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Explain elements of queuing system. Explain the different queuing models. Give a general structure of the queuing system and explain. Explain simulation with an example. Explain the steps involved in Monte carlo simulation method. What is meant by traffic intensity or clearing ratio, if clearing ratio <1 , >1 and =1 what it signifies in queuing theory ? 7. What are the phases of simulation? 8. State the various areas of applications of simulation. 9. State the three basic components of queuing system. 10.What assumptions are generally made in solving sequencing problems? 11.Discuss the operating characteristics queuing theory. 12.What is simulation? 13.What are the advantages and limitation of simulation? 14.State three application of queuing theory in business enterprise. 15.What do u understand by queuing structure? 16.Explain a) FCFS b) LCFS c) SIRO 17.Give any three areas where in queuing theory can be applied. 18.Briefly explain the Monte carlo techniques of simulation by taking an example.

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