PROJECT PROPOSAL “Lab-cum-Communication Assistance System” Project Summary:The proposed project will be for the

assistance of the lab in charge. Project will be an application having functions such as storing contact information of every student attending the lab in the particular semester, application can be used to:1. Send Short Messages(SMS) 2. Send e-mails to the e-mail addresses provided 3. Making phone calls to the contact numbers provided by the application’s contact information. The application will have:1. Easy to use interface with one user account provided with login facility for secure use of contact information. 2. Upload facility so that the lab work of every student can be kept in one place for the same class this will also be having 3. A backup facility. 4. Creation of new accounts can be done on further development. Project Requirement:The project is required for some reasons those often arises in front of teachers is that:1. They are unable to contact the required student or students when they need to. 2. Unavailability of contact information. 3. Confusion in the provided information. 4. Not being able to manage that information in short communication hampers. 5. The lab work done by students has to be managed and that can be difficult plus this can again cause confusion due to the file system which is generally used in such management.

Solution Proposed:-

Our computer should be able to run java and Mysql and some particular libraries of java for smooth running of the application. 1. The contacts will be stored under one name for the same class so no need to self manage that the application will do it for us. A cell phone with Bluetooth facility. The application will provide a single communication centre for the teacher so that he/she can contact any student whose information is provide in any way he/she likes that is  send e-mail  send SMS  make a phone call 3.comm API How the project will work:- . 2. A running operating system. 3. A cell phone with USB connectivity. and 6.6 Back end: Mysql Additional libraries: javax. Technology Used:    Operating System: windows7 Front end: JAVA 1. Project’s Requirements:The project’s minimum requirements are a computer with 1. The application will let him/her upload the lab work himself/herself so no confusion if the correct class is selected the additional fields will also be provided to store and evaluate the total marks that are to be given to a particular student. 2. A USB cable for the cell phone we will be using. A Bluetooth dongle for Bluetooth facility in the computer or instead of Bluetooth we can have 4. Thus overcoming the confusion. 5.The proposed project is the solution for the above problems and the requirement for this project will be fulfilled with the application that we proposed to develop this project uses databases and all the contact information will be stored and the paths to all the files(lab work) will be stored in database too.

Proposed By:ASHISH PATHAK(ROLL NO. 16) .The proposed project will be an application developed in java which will be connected to mysql back end application and take inputs from user and interact with the back end in an easy way. The application’s interface is developed in JAVA so JAVA uses AT commands to control the cell phone through the PORT to which it is connected plus it also uses inbuilt java library javax. The functions like e-mail will be requiring internet connection while other functions like SMS and VOIP phone calls can be used with the help of the cell phone that has to be connected to the computer on which the application is running with the help of Bluetooth dongle or even a USB cable can be used.comm for using and establishing connections to the serial port. For storing the contact information a separate interface will be provided and for uploading the files too.

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