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Published by: Nath Kakani on Mar 23, 2012
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10 STEP Marketing Plan for Sunslik Shampoo

Berliana Situmorang October 29, 2010


5 Steps for Part 1 (PTM and Positioning)
1. Sunsilk Shampoo PTM are the females 16 years and above. 2. Who want to be comfortable and confident . 3. Can choose Head and Shoulders, Pantene etc. 4. Gap is all other brands the mostly are for Smooth, Damaged Repair, Hair Fall, AntiDandruff 5. The market size is P 24 Billion. Sunsilk Shampoo niche is P7,2 Billion.

2. Price is affordable 3. Sunsilk Shampoo. Billboards. Uses a niche approach to win . Is distributed nationwide 5. truly understand hair. Electronic Media.5 Steps for Part 2 (Marketing Mix & Strategy) 1. Print Media. Givibg Out Free Samples and Advertising Alliance. 4.

Positioning to the Primary Target Market Part 1: Steps 1 to 5 4 .

Sunsilk Shampoo (PTM) are the females 16 years and above    Demographics (16 -40.2 cm a mount) . upper and lower classes.25 ml.1. work and women who wants to have long hair faster) Behavior (2 days a once. Female. single or married) Lifestyle (study. grow up hair to 1.0.

I am complete when I have a lifetime happy with my partner and people around me I want to look and Comfortable for everyday .

My PTM’s NWE Women need : Self-Esteem & Self Actualization Women choose Sunsilk Shampoo over other shampoos because of : Sunslik Shampoo.2. Women expect this when they use Sunsilk Shampoo : Shiny and Healthy Hair . truly understands about hair. solution to everyday hair problems.

Brand. Pantene. Variable : Age. Availability. Taste   . Packing. Sunsilk Shampoo has several competitors  Direct : Head and Shoulders. Price. Indirect : Clear and Rejoice. Occasion.3a.

Hair Fall Damage Repair Shampoo Combining conditioner Lower Class Immediate Effects Lower Price Head & Shoulder Pantenee . Brand Matrix Sunsilk Shining in one product Smooth and Silky Anti-dandruff shampoo and provide an extra conditioner in a package.Sunsilk Shampoo positioning is shown in this competitive map Positioning vs.

4. Immediate Effects and Low Price . Sunsilk shampoo positions strongly in a niche market opportunity Sunsilk is the only Shampoo  that has Strong and Long Shampoo and Summer Fresh Shampoo  For Low Classes.

non-soap detergents. shampoos and toothpaste in the 1960’s and 1970’s and state of the art sulphonation technology and cogeneration power plant in the 1980’s. These efforts have been given due recognition by the Personnel Management Association of the Philippines when they awarded Unilever as 1999 "Outstanding Employer of the Year". the company received recognition for its environment management systems with an ISO 14001 accreditation. Based on Unilever Philippines (City of Manila) and Regional Brand Manager . Unilever in the Philippines is a leading company in the area of Human Resources Management and Development. The nineties has seen the company focusing on several improvements in the Environment front one of which was the introduction of the first 100% biodegradable detergent bar in the Philippines.html .youngmarketmasters. Unilver Foodsolutions. The company has been a leader in introducing new technologies into the country since the early days of its existence .org/563710/Unilever-Philippines http://www. and ice cream. customers and suppliers (including SMEs) to spread the Total Quality approach in the Philippines. Leading in new technologies With an annual sales of over Php 24 billion. At the heart of the employee relationship is a Skills Development (multi-skilling) Programme that enhances worker productivity. In year 2000. The company has excellent relations with its employees as evidenced by the last two CBA agreements.000 people nationally. Unilever is proud of its 78 years of heritage in the Philippines and is dedicated to growing its operations in the country in the future. Unilever Philippines.margarine production in the 1930’s. Unilever has for decades been known in the industry as a sound training ground for young Filipino graduates. Total Quality The company has adopted the Total Quality approach during the last ten years and was the first in the industry to receive the ISO 9002 accreditation in 1994. Some of its managers have progressed to senior levels in government and public life.com/html/events-2008-awardees-desc.000 tons of coconut oil annually. Unilever has since worked with the government. http://wikimapia. Unilever works closely with the community and other NGOs to protect and improve the environment. Unilever Philippines started as an oil milling business which at its peak produced nearly 100.Sunsilk Unilever Asia (China & Thailand) Known until over a decade ago as Philippine Refining Company (PRC). and Unilever RFM Ice Cream.5a. Unilever Philippines employs over 2. Today the company is a leading manufacturer of home and personal care products. The business has grown from strength to strength with the presence of its four operating companies: Unilever Foods. foods.

2 billion 1.5b. Then total shampoo market size is P24 billion x 0.3 = P 7. where Sunsilk Shampoo share is 30%.2 billion . Based on Unilever data. Unilever Philippines : Annual sales is P24 billion 2. total market size is 7. Sunsilk Shampoo claims market share of 30% 3.

25ml x P0. Consumer data indicates a size of P 6 billion Shampoo Consumption: .5ml with costs around P2 .5c.30 million of Filipinos buy 10 ml Sunsilk Shampoo for two days a once using 0.20 M x 0.25 X 365 = P7billion .

3.5 B Industry data = P8.2 billion 1. Market is 7.5 B Usage data = P7 B 2. . Company data= P6.5.

The Marketing Mix Strategy Part 2: Steps 6 to 10 15 .

6a. Dominated by 3 Major brands SUNSILK .

6a. Dominated by 3 Major brands Pantene Head & Shoulder .

200. Strong and Long. There are 7sizes. 100. Product Description    Sunsilk Shampoo comes in different types There are 7 types. Smooth and Soft. Damage Repair.6b. and Summer Fresh. Anti Dandruff. Smooth and Managable. 180.400 and 750 mL . 10ml and 12ml for sachet. Hair Fall.

PriceSunsilk Shampoo is at par lower with major competitors in 200ml    Pantene Head and Shoulder Sunsilk = P104 = P104 = P 75 .7.

8a. Promo Electronic Media Print Media Billboards .

Promo Advertising Alliance Giving Out Free Sample .8a.

8b. Competitor promo Sunsilk and Head & Shoulder has same type such us :  Shining in one product  Smooth and Silky  Shampoo Combining conditioner .

market stalls  Nationwide  Pick-up by customers  Cash and credit transaction  . Sunsilk Shampoo is distributed nationwide using Unilever distibution network Supermarkets. drugstores.9. convenience outlets. sari-sari stores.

excellent product distributed nationwide. It benefits from the distribution leverage of Unilever. . Has an excellent. Affordable . Lower Price.10. Sunsilk Shampoo is a niche leader Sunsilk Shampoo has main strategy is to dominate the niche market of 16 to 40 years and above.


Who want to be comfortable and confident . Hair Fall.2 Billion. AntiDandruff 5. Can choose Head and Shoulders. . Pantene etc. Damaged Repair. The market size is P 24 Billion. 2. 4.5 Steps for Part 1 (PTM and positioning) 1. Gap is all other brands the mostly are for Smooth. Sunsilk Shampoo PTM are the females 16 years and above. 3. Sunsilk Shampoo niche is P7.

5 Steps for Part 2 (Marketing Mix & Strategy) Sunsilk Shampoo. Billboards. Print Media. 2. Uses a niche approach to win . 4. Electronic Media. Givibg Out Free Samples and Advertising Alliance. Is distributed nationwide 5. truly understand hair. Price is affordable 3.

10 STEP Marketing Plan for Sunslik Shampoo Berliana Situmorang October 29. 2010 .

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