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Published by: Bill Ba on Mar 23, 2012
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Bilal Albaalbaki 60C Reading&vocabulary 01/26/2012

A Tale of Two Cities
This story is a fiction story. It is kind of romantic story, but it talks about what happened during French revolution. The events took place between France and England. The main characters of the novel are a lady, Lucie, and two men, Sydney Carton and Charles Darnay. Unfortunately, Sydney and Charles loved Lucie at the same time. Those two men look like each other, and people cannot recognize who is Charles and who is Sydney. There is another important character, Dr. Manette, who is Lucie's father. Also he was a prisoner in Bastille prison in France. Also, Mr. and Miss Defarge played an important role in this story. The author started this tale by picturing the poor and bad situations in France during Aristocrat period. After that, he told us about how Lucie met her father, and how they moved to live together in England. Afterwards, the novelist started to put all pieces together, and that was in the court. In that time, Charles was accused of helping the king of France against the king of England, and the witnesses were Lucie and her father. The lawyer assistance was Sydney. Fortunately, the jury stated that Charles was not guilty. Charles settled in England and worked as a French teacher. During that time, Sydney was trying to be closer to Lucie, but he did not know that she was in love with Charles. Few months later, Lucie and Charles got married, so Sydney was disappointed and chose to disappear from their lives. Also, Dr. Manette was upset of this marriage for a mysterious reason. As time passed, Charles and Lucie had a pretty girl. Sydney returned to England and he remembered his old love, so he visited her, but he was surprised when he saw that she had a girl. Sydney became a regular visitor, and a little girl seemed to like him. Meanwhile, The situation in France became worse and worse. People there felt angry because police officers had killed a innocent poor man. In 1972 the revolution started and

One of them should scarifies of his love. To Be Continued B&B . Also. Later. I predict that either Charles or Sydney will be killed. and people wanted to revenge from him because of that murder. but that will be a sad end. Charles is a Frenchman. and greed. he discovered that one of his family was accused of killing a young boy during Aristocratic period. and he has a business in France. and the other one will live with Lucie because we used to see that in the romantic movies. why the author mentioned it? Also I think Dr.public people took the control of France. You can't find that two men love the same woman. Manette is hiding something because he seemed to be so serious and mysterious. The story grabbed my attention because the narrator is professional in organizing the plot. he was arrested by a group of patriots. If not. In his way to Paris. I found this story interesting because it combined between opposite things like the love between Lucie and Charles and the revenge that Miss Defarge hold toward Charles. Another scenario is that Lucie dies. hate. they killed every one in the royal family and destroyed everything belongs to them. Also the peace in England and the uprising in France. Moreover. and how he created the love story among all these bad feeling like envy. so he decided to go back to France. I think that the similarity between the two main characters will be an important factor in this tale. and he had been taken to prison.

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