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Smart Cities for All_France_Charreyron Perchet

Smart Cities for All_France_Charreyron Perchet

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Smart cities in France What do we learn ?

Anne Charreyron Perchet
Ministry of Ecology and Sustainable Development France
anne.charreyron-perchet@developement durable.gouv.fr

Smart cities for all - The World Bank March 5-6


Preliminary remarks
• 3 main characteristics of smart cities:
– Address the issue of sustainable cities: use of ICT to save resources, improve quality of services, contribute to a better governance. – « System of systems » – The citizen is put at the heart of the system The combination of the 3 characteristics makes smart cities innovative cities.

Smart cities for all - The World Bank March 5-6


The situation in France
• Strong impulse given by the national government
Recovery plan in 2010 with emphasis on reseach and innovation. Several programmes related to smart cities.  Cities for to-morrow (1 billion euros 2010-2017) Emphasis on integrated approach (transport, housing, energy..); urban planning and design;resources and energy, mobility 1st call for proposals 2011: 93 projects in 13 cities
Smart cities for all - The World Bank March 5-6 3

Other programmes related to Smart cities
 Digital cities and Intelligent transport systems: development of high speed networks, use and content of digital services, ITS, trafic management… (part of a broader programme on digital technologies 2,25 billions euros)  Smart grids (250 millions euros)  1st call of proposals focused on technological aspects  2nd call : demonstration projects at a broader scale

Other projects initiated by local governments or private sector, and at the european level.

Smart cities for all - The World Bank March 5-6


What do we learn from the french experience?
• Importance to develop a cross sectoral approach, step by step. • Start from the demand side rather than the supply side
– What are the needs, how to improve city efficiency? – What are the requirements to ensure social aceptability and social equity ?

• The essential role of local government
– For exemplarity – To attract other actors in the projects
Smart cities for all - The World Bank March 5-6 5

What do we learn from french experience?
• The importance of governance issues
– Inside the city administration, need for new organisation, new ways of working (project team reporting to the Mayor) – Lack of expertise and need of guidance and capacity building

• The need for public/private partnerships
– Co-construction of projects – In operating the projects

• The difficulty to go beyond pilot projects and ensure continuity (pb of business model)
Smart cities for all - The World Bank March 5-6 6

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