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CP R75.20 ApplicationControlURLFiltering Admin Guide

CP R75.20 ApplicationControlURLFiltering Admin Guide

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Published by: fcar807 on Mar 22, 2012
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The Application and URL Filtering Database and AppWiki show a Risk Level for each application.

This table explains what each level means and gives examples of applications or types of applications with
that level.

Risk Level Definition


5 - Critical Can bypass security or hide identities

Tor, VTunnel

4 - High

Can cause data leakage or malware infection
without user knowledge

Remote Desktop, File Sharing, P2P (uTorrent,

3 - Medium Can be misused and cause data leakage or
malware infection

Instant messaging, File Storage (Drop box),
WebEx, Gmail

2- Low

Potentially not business related, but low risk

Gaming, Facebook, YouTube, Media

1- Very Low Usually business related with no or very low risk SalesForce, Google Finance

You can filter a search based on the risk level. For example, select risk level 5 to see all applications with
that risk level. The risk level is also a tag that shows in the details of each application. This helps you to
understand which types of applications to be wary of and which are low risk.

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