Packet Items:  Biographical Information - Profession, achievements, “what makes them relevant?” etc.

; should be one paragraph and also provide contact information  Letter of Introduction - How we make initial contact with interviewee, start with greeting and state them professionally; should consist of four paragraphs: 1. Introduce yourself (first and last name, junior at LCHS in Houston, TX, AP English Language & Composition) and your research (6 month project, conducting research on contemporary issue, introduce issue and why you chose it) 2. Let them know how you found them and what it is you want from them 3. Give them preview of what they can expect, what kind of topics you’d like to cover, how long the interview will be (should be around 30-40 minutes, and 8 or more questions), provide time frame (set goal!), let them know methods of interview 4. Thanks paragraph (appreciation of them), give them contact information  Interview Questions - Don’t ask same questions, unless you are getting two different point of views

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