .-.: .. •


'.-; ·;PE:ACE:rv1J~RKER···.;


March 2012



'1'1 March


)'lIe Nallonfll Newspilper



PH joins calls for North Korea to stop ballistic missile launch

THE Phi lippiries yesterday joined other countries in asking North Korea to drop its planned ballistic missile satellite launch in April and to abandon its ballistic missile program. Presidential spokesman Edwin Lacierda said the Philippine government conveyed its stand through the Department of Foreign Affairs, "We express grave concern over the Democratic People's Republic of Korea's (DPRK) announced plan to launch a sat-

ellite between April 12 and 16, which we find unacceptable," the DFAsaid in a statement, The DFA statement "aid the United Nations Securiry .Counen (UNSC) Resolutions 1874 (2009) explicitly demanded the DPRK not to conduct any launch using ballistic missile technology, and to suspend all activities related to its ballistic missile program. "We strongly urge the DPRK not to proceed with its planned launch and abide by these resolutions, which call for the abandonment of its ballistic

missile program in a complete, verifiable, and irreversible manner. The DRPK's return to conftdence-buildtng and engagement with the international community is key to the continued stability and prosperity of the Korean Peninsula and the entire Asia-Pacific region," it said. The United States, Russia, China and South Korea, as well as the United Nations have voiced their concerns over the satellite launch plan. Laderda declined to answer when asked if the concern of the Philippines was due a

DPRK projection that debris from the launches would fall into the Yellow Sea and another some 130 kilometers off Northern Luzon. The Department of National Defense said it is monitoring North Korea's plan because of the potential risk that it may pose to the people, "Safety of people, which may be affected, is paramount so what we can do is monitor, n DND spokesman Peter Paul Galvez told a press briefing in

>- PageB4

Camp Aguinaldo. "We'll ask the appropriate agencies with capabilities to know more about this, the details of this flight path of that missile so

we can appropriately also warn people of the specific areas that might be affected if indeed it will cause landfall of debris," said- Galvez. Nevertheless, Galvez said debris from such launch disintegrates.

Asked if the Philippines will ask US help in the monitoring of the launch, the DNO spokesman said: "We'll look into what possibilities we have and options regarding how to look into this deeper." - With Victor Reyes ..

.. i.

March 2012






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-RP: Nokor's launch ballistic, missile satellite 'unacceptable';
By Michaela P. del Callar and Mario J. Mallari
The Philippines on Wednesday said it finds "unacceptable" North Korea's plan to launch next month a satelltte using its ballistic missile technology strongly opposed by the United Nations. , UN Security Council (UNSC) 'Resolution 1874 explicitly. demanded Pyongyang to cease from conducting any launch using ',' a Iong-rangemisslle and called on North Korea, whose official name is Democratic People's Bepublle of Korea CDPRK),to suspend all activities related to its'ballistic missile program. ,Manila expressed "grave ,-ooncern" over the planned launch , "as it called on Pyongyang to "I"r,espect the moratorium. Instability in the Korean Peninsula has long worried the Philippines due to the large -presence of Filipino workers in the region. There are about

60,000 Filipinos in South Korea at least 116',000 in neighboring Japan. "We strongly urge the DPRK
and not to proceed with its planned launch and abide by these resolutions, which call for the abandonment of its ballistic missile program in a complete, verifiab Ie and irreversible

abandon its nuclear program, "Wejoin other governments in urging the DPRKtpadhere to its
recent pledge for a moratorium on long-range missile launches, together with nuclear tests, and uranium enrichment activity," the DFAsaid. ' North Korea's "return to confidence-building and engagement with the international community," the DFAsaid, ~is key to the continued stability and prosperity of the Korean Peninsula and the entire Asia-Pacific region." Meanwhile, the Department of National Defense (DND) will closely monitor the planned rocket launch of North Korea next month to prepare for its possible effects to the country. At a press briefing, DND spokesman Peter Paul Galvez said that public safety is paramount in the monitoring of the planned rocket launch of North Korea sometime "between April 12 to 16.

"The safety of people that may, be affected Is.paramount .., what', we can do is monitor and we'll ::~

ask. appropriate

agencies with"

capabilities to know more about., this, the details of this flight so that we can-appropriately warn ., people on what specific areas that, might be affected if indeed it will, cause landfall of debris, "said}

program, defended its satellite launch scheduled between April 12 and 16, saying it is merely exercising its ~right to use space for peaceful purposes." But skeptical nations like the United States, Japan and South Korea protested Pyongyang's plan, which, if it pushes through, is likely to derail the stalled sixparty talks aimed at reaching an agreement for North Korea to

manner," the Department of Foreign Affairs said in a statement.. '.,'The reclusive state, scored by the international community for its dismal human riglrnfrecord and for its secretive nuclear power



Galvez, however, n ot ed. previous launches when the, rocket _disintegrates befo r e " reaching, the ground. ' "It will be goodenough for all' of us to ensure the safety of our;' people so we try to known ': specifically what are the areas' that might be affected with this ': missile launch, satellite launch, ~ " said Galvez. . The DND spokesman noted. that even the United Nations is closely monitoring the North: Korea plan. " North Korea is planning to " launch a rocket to put a satellite i] in orbit,



March 2012

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I'Manila 'gravely concerned' over N.Kofea' rnissilelaundu
cent pledge for a moratorium on normally disintegrates once it long-range missile launches, toreaches outer space, but its debris regether with nuclear-tests and uraenter the earth. nium enrichment activity," it added, "Any;;ctivity suchas like that, it's The Philippines established dipthe safety of the people that may lomatic relations with North Korea affected and is paramount. What we in 2000, one of the last Asian councan do is monitor and we'll ask [the J tries to do so. respective appropriate agencies with The department also said that capabilities to know more about North Korea's return to confidencethis, the details of the flight path of building and engagement with the the missile so we can appropriately international community "is key to warn the people of the specific ar-. the continued stability and prospereas that might be affected," he said. ity of the Korean Peninsula and the Last Friday, North Korea anentire Asia-Pacific region." nounced that it would launch a The Department of National long-Hinge rocket between April 12 Defense (DND) has also expressed and 16 to test.whether they could alarm over the safety of people in -, launch a satellite mil.rkingtheioOth,' Luzon and other parts of the couna nniversary of the birth of its try because debris from the missile founder Kim Il-Sung, ./., . launch could fall on the island: Pyongyang stressed that the launch D ND spokesman Peter Paul of an "earth observation" satellite, or Galvez said that theywill ask apthe Kwangmyongsong-3, is part of a propriate agencieLwitllcapabilic·... peaceful space research. ties and expertisejomonitor othe ' But several countries expressed flight path ofthe missile to deter-' ! concern over the North Korean plan mine if it 'Would pass through the because of fears that the use ofbalhscountry's airspace. .'tic missile technology was actually According to Galvez, the 'rocket . part of its nuclear weapons program.

TijE Philippine' government ex:)<ipiessed "grave concern" on the "plan of the Democratic People's f{~pubHc of Korea (DPRK or North tdrea)to launch a loug-range rocket next month, adding that the move is "unacceptable." in a statement, the Department of Foreign Affairs cited the 2009 United Nations Security Council (UNSC) Resolution NO. 1814 that explicitly prohibits North Korea from: conducting any launch using 'ballistic missile technology. The same resolution, together with 2006 UNSC Resolution No. 1718, also decided that North Korea suspend all activities related to its ballistic missile program. "We strongly urge the DPRK not to proceed with its planned launch and abide by these resolutions, which call for the abandonment of its-ballistic missile program in a complete",',verifiablc.,'and'irrevers. iblemannei,~.the foreign department said; " "', ,'" " '. "We join-other governments in urgingthe DPRK to adhe,re its reo


The latest country to jointhe grow;,. ing list of opposing nations was AilS;; tralia, which also notedthat the move, would be a dear breach of UN Secui. rity Council resolutions and under/< mines the pledges North Korea made in recent talks with the US. .. . "North Korea's nuclear and longrange missile programs present.a. real and credib Ie th rea t to th e se~' curity of the region, and to Australia." it said. ' . :. Leaders of five nations will dis-;' cuss ways to press Pyongyang to':' scrap the rocket launch when theyL meet next week at a Seoul summitt South. Korea,nPresideI1l, Le~: Myung~B,a~said in int~J:Vie\\lspub5 lishedoriWednesday., . ;·.t .: US President BaracYObamawi1h attend the nuclear securiry .summitz: along with leaders of China, South: KOrea, Japan and Russia. All the:·!: countries have been involved since.': 2003 in talks to shut downthe. North's nuclear program. . -;






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Armycapture« NPA, camp in Surigaodel Sur
The troops recovered a carbine soldiers captured a camp of the N.ew" People's Arm.y, in rifle, landmine componems;,a Surigac .delSurTuesday and re- handheld radio,AK47 rifle amcovered war materiel' following, a munition,.three cellphones and fire fight. " personal belongings. Troops, from the 2nd Scout At around noon yesterday, the Ranger Battalion were conduct- . same troops underLt, Col. Kiram ing security operations when they Grajo seized an abandoned camp encountered about 20 insurgents near the camp which they overran in Lobo, 'dllage, Cantilan town Tuesday. The first camp has 12 bunkers around 12:30 p.m. '.The NPA band withdrew af- and the second, 26 bunkers that ter about 20 minutes of fire fight, can accommodate someI 50 people, Galon said. ' Col.~opoldQ Galan, spokesman of the AFP's Eastern Mindanao The seizure of the camps cam,e Command, saidyesterday. as the NPA ispreparingto mark its 431"dfoundation anniversarv on ~oone '\.v~s reported killed or March 29. - VictorReyes rb{ injured on either side.


(xO( March 2012


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...'com,mand.,oHhe UrjftedState$:~rmed'Forces , (USAF). ·;:'~:t\:le·strategybywhi~h,theArmy intends' to.afuiiqits: . ; . The Act was a boon to;tl1ePhiHppine:Arnwb~ca~seae~lr~d,e~d"sta!eor vlsion~0'thefu'ture;and,.theArrny . ··ittrain~dthesoldief'S-OllaPl&-rniliionb.udget.' <>: Performance Governance Scorecard thaUranslates,th :',. 'The reformed Philippine Army 'cOmprised.former QHJad strategy and goals int6rneasurabl~ items and. , US Army. reservists and forme r . ..... ndcavaliers dfactipn atile deta lis..th a(h elp fadl ..itate strategy e~C\ltioh .. . ..... "" ..- .. .. . .. '.. .. ... . . _. ... .... . ... ...

-·Theestablishment'oHhe rhil ippineCorn monwea ith:: - ...•.ItS: key elements: nd ude the pA-CJovernarice'C!1 alt!!r. -,on .Novem,~er~;'193$::iR?ved't~E!·;\>Vayf(")r.;tl:itiStite,meXit.wh;ch -pefi'1e$.!h!,!s~ra~glf~lix;ctlon, of ': .··.enaC!m~nt,oft,heNi!tj?pai ..Pef7r.se;f:\Ct~hiPhp.!Ov(d~q(th~l)rll(Y 'for,the next .1?~ar$;; :th~;sli~tegy ma8 qr .. ' .... ort!i~ Institution pf·(j 't1eV)l:PhIIIPpme;A.nnYI.unde:l;.t~"the: iArmy .Tl1lnsformatiOI\,.R9admap ;:VIh,ch de$cqbes.:: f








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March .2012

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March 2012



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me...that: :.t1rt!~Church,.was_-'likewlS-e!,





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March 2012





March 2012

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