Dear Jacobs/Chemetics Inc., My name is Robinson Cheng and I am a chemical engineer from UBC.

I received my bachelor’s degree this May and I am eligible to register as an EIT. I do not have any previous experience in designing large chemical plants or even small chemical plants. But please hear me out. Process engineer is what interest me. I can design and it is something I would like to pursue. I have worked as an environmental engineer at Mount Polley Mining Corporation during my co-op term back in 2008. This was not an ordinary co-op job. I was involved in designing a large passive treatment facility on-site to treat dissolved metals in their tailings water. Most people do not believe me (since it is a co-op job), but during the project, I was actually given work to do. Since my supervisor was busy most of the time, I was the only person guarding this project. I was involved in engineering, procurement, and construction of the facility. I did not participate in the management of this project but I was able to learn how to effectively communicate with contractors, co-workers, and upper management personnel. My first actual job as an adult is in AMEC as a technical writer. My job is to create industrial training manuals for operating technicians. I am now very good at reading P&IDs, control loops, and explaining the operations of equipment. Most people registering for this position probably are all qualified. I do too, and what I differentiate from others is that I am very good at all of them. I never let myself fail. I am not a lazy person either. I know there is only so much a technical writer can do. I cannot advance anywhere and I am not satisfied with reading another engineer’s P&ID. I want to design and pursue my career in it. I have talked to the principal process engineer at AMEC, and his advice to me was to go out into the filed. But since Chemetics Inc. is offering such a position, I believe I can bring my knowledge with the knowledge I will obtain to provide for the company. Lastly, I am very confident in using Microsoft Office, ASPEN Plus, and other related software. I have worked in a team environment and am very good at time management. And if I cannot finish something with the allocated time, I will find ways to finish it because my supervisor believes I can. Thank you for your time. I am looking forward to an interview with you. Please contact me at (778) 8919516. Cheers, Robinson Cheng

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