DATE: ADDITIONAL INFORl\1ATION NOTE: Your response to this letter must be submitted over the signature of an authorized person or of an officer whose name is listed on the application. Also, the information you submit should be accompanied by the following declaration: Under penalties of perjury, I dec rare that I have examined this information, including accompanying documents, and, to the best of my knowledge and belief,the information contains all the relevant facts relating to the request for the information.
1. Please submit statements regarding educational, work and philanthropic backgrounds of

the organization's officers, directors, board members and trustees.

2. Please provide information as follows pertaining to each of the organization's officers, directors or trustees: a. Please descnbe the duties that each individual performs for the organization, b. Other than serving as an officer, director and! or board member for the organization, please provide the names and addresses of each individual's employer/business, the nature of their employment/business, and the number of hours devoted to their employment/business. 3. Other than the Cost Sharing Agreement submitted with Form 1024, please submit copie~ of .any other 'written leases, contracts or agreements entered into by the orgamzanon.
4. Will anyone use the organization's facilityother than for the purpose of directly carrying

out its work? WIll any of the directors or employees reside and/or work (e.g. not related to the organization's activities) at the facility? If so, explain fully. Please fully explain if the owner of the facility is related to the organization and! or its officers.directors, etc. in any way other than as landlord?

5. Please submit complete copies of the organization'S financial statements and balance sheets,for the following periods: . a. Fiscal year ending December 31,2011, and b. Period covering January 1,2012 through Present.
6. Please provide copies of board meeting minutes since the organization's inception. 7. Please provide copies of agendas and! or descriptions of topics covered at each of the

organization's general meetings and events since inception.

8. ~leas~ prov~decopies of materials distributed at each of the organization's meetings smce mcepuon.
9. Does the organization have a website? If so, please provide its website address and

complete copies of the organization's web pages and action alerts from its website. Please also ensure to include web pages that are accessibleonly to members.

10. Please provide copies of all of the organization's promotional material.

11. Has the organization distributed or will it distribute materials or conduct other

communications that are prepared by another organization or person? If so, provide the following:

a. Please provide details of this activity. b. Please provide the names of the individual(s) and/or organization(s) that prepared the materials. c. Please submit copies of materials and contents of the communications. d. 'When and where the distributions have been conducted or will be conducted? e. \X7hohas distributed or 'will distribute the materials? 12. Is the organization a membership organization? If so, submit the following: a. Please indicate how many members the organization has currently. b. Please fully explain what the organization's memberships consist of (i.e.individuals, businesses, organizations, etc.). c. Please provide a numerical breakdown of members in each membership class. d. Please provide a complete copy of the member application/registration fonn. e. Please provide the membership agreement and rules that govern members. f. Please provide a membership fee schedule. g. Please fully describe the requirements for membership. h. Please fu11ydescribewhat services and benefits are available only to the organization's membership. 1. Please fully describe the members' roles and duties within the organization.
13. The attachment to

close 'connection

1024 indicates that the organization has a

Please submit the following.

a. Please fully describe the b. Please fully describe how the "'''',,"'"''v''' of the organization. c. Please provide the website address d. Please provide promotional material relating

e. lrJfamfrlrid~

t~henames of officers, directors and board members been granted exemption from the so, please provide complete evidence.

f. Please fully Internal Revenue Service.

14. Please submit a breakdown list showing the percentage of time and resources that the organization devotes to its activities (For example, this organization is spending 20% of its activities conducting educational seminars and conferences, 35% of its activities on

fund- raising activities, etc.).

15. \Yle wish to call the organization's attention to section 4.03 of Rev. Proc. 2008-9, 2008-2

LRE. 258 states:

.03 Exempt status may he recognized in advance of the organization's operations if the proposed activities are described in sufficient detail to permit a conclusion that the organization will dearly meet the particular requirements for exemption pursuant to the section of the Internal Revenue Code under which exemption is claimed.

activities will be in furtherance of such purposes will not satisfy this requirement (2) The organization must fully describe all of the activities in which itexpects to engage, including the standards, criteria, procedures or other means adopted or planned forcarrying out the activities, the anticipated sources of receipts.and the nature of contemplated expenditures. (3) Where the organization cannot demonstrate to the satisfaction of the Service that it qualifies for exemption pursuant to the section of the Internal Revenue Code under which exemption is claimed, the Service will generally issue a proposed adverse determination letter or ruling.

(1) A mere restatement of exempt purposes or a statement that proposed

The information submitted with the exemption application does not contain sufficient information in detail to fully describe the organization's past, current and proposed activities. Therefore, please submit a much more detailed description of those activities. Please ensure to include the following: a. Please provide a detailed description of each activity. b. TI1edate) location, and content schedule of each event. c. Copies of materials distributed to the audience at each event.

d. Please fully describe what resources the organization uses to gather information for its activities. e. Identity the educational materials that were used by presenters at each event. f. TIle names and credentials of the instructors. g. If speeches or forums were conducted in the event) provide detailed contents of the speeches or forums, names of the speakers or panels, and their credentials. If any speakers or panel members were paid) provide the amount paid for each person. If not, please indicate that they volunteered to conduct the event. h. The names of persons from the organization and the amount of time they spent for each event. Indicate the name and amount of time they spent on the event. Indicate the name and amount of compensation that was paid to each person. 16. Form 1024 indicates that the organization will conduct get out to vote activities including registering, recruiting, educating, mobilizing and turning out voters in critical elections. Please provide the following: a. Please provide more details pertaining to each of these activities. b. Please provide a list to show locations, date and time for each of the events. c. Please fully explain who on the organization's behalf has conducted or will conduct the voter registration or get out to vote drives. d. Provide copies of all materials published or distributed regarding the activities, including copies of any voter guides. 17. Form 1024 indicates that the organization will coordinate a voting rights project to monitor and promote public policy as well as playa watchdog role in election oversight and protection. . 18. Please fully describe the activities that the organization conducts that influence legislation. Please ensure to give detailed examples on how the organization educates and! or will. educate the public conceming key legislation and the positions of political candidates and elected officials on that legislation. 19. Please fully explain if the organization and! or its officers, directors and board members engaged and/or will engage in business dealings with any political candidates and! or elected officials or an organization that is associated with the candidates and! or elected officials (i.e. renting office space, providing access to a membership list, etc.). If so, describe the relationship In detail and copies of any contracts or other agreements documenting the business relationship. 20. Has the organization conducted or will it conduct candidate forums or other events at which candidates running for public offices are invited to speak? If so, provide the following details and nature of the forum including: a. The names of candidates invited to participate.

b. c. d. e.

The names of the candidates who did participate. The issues that were discussed. The time and location of the event. Copies of all materials provided and distributed at the forum, including any internet or advertising material discussed or used at the forum.

21. Describe in detail the organization's fundraising through mail solicitations, email solicitations, and personal solicitations. Please submit copies of all solicitation materials that the organization distributes.

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