Ser-tcnbcr 15, 1977





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!JEGAN by Bro. Clyde

As Pastor of Brook Ho ll.c» Baptist Cbrch and Foun:ler of Br cok Hollow Christian Schools, it is my privilege to tell you something about myself and the work of the Lord here. I 1 was saved npril 18, 1960 under the ministry of Dr. Bob ~eyes, and Soon after, the Lord called me to preach His Word. In 1966 the first service of the Brook Hollow Baptist Church was held in the DeSoto High School with 65 po op Ie in attendance. ' Since the incept',OO of the church, God has. blessed ~hunda~tly. In ten years, we have grown in atcendance from 65 to a record 2300 last vctober. Every year serves to take us to greater heights for the Lord.' ,This year c ou ld be the grea,test height of all because Jesus could come and take us all the way to Heaven. With the addition of tb~ "ph RTnde this fall, our school now offers 4 yAn~ Kindergarten through high school and a 3 year Bible Institute. We are looking forward to our first graduating class in 1978. Or. Lee Roberson will be the speaker for our first commencement exercises. 1 pr~ise the Lord for the hundreds of young people who have surrendered to full time service. Many are serving the Lord all over the world. It is a blessed honor to be able to serve the Lord by serving the people here at Brook Hollow. Our main goal in the church and in the school is to see souls saved and to glorify our ~avior.

Psalm 23:1 "The Lord is my Shepherd.


This ).isone of the most fami Hsr statemeftts'in all the Bible. 1 often think of this quotp-tion in two parts. Yart one - The ~~~ !!: God has -always been God and He will fo~ever be the seme. There js no purpose f or a ny t h Lng if ~od does not live. The Bible says th,H it is a tool that says in His heart "there 1s no God". Part two - .k!x .§hepherd: God' not only is, but He ha~ a personal rE'J.,'-,i o"o.hil',d. h .!!.le_., n.. is my "hq,I,<.,'d. He loves me, i.a conc,"1'"cd about my life, protects DIe and is preparing a place in I""l\'enfor me. \~e do' not de serva to have this special place with God. but He is our shepherd because He wants it that way. 'Ihat a wonderful Savior" Sincerely Yours, Hr. Jones


The first day of school ---there is nothing quite like it. The kindergarten through first grade t r.y not to cry while the older ele~entary kids compare ~unchboxes. The Junior His and yours, High spends the whole first period tr ing to locate the new building. Clyde H. Box ~~Z-- Then the freshmen, still ~ /.' wet behind the ears, face ********************~*****~*****~***** '\ 1-the cruel reality of ,\ / S~h00L ALI'", L1t\TER. Alg,ebra, wondering how 2 /" /(1) " ' \ in the world 2)( + Y = Q • I ~he sophomores slowly When all the world is darkened, shuffle their feet in We would by Lhee be taught, '/,~!: 1/ dread of r., Box's World , -"'(::1." I /'. History and Geometry, To Thee we ask for wisdom; I I lJ ~",~ w'i,thJerry Holland makuirect our every thought. ,\', I -:-~/hng weird noises all t he way. ~ ~/'~.They return from their vigil. Raise up a work among us" ~ting the Isosceles Triangle Nake each of us a too l , . ~T'heo\-e!D all the way to the fall Prepare US for Thy service , .., lof the Roman Empire. Almost BRU0i( H0LLOrl CHRISTlAl~ SI.,;~~U0L '" ~last of all, our Junior's walk



, ~/t1;:,?






Steve Keyes

.'. .' (~~,



/Irl:t:\undin a dazed wor Ld of - "The Dept. of Labor is well-known for its. como

(Cont'd. fro~ paee



estas, aaa ;;; fff g{;g muy bien," ~lhat a night!Uure! And last, but fnr from le ast , in the S)3,)!0:l3.· They calmly sit in classes, not upset by anythi~g at all. Then, the first day of school ends, and everyone, weighed down by books , starts on their long journey lio~e. , Lisa Fletoher


++, , , , , , ,i-, H++++++++++++++t++++++++++
S?O'!TS UN":ILLlliT:l'~TEiJ The 1977-78 football season has Alreauy; the EHCS Lions have beon eagerly practicing every day, 2 hours a day, preparing·for the upcoming 50ason.· Each practice is one step cLos ar to the victory I·rhich will belong to the Lions at the end of this seaaon , 30 tar, e very practice has had its surprises~ The EUys have had everything from people throl~ing up, to Chris. Rhodes passing' out. From running sprints Tor an hour and a half :todoing'bear craHls for 180 yards j ! tt"5 been a' tough start and the LiDns are going to get tougher. Cur first game will be today. Be sure to cheer for the guys on the t.eam , ..eare looking forward to a great season. th~s year, under the EXPERT coac4in~.of ~ussell Jonus.

Dear Alayne: Help! I love youJ That is my proble~1 Ever since you put your sign up in the lunchroo~, I have had this longing to knoH you. I ean't eat, (rink, think, or anything. I must know your true idenity, or I l.rill . ju~p off the gy~ roof. Please help me , It \,rill all your fault if I be sprain ~y ankle ju:nping. Plecse don't let this happen, I love you. ':1ho are you? 3iEned," ;,;UST KHGi Dear i·:Ust KrtOI~! Just don It make a mess
jU::1p. when


I'm having proble~s keeping up with ,·lrs. Elkins. She goes too fast. Can you help me? Signed,
1.JE:tVOU,-> STUJ)El'lT

Dour- Alayne:

Dear Nervous Student: If you can't keep up with ,·irs. Elkins, you really have a pr-ob Iem J Really, second ·grade is a breeze.

BHCS takes c giant leap I'orwar-d by adding six, vivacious cheerleaders to the sports department. Girls elected from the Senior Hieh are Tllj.t·:y head. cheerleader;: BOX, DEBBIE FORD, LEII ROCKET Am Tilir.:y TUR:'IEY~'" ·Junior Figh boasts r.1~GELA KI;,5EY J\,\!D DE:NISE S,·;ITH. Sponsor is I'irs. Debbie Jones •. The cheer-Loader-s are a ~/Clco:ne addition to the school. As the first cheerleaders of BHCS, their desire is to be "the best". They Ifni be heading pep rallies ,~d then cheering the team on to victory at the ga~e. The cheerleaders encourage all students to come and support our school's atbletic program. Laurie Benllett

Dear Alayne: I have'fourtd a boyfirend in 2nd gr-ade , but everyti11e I.'alk to h i-n he t runs m·JQY. Do you have any ~uc:gostions? Siened, Confused Second Grader Dear Confused 2nd eroder: Seeing as you 'are, by now, old enouzh to'do.te and he is too, just play"it' co'oland you'll eet hh!

Dear'Alayne: Do you think it is i~port,1nt to be quiet in the lunchroo::l? Signed, A Tl1LK1!:R Dear Talker: I know its hard not to talk, but just be patient, you'll be a senior soce day!

;,je linda .

"GOYlE GYi,;"


It is another ye:u' of gym, and nev gy::l suits fill the'air. ,:ehave a n0H addition to this .year's gy~ - we now have "athletics". Excl.t.ement ring:is ing in all our ears - the first .volley ball e:a~e~rill be played Today.' So far, \-Ie ave rea;lly e~ercised our finh gers. Hith all the .notes:I have taken I can flex my fingers and show a very bpressive sigh~ •. lliz:s~ Curtis has many things planned, so t~~e in to the next episode of "GOYUS Gym".

Dear Alayne: I''lleally uglyJ And I can 't.. r _ iUlprove :nysolf. HI of the people in my class give me dirty looks and mnke,. fun of :ne cause I'm so ugly. (::lostly the boys). Uhat should I do? Signed .. ms IG1~~D

',' .. ':. Dear Uns Igned e • I know how you feel, but God can't give us all a b.!U)ltiflll face. Let ::le tell ya, they all don't look like Peter Johnson!! l

CUSS OFFICERS. SEJI.IIORS President: Vice-'president 'I'r-easurer: JU1HORS President: V.~~e-pre~:: d.: Treasurer:

~ John Cla.yblU'n Melinda ~ies.t .Lisa F~.etcher

% %

a' /'

B.H.C.&;'.· ~ GETS A i'JE'..' ~BUILDING By SC9tt Finney ..·. ~ This Da~e Bloxom Speed,Fab Crete !mi.l< is one of the finest buildthe Brook 110110wcampus. It. :.-, :fl,jc up of 34 concrete units, weigh"-:1,::: in estimated 8500 pounds. The <''p:~~'!)xi.mate ost of this building is, c t;:I:O.J,OOO dollars. . It has 5000 square f',.".~+,. "J.r..llf' were initiated one y"'.ar~' . c.:... ;.:_., -uc: ;l": ':ll,,,,,I.-!ing, L.;.c ": 1 'j d.l.dn tt get uhe blue prints unti the begi.nnfng of last summer. The building is made up of twelve! classrooms, a Lunch room, a kitchen," , one te~chest lounee, and four nicely f'urni shed bathrooms. The new'· bui Ldang will hold 250 students. The new building h?s larger classrooms, more facilities, a. trophy ccso , more fac~lit~es in the four bT'}l/."OO::1::J. Ther e is. :nore j·'>-CJl~ing the hallwaya. in The bud Iddng on the out s has 2.', <·!:I.ndowo· keno the students from to gr-Lng cr-azy , In ;d-iJ.tion, it has s:'_:': ,-~ecoratecl. stO!l'3' crosses on the .. ~lorth and Sout.h s1.des. rhe building is cooled by 6 Rhee:n Air Conditionlng and heating unitEI.. The but Idlng has been su.~f1cie'ntly ligMad at.night by J'~ercury vapor lights. F'rof.1 what I have sGen, it looks like a nice building, and I pel'snnl) 1-ly thank the men who put their the in constructing'this ,bu:lJ(Hng.··.


\1,' ......

Paul Johnson Hi ck S';',C'oher Debln,e turt:


% % % % % % % %r


Jerry HoJJ.a.nd Rick GilF;s K011y ScElyea

lJPCOllING f,'IF.NTS. . "':'y Rhonda ~.\111ant

Come one, Come aJ.l to the 1977 % oresentation of the ~_;"~g Show, It % will be 1.'edn~f:day SelJ;~~.'::.bsr 8,1977, 2 % At 1: 25-2 :45 in the C'mr-cn Ar!~itorium. % If you have not already c.uc.itioned % ~'or the Gong ,SIlO'" be sure and come % to the auda.t.or-ium dur-ing lunch for % Junior H~.ghann. study hall for % t1igh School. i'londay and Tuesday, Sept- % smber- 19 and 20 are the last two days % you can tryout for the Gong Show. % The price is 25¢. % Cupcakes for sale? That is rightthe Senior girls are going to make cupcakes to sa.l.e in the lunch room of both buildings during lunch; The cupcakes are only lO¢, so be sure' and bring your money every Friday if you would like to buy a cupcake. 'Does your car need to be washed? v1ell, the Senior Class is going to have a. car wash October 1, 1977. We will have details later on where it

% % % % % % % %

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'I rrtt rn ?T!'t1'!?Tl"!1'1?? ?


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% %

Do you take the paper? Well we would appreciate it if each of you would save it for the Senior Class. We are going to have a paper drive and every piece of p~per would help us very much. Please keep them' and we will give you.futher details on when we will pick them up.

% % % % % ,,:

1 1 Which can be associated with' a 1 1 Doctor, .? ? il1':loseadvice is not al.ways sound •. 1' 1 If you wero to talk with hi:n, Z 1 You :night not understand. 1 1 Often, he speaks a different 1 ? . language 1 ? And he's en~d to a foreign 1 land. ? 111171 ?111·11111 ?171 ?11111 11? ?711111 711

1 He has n first nane 7 And an alias he has found



vie as Seniors will a.ppreciate ~ ~m:lHOR SPONSO~... • Rhonda. Tallant . everything that each of y~u do to P help us this year. All of the money ; ( , - .• Bro. R4s!,ell Jones recently appo:intwhich comes from each of the events " cd ;JIr,s; Debra, Stepl1erison and Mrs. will go toward the Senior Class trip. ~ Jane Gum~'SENIOR sponsors. The Sr. We got off to a late start on money % class is looking forward'to working making projects, so your immedia.te % ,with· both of t.heae t.~!1.chers this yel!J.I' help is requested-it is our desire ~ as we plan tovard our Senior Trip. to be the best Senior Class in the ;. l ~_. :_:. ~J.;;._--------:_---world. DE&~ REAJE1S, The errors 1n this newspaper were put there on purpose - \-1etry to print something to please eVJryone.

% % %








SL'l'H SOU;rD.:> OFF ••• SUI. er ~:as ended and n reluctant group of sixt~ ~raders lay aside skateboards and strimsuat.s in return for pencils and books , The students had many .li.;:ed emotions about their first d.·y at BHCS. l.Ir , Curtis, the s.ixt.h .:;rade teacher, asked his cla-:;s to \'Trite a short essay about their Lelin:;s concerning their first dey back at the "ole grind." Students expressed boredom, nervousness and nany complaints but tuo sixth ::;raders, iCLIJSA HO'j,RD and Illil.THER B1JTTOl1FF, managed to find a feu optimistic vieus about the day. l·rr~LISSjt O::,.RD Uy f'ee Lings H .•• on the first day of school \'fere all good except uhen I found out that vre had homewor-k , I don I t like the food in the Lunchr-oom but I do like my teacher, except, \lhen he starts picking on the "'irIs then I don't, like him at ~ll. I don 't knovr eher-e to '',';0 arui'\I uas all nervous and \/orTied;' "fter the first day of achool everything :;ot alot better. . I-CJ,TILR BUTTOHFF ;IIy fee lines .. on the first day of school uere I iras really scared. I didn't Lake it because I \las scared. I didn't trarrt to come. Nou I see everythine; different. I the school. The friends are nice and .su:,et. The' teacher is very funny. I Like it better than the first dny of school. The vork' is a .'lot different but I'll ::;et us ed to it, I hope. Laurie Bennet.t,

In every novspaper "re wili be csktng different teachers for a brief,para-' graph. Since our teacher-advis~r for the newspaper 1s i'lrs. GU:n::l, har article will appear first in TEACH:':RilLK. T .. "It has been a privilege to work the tHO weeks \rith the FIRST lUm BEST Seniors of Brook Hollo1,.rChri:Jtian School. These students have 1,./orkedvery hard to put out the very first edition of OUT .OF THE LION'S ·;{lurH and ve hope you will overlook our nistakes and enjoy redding this edition. . I:!eappreciate the cooperation of the classes who gave us news - it would be Lnpoaa LhLe to have a neuspapaf \/ithout your help. ~. It is our desire to 2ake each paper better than the ·iast.,1 :1rs. tit Ers. L:J.y'- You ru-e next, of soaethfng to sayl d so be thinking




1LillX, • •

l<'hat'a pr Ivl.Lege it is to have ,·Irs. Box as the girls' coUnselor for the school. To see her ever ,s~ilinG 'face and heor her cheery "hello" throughout these halls nakes the da.y brighter for students o.nd tea.chers alike. lIrs. Box is the Pastor' s ~rifc and r ' :nother of four girls, one of 1,./hich is a Junior here nt BHCS.She loves young people' and' it is her ut:nost desire to s eo the girls in our school :nature into young Christian women \Tho fll'e exo:npliary of the Proverbs 31 \~o:.1an. ;·lrs. Box has an of'f'Lce 'on the second floor \~est corner of tho Jones &lild'f Lng , ,She is there every .,::,ornine; ~ you uou Ld .like to talk with h~r •. ,

l'[e uou Id like to say, "~!elco::te'..;r~. Box and thank you for devoting your ti:ne am love to help TIold and shape the lives of the young ladies here in the GflEill'ES'I' SCHOOL THE :!ORlDl" IN

Randy, Laear-s 9-27 . 'a_yne'Roue9-25 Kelli Si.::1lIlons 9-24 Shera '"illiams 9-16 Paul Bennett 9-15 HA Dpy BIRTHOA'YO J LL T

2!!i ~



i·irs. ,!allnce

The 5th grade class is ::lade up of 9 boys and 17 girls this year. Several students have :nade hygro:neters, a device for measur-Ing hu:nidity in the air, as science projects.
;-Ie have had .two 'birthdays'

Th~re:fis a new addition to the i·liears family. Randy and Ronnie l:;iears have a nevr baby sister ~ Lori, born this sumner , A SFECIAL.l~ote to the Juniors. i:e are airar-e of our rust.alee in thinking that you irrot.e on our poster. "'e hura')l- apo.l cgize for' Hriting on -ot!r junior pos,

already this yen'r, Charles Sheri l·;cBroo:n. .. ':"

(and partiesl) lizy.DJld





.e love you, Seniors"


GEA~!A .

i-·i .I



Our Principal bumped his poor little: head whf.l,e working on_.the . Building?

~hiS weeks. spotlight is Laurie Bennett. .ilie was born on Feb. 23, 1960, to Nr. and Hrs. \~iley S. Bennett. Life -" ..-.------ _._-.. -- ._---- ~~-rcir::-nGr'was ~mU:ch-he some as any other t Hrs. Chesnoy took her class to recess : normal.chilci. You know, the usual an hour early? .. ·,·<:~tnings~, like playing football with a baseball bat, cravinr for flies and A little girl in I'll's.- Jones i class _. .taking care of ':1ilbur, her ~t nr-dvark , did her eczrtwor-k on the board? .-' ." ~urie was saved when she was eleven That Hiss PatSy Grn.'y held her class old. Her :nother had the priviuntil 3130 one day? l~ge of leadingber to the Lord. i'1rs. Stephenson wq~e a' navy blue earring and a 'gold one the same Her future plans a re to enjoy her Senior year, no matter how many years that will be. Seriously, she wants to attend Hyles-ilnderson College, but as yet does not know what her major wi1T ·Otr. - Whatever the Lord has in store for her she is willing to accept the responsibility. Boys - lis~en to the next statement. She would cpossibly like to ~arry, preferably a"prea9her. She is a terrific know her. person. Nelinda Got to \.Jest




kllY Gray was up d 4:30 first day of school

11.::1. on tho - ready·to go?

A group of SHCS teachers won the last place trophy in their bowling league last sumMer?
,Ie have

a Nexican who can speak

in our school no spanish?


; LIONS Septe'lber Septe:!lber Septe:aber Septe:. ber October October October October October October November November xxxxxxxx ~ xxxxx* 3E xxxx 3HH!:x 16 20 27 30 4



BROOK HOLLUI at South Campus !i'linernl.:lells at BR00K·HOLLOH BROOKHOLIDl. at Duncanvf Ll.e Bowie at' BROOK HOLLO! BROOKHOLLO~'I 'l'e:nple at BROOKHOLIDI at Rendon Road Forest Hills at &100K HOLLOW BROOK HOLLO.~ Cleburne at . So~thside at BROOKHOLWI Boulevard at BROOKHOLLO\~ Castleberry at BROOK HOLLOW (All but Sr. Hi~h Football) *HOl1ECOMING (Eith91' 'l'hnr,,_ ni_ghL before or Nondo.y after.) BROOK HOLLOH ~.')rrru1t County (Jr. High) at

11 21 25



4 11

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I .i~ ~* ~~ *Xx~~ * ** i *~ ** ** * *x& ~
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""')1" it it ~t""i}*.t{/it*.:t 1: u·n***n****

The next,newspaper \/ill bo out Friday, Sept. 30. Ali'news :nust be in by Xon., SQpt. 26 • .' ';':**·*IIl'*****************·;*l1*'*:*******.*~**********' THANRS FOR BuYING'f Pil?ER _ THE SENIORs," John'~' Lis~~. Helinda,, Scott, ~do, Donna, Diane~ ('Iury, Rhonda and Lauric! .





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