ALISON EDEMA BSc MBBS 24 Geek Street, Leyton, London E10 6NF Tel: 0208556606; Mobile: 07760786008 Email

: Profile A conscientious reliable and hardworking medical professional, pays attention to details, crusader of clinical governance, with excellent interpersonal and time management skills, seeking further training and experience in accident and emergency medicine while working towards a career in laparoscopic and bloodless surgery.

Educational Qualifications

Medical School/University Attended King’s College London

Qualification (s) Obtained Bachelor of Medicine; Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) Intercalated BSc, Medical Sciences (Hons) 6 A* at GCSE O/L

From – To 28/08/01 – 21/06/2004

King’s College London King Edward Grammar School Chelmsford

20/09/99 - 15/06/01 23/09/94 - 10/06/99

GMC Status<font< br=""> Registered with the General Medical Council (GMC )UK. Full Registration number 607456666 </font<>

Membership of Defence Union<font< br="">

Registration number: EA56666X.Member. </font<> Employment History Name and Address of Employer University Collgege Hospital London Broomfield Hospital Chelmsford Grade and Specialty PRHO General Surgery and Medicine(Under Professor Barter and Dr Collins) SHO Trauma and Orthopaedics (Under Mr Taylor) From – To 04/08/04 – 02/02/05 04/02/05 – 02/08/05 Skills and Proficiencies Able to recognize and give immediate and appropriate treatment in a wide range of Medical and Surgical conditions including: • Myocardial infarction • Acute coronary syndrome • Pulmonary embolus and Sickle Cell Crisis • Deep vein thrombosis • Acute asthma attack • Severe exacerbation of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease • Diabetic keto-acidosis • Community and hospital acquired pneumonia • Seizures . Medical Defence Union (MDU).

I am proficient at the following procedures: • Arterial and venous line insertion • Central line insertion (internal jugular and femoral) • Chest drain insertion • Lumbar puncture • Proctoscopy. . Teaching Experience Informal teaching of nursing and medical students by the bed side Audits Conducted an audit on the cost effectiveness of pre-donated autologous blood transfusion six weeks pre-operative in patients undergoing knee and hip replacement studies at Broomfield Hospital over a one year period of June 2001 to May 2002. Abdominal. Montaggae / Galazzae fractures.• Poisoning / overdose • Acute abdomen. I have experience conducting independent and consultant led ward rounds in a range of clinical settings. supracondylar fractures. ankle injuries. post-operative oliguria hypotension and post-op infections • Urological emergencies such as pyelonephritis. Salter Harris fractures. renal colic. Spine and Limb X-Rays. sigmoidoscopy and banding of hemorrhoids • Interpreting a range of plain films including Chest. haematuria and urinary retention • Orthopaedic injuries such as fractured neck of femur. osteomylitis and septic arthritis.

Edema A. as well as the annual budget. Career Goal My short term goal is to undertake a six months training in accident and emergency medicine. 2003 Apr.03(01):104-13. 3. Publications 1. Burkle K. Edema A. Medical Students’ Association. More frequent use was suggested. Clin Immunol.04). 2003 Apr. Clin Exp Allergy. Role of Nebulised Adrenaline in the treatment of life threatening Anaphylaxis. Management Experience Was in charge of medical students’ hostel as the welfare secretary.Found out that there were 38 percent reduction in hospital stay (p-value <0. International Journal of Science. Toby G. .03(4):503-13. Fisayo S. motivating them for optimal performance.9 percent reduction in post op wound infection (pvalue <0. The Role of Mitochondrial Regeneration in Sexual Maturity . 2005 Apr. and a colleague would be re-auditing in three months time to close the audit loop and re-evaluate gains if any to the department. I had to manage a group of six office staff attached to the medical students’ secretariat. 2.001) as well as 19. Edema A. Meningococcal Meningitis . which I strongly believe will be a bed rock on which a successful career in any acute specialty should be built.A Review.06(4):043-103.

This job will also help me towards meeting my training requirement towards completion of my basic surgical training.K.425. raising £22.M Collins MRCP Consultant Physician and Gastroenterologist . Barter MS. 2. Professor A. Dr J. Hobbies My hobbies include: • Crayfishing • Mountain walking with my wife and daughter • Web design • Medieval history and travelling I was most delighted to complete the London marathon last year.barter@uclh. I hope to be actively involved in teaching and research into bloodless surgery in the UK. On completion of my higher surgical training.nsh. Endocrine and Minimal Access Surgery University Collgege Hospital London Telephone: 020712145632 Fax: 020712145632 Email: Khan. I am committed to a career in bloodless and laparoscopic surgery. FRCS Consultant.00 for a charity organisation Referees 1.

Z Taylor MD FRCS (Ortho) Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon Broomfield Hospital Chelmsford Telephone: 01245440761 Ext 3999 Fax: 012455653998 Email: 3.University Collgege Hospital London Telephone: 020712145897 Fax: 020712145897 Email: . Mr D.

Performed surgery on the mouth and jaws also. dentists.B.B.t.B. Also worked as neurosurgeons and thoracic surgeons.S Fresher Resume August 31. This sample M. West India. nurses. 2007-2008 Mother Theresa Clinic – intern Surgeon Responsibilities . management trainee jobs e.B. Selected appropriate surgical procedure under pressure.B.B. internships.B. Examined patients to determine surgery is necessary or not.B. 2010 in Freshers Resumes M. Used established surgical techniques during the operation.c. Shapat@gmail. bachelor of surgery and are willing to work as pharmacists. correct deformities. and surgeons.M.B. doctors.2010 PreMary Mount Hospital – Surgeon Responsibilities • • • • • • Responsible to repair injuries.B.S fresher resume can be used to guide persons who have done bachelor of medicine. Salmon Street. Mobile No: +914765 283 349 Career objective To work as a surgeon in a reputable hospital and utilize my professional skills to improve client satisfaction for the benefit of the organisation Professional Experience 2009.S Fresher Resume Patel Shah 56. prevent diseases.S fresher resume may be used to apply for graduate entry jobs. Below is a sample of an M.S fresher resume Sample M.

• • • • Handling the diagnosis. and referrals for patients. India College of medical studies Computer knowledge.Proficiency in MS Word. Managed the out patient nursing staff. PowerPoint and Internet Hobbies • • • Voluntary work Writing research work Playing scrabble Referees . Filed monthly patient diagnosis forms to insurance claims. Mahatma Gandhi International University Achievement: graduated with a first class honors • 2000-Diploma in Health Science . Assisted in several life-saving procedures. Excel. EDUCATION BACKGROUND • 2007 Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery. treatment.

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