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Grammar Banner
Chadwick International, March 2012

Teacher Highlight:

Frances Kvietok

What is it?
In the Middle School
it looks like this. Each classroom has a bulletin board, visible to teachers and students, that gets changed each month. Topics are chosen by finding the most frequent mistakes in students' writing. Teachers of all subjects focus on this part of their students' writing.

Not only has Frances designed multiple interactive, PYPrelevant grammar lessons for her grade level, she also organized activities for International Mother Tongue Day and created a graphic organizer with her class on this month's grammar banner topic- plurals! See page 2 for the MindMap.

In the Elementary School it looks like this.

In each break out area, the main wall is covered as the Grammar Banner. A new grammar point, also chosen because of the frequency of errors found in students' writing, will be added each month. There will be an interactive activity that, if completed successfully by the students, will help them make house points. In addition, posters related to this grammar point will be distributed to teachers for use with mini-lessons or writing conferences.

Frances' MindMap on plurals, generated by the 5th grade students

Scan the QRCode below for a slideshow of World Read Aloud Day 2012 at CI.
l Ora ge gau an tice c Pra L-

Mr. Henkel's Podcast

Mrs. Nelson's Vodcast

In c re Flu asin en c g y!

Scan above for 2 examples of using multimedia to scaffold learning in middle school classes.

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