The History of Easter

1. What is called the celebration of Jesus Christ’s resurrection from the dead? 2. What did Jesus and his apostles, according to the New Testament, observed when they came to Jerusalem? 3. What day of the week was Jesus crucified? 4. What is the Jewish Translation for Pesach? 5. What day of the week did the emperor Constantine rule that Easter would fall on? 6. Between what dates should Easter fall on? 7. What was the Goddess Eostre? 8. What was the mythological symbol of birth? 9. What did red eggs represent? 10.What is the name of the tradition that became popular in the White House? 11.What was a symbol of new life in European pagan celebrations? 12. What did parents say would happen if their children if they behaved well? 13.What did chocolatiers do to follow the tradition of filling the egg baskets? 14. What else do families celebrate when they gather on Easter day?

Answer Key:
1. Easter 2. Passover 3. Friday 4. Passover 5. Sunday 6. March 22 and April 25 7. She was the Goddess of Spring and Fertility 8. Egss 9. Christ’s Blood shed on the cross 10. Egg Roll/ Egg Rolling 11. Rabbit 12. The rabbit would come and lay colorful eggs 13. They made egg-shaped chocolate 14. They welcome spring

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