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CP R75.20 ApplicationControlURLFiltering Admin Guide

CP R75.20 ApplicationControlURLFiltering Admin Guide

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Published by: fcar807 on Mar 22, 2012
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Application traffic generates a very large amount of activity. To make sure that the amount of logs is
manageable, by default, logs are consolidated by session. A session is a period that starts when a user first
accesses an application or site. During a session, the gateway records one log for each application or site
that a user accesses. All activity that the user does within the session is included in the log.

To see the number of connections made during a session, see the Suppressed Logs field of the log in
SmartView Tracker.

In SmartEvent the number of connections during the session is in the Total Connections field of the Event

Session duration for all applications or sites, including Web Browsing:

For applications or sites that are allowed in the Rule Base, the default session is three hours. You can
change this in SmartDashboard from the Application and URL Filtering tab > Advanced > Engine
> Session Timeout.

For applications or sites that are blocked in the Rule Base, a session is 30 seconds.

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