Carbon Management


Oil and Gas Production

Carbon Management Techniques • EOR: Enhanced Oil Recovery. Germany-Schwarze 2008 • Low BTU Natural Gas valorization 2 .1972 • CCS : Carbon Capture and Sequestration. Scurry-County Texas.

Enhanced Oil Recovery(EOR) • Method of producing oil . Department of Energy reports that 45 billion additional barrels of domestic oil could be produced 3 . an additional 5-20% of the OOIP(Original Oil in Place) can be recovered • All of the CO2 supplied to the EOR site is permanently stored in the geologic formation which would reduce atmospheric emissions of CO2 • U.changes the oil properties to make it more mobile in the reservoir • Fields amenable to EOR.S.

EOR (Contd.) 4 ..

due to reduced oil imports • Improved balance of payments for international trade • Reduced adverse impacts from climate change • Ability to maintain domestic GHG-intensive industries • The increased value of underground oil resources which can only be exploited via EOR 5 .Potential Benefits of EOR • Increased energy security.

CO2 is compressed and carried by pipeline to a wellhead where it is pumped deep underground • Once the oil and gas have been extracted. there are huge volumes of empty space within these porous layers of sandstone. In CCS. this porous rock space beneath the Earth is used to permanently sequester CO2 6 .Carbon capture and Sequestration • The process of removing carbon from the atmosphere and depositing it in a reservoir • Carbon dioxide may be captured as a pure by-product in processes related to petroleum refining or from flue gases from power generation • From the power plant.

CCS (Contd.) 7 ..

Low BTU gas-CO2 EGR initiative • Economically exploit low BTU gas fields. through the application of innovative technologies for gas separation and/or new well design • Development of wet gas resources with high CO2 (up to 70%) and N2(up to 10%) content N2 NG 40%CH4 60%inerts Inerts removal CH4 Sell gas 94% 1 horizontal Injection well 8 .

2010 9 . Ph.L..D. AM0009 / Version 04. December. Enhanced Oil Recovery & CCS. Carter. 2011 • “Recovery and utilization of gas from oil wells that would otherwise be flared or vented”. 25 March 2009(Revised) • Cook. Essays on Carbon Policy and Enhanced Oil Recovery. Benjamin R.Department of Economics & Finance. January 14.Sectoral Scope: 10 EB 46. UNFCCC CDM Report..D.References • US Carbon sequestration Council .

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