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Published by: coolguy0606 on Mar 23, 2012
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  • INV:Accounting Category Set
  • INV:Allow Expense to Asset Transaction
  • INV:Capable to Promise
  • INV:Genealogy Delimiter
  • INV:Round Reorder Qty
  • INV:Genealogy Prefix or Suffix
  • INV:Intercompany Invoice for Internal Orders
  • INV:Advanced Pricing for Intercompany Invoice
  • INV:Default Item Status
  • INV:Default Primary Unit of Measure
  • INV:External ATP
  • INV:Inter-Organization Currency Conversion
  • INV:Intercompany Currency Conversion
  • INV:Item Master Flexfield
  • INV:Minmax Reorder Approval
  • INV:Project Miscellaneous Transaction Expenditure Type
  • INV: RC Requisition Approval
  • NV: RPC Timeout
  • INV: Restrict Receipt of Serials
  • INV:Save Search Items
  • INV:Transaction Date Validation
  • Use new Trx.Mngr for Processing
  • INV:Updateable Customer Item
  • INV:Updateable Item Name
  • INV:Use catalog name in the item description
  • TP:INV Cycle Count Approvals form
  • TP:INV Cycle Count Entries form
  • TP:INV Enter Replenishment Count form
  • TP:INV Inter-Organization Transfer form
  • TP:INV Miscellaneous Issue and Receipt form
  • TP:INV Transaction Processing Mode
  • TP:INV Transfer Between Subinventories form
  • TP:INV Update Average Cost form
  • TP:Server Side Online Processing
  • TP:INV Move Order Transact
  • INV:VMI Enabled
  • INV:Maximum Number of Quantity Trees
  • INV:Product Family Item Template
  • INV:CCEOI Commit Point
  • INV:CCEOI Workers
  • INV:Override Neg for Back ush
  • INV: Quantity Tree Timeout for Lock
  • INV:Purchasing by Revision
  • INV:Debug Trace
  • INV:Debug File (Including the complete path)
  • INV:Detect Truncation on UOM Conversion
  • INV:FIFO for Original Receipt Date
  • INV: MGD Maximum Number of Workers Permitted
  • INV:Debug Level
  • INV:Item Form Folder Category Set
  • INV: Move Order Fill & Kill
  • Multiple Serials Per Delivery Detail
  • INV: Component Pick Batch Size
  • INV: Item Default Tab
  • INV: Item Master Default Template
  • INV: Replenishment Move Order Grouping
  • INV: Cross Reference Type
  • INV: Max # of Txn Purge Processes
  • INV: GTIN Cross Reference Type
  • INV: Fill Kanban on Partial Move Order Receipt
  • INV: Consigned Inventory Aging Enabled
  • INV: Supplier Consigned Enabled
  • INV: View Item Category People
  • INV: Item Form Uses Master Set of Folders in the Org Items Form
  • INV: Batch Size
  • OM: Administer Public Queries
  • OM: Allow Negative Pricing
  • OM: Apply Automatic Attachments
  • OM: Auto Push Group Date
  • OM: Auto schedule
  • OM: Charging Privilege
  • OM: Context Responsibility for Upgraded Orders
  • OM: Credit Card Privileges
  • OM: Credit Memo Transaction Type
  • OM: Cust Item Shows Matches
  • OM: Customer Relationships
  • OM: Debug Level
  • OM: Discounting Privilege
  • OM: Estimated Authorization Validity Period
  • OM: GSA Discount Violation Action
  • OM: Included Item Freeze Method
  • OM: Inventory Stock Location
  • OM: Invoice Numbering Method
  • OM: Invoice Source
  • OM: Invoice Transaction Type
  • OM: Item Flexfield
  • OM: Non-Delivery Invoice Source
  • OM: Orders Purge Per Commit
  • OM: Over Return Tolerance
  • OM: Over Shipment Invoice Basis
  • OM: Over Shipment Tolerance
  • OM: Payment Method for Credit Card Transactions
  • OM: Reservation Time Fence
  • OM: Return Unfulfilled Referenced Line Action
  • OM: Return Item Mismatch Action
  • OM: Risk Factor Threshold for Electronic Payments
  • OM: Schedule Line on Hold
  • OM: Show Discount Details on Invoice
  • OM: Show Line Details
  • OM: Source Code
  • OM: Under Return Tolerance
  • OM: Under Shipment Tolerance
  • OM: Unit Price Precision Type
  • OE: Validate Option Line Item
  • OM: Validate Standard Line Item
  • OM: View Cancel Lines
  • OM: View Closed Lines
  • OM: View Pricing/Availability Information in Related Items
  • OKC: Enable Sales Contracts
  • QP: High Volume Order Processing Compliance
  • Tax: Inventory Item for Freight
  • Tax: Invoice Freight as Revenue
  • MRP:ATP Assignment Set
  • MRP:Calculate Excess Exceptions on Time Fence
  • MRP:Calculate Suggested Repetitive Schedules
  • MRP:Compute Sales Order Changes
  • MRP:Consume Forecast Set Summary
  • MRP:Consume MDS
  • MRP:Consume MPS
  • MRP:Debug Mode
  • MRP:Default DRP Plan Name
  • MRP:Default Forecast Date
  • MRP:Default Forecast Name
  • MRP:Default Plan Name
  • MRP:Default Schedule Name
  • MRP:Default Sourcing Assignment Set
  • MRP:Demand Time Fence Days
  • MRP: Environment Variable to Set Path for MRP Files
  • MRP:Firm Planned Order Time Fence
  • MRP:Firm Requisitions within Time Fence
  • MRP:Include Scheduled Receipts in Use–up Calculation
  • MRP:Interface Table History Days
  • MRP:Maintain Original Schedule Version
  • MRP:MPS Relief Batch Size
  • MRP:MPS Relief Direction
  • MRP:Perform Planning Manager Functions in Loads
  • MRP:Plan Revenue Discount Percent
  • MRP:Plan Revenue Price List
  • MRP:Planning Manager Batch Size
  • MRP:Planning Manager Max Workers
  • MRP:Purchasing by Revision
  • MRP:Purge Batch Size
  • MRP:Requisition Load Group Option
  • MRP:Retain Dates within Calendar Boundary
  • MRP:Snapshot Pause for Lock (Minutes)
  • MRP:Snapshot Workers
  • MRP:Sourcing Rule Category Set
  • MRP:Time Fence Warning
  • MRP:Trace Mode
  • MRP:Use Direct Load Option
  • MRP:Use Ship Arrived Flag
  • MRP: Default Sourcing Assignment Set
  • MRP: Sourcing Rule Category Set
  • PO: Allow Auto–generate Sourcing Rules
  • PO: Allow Buyer Override in AutoCreate Find
  • PO: Allow Category Override in AutoCreate Find
  • PO: Allow Rate Override for User Rate Type
  • PO: Allow Requisition Approval Forward Action
  • PO: Allow Retroactive Pricing of POs
  • PO: Amount Billed Threshold Percentage
  • PO: Archive Catalog on Approval
  • PO: AutoCreate GL Date Option
  • PO: Automatic Document Sourcing
  • PO: Automatically Deliver Drop Ship ASNs
  • PO: Check Open Periods
  • PO: Contractor Assignment Completion Warning Delay
  • PO: Contracts Enabled
  • PO: Convert Requisition UOM to Source Doc UOM During Release Creation
  • PO: Custom Measure Precedence
  • PO: Default Need–By Time
  • PO: Default PO Promise Date from Need By date
  • PO: Default Supplier Item Catalog Option
  • PO: Display AutoCreated Quotation
  • PO: Display the Autocreated Document
  • PO: Display VMI Warning
  • PO: Enable Direct Delivery to Shop Floor
  • PO: Enable Services Procurement
  • PO: Enable Sql Trace for Receiving Processor
  • PO: ERS Aging Period
  • PO: ERS Invoice Number Prefix
  • PO: Fax Output Directory for the PO Document
  • PO: Generate Amendment Documents
  • PO: In File Path
  • PO: Item Cross Reference Warning
  • PO: Legal Requisition Type
  • PO: Notification Lines Display Limit
  • PO: Override Approved Supplier List Status
  • PO: Price Tolerance (%) for Catalog Updates
  • PO: Release During ReqImport
  • PO: Restrict Requisition line modify to quantity split
  • PO: Secondary E–mail Address
  • PO: Set Debug Concurrent ON
  • PO: Set Debug Workflow ON
  • PO: Supplier Pricing Method
  • PO: Terms and Conditions File Name
  • PO: UOM Class for Temp Labor Services
  • PO: Use Document GL date to Unreserve
  • PO: Use Need–by Date for Default Autocreate grouping
  • PO: Use P–Cards in Purchasing
  • PO: Use Requisition Line Numbers on Autocreated Purchase Order Lines
  • PO: Use Ship–to for Default Autocreate grouping
  • PO: VMI Enabled
  • PO: Warn if RFQ Required before AutoCreate
  • PO: Workflow Processing Mode
  • PO: Write Server Output to File
  • RCV: Allow routing override
  • RCV: Debug Mode
  • RCV: Default Include Closed PO Option
  • RCV: Fail All ASN Lines if One Line Fails
  • RCV: Print Receipt Traveler
  • RCV: Processing Mode

Yes indicates that you want Oracle Purchasing to automatically perform a receipt and deliver action for

drop ship ASNs.

PO: Change Supplier Site

Yes or No indicates whether users can change the supplier site on approved purchase orders.

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