Entry-Level Check Sheet Directions: Read each task listed below.

If you are capable of performing the task, check yes. If you are unable to complete the task, check no. If there are any tasks checked no, see the teacher ASAP to get clarification. Entry-Level Check Sheet 1. Student can identify the difference between notebook paper and computer paper. 2. Student can effectively hold a pencil and write when given something to copy. 3. Student displays ability to format copy and format notes. 4. When shown a popular advertisement, student can comprehend and identify product 9/10 times. 5. Student can turn on a computer. 6. Student can maneuver a computer using a mouse and keyboard. 7. Student can access a web page given the web address. 8. Student can cut a straight line using scissors. 9. Student can attach paper using a stapler. 10. Student can come up with multiple project ideas when given a topic. 11. Student understands the meaning of the word “brainstorm.” 12. Student is familiar with the program “Paint.” Yes No

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