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The war of 1812 INFO In 1814, during the War of 1812, the White House was set ablaze

by British troops during the Burning of Washington, in retaliation for burning Upper Canada'sParliament Buildings in the Battle of York; much of Washington was affected by these fires as well. Only the exterior walls remained, and they had to be torn down and mostly reconstructed because of weakening from the fire and subsequent exposure to the elements, except for portions of the south wall. Of the numerous objects taken from the White House when it was ransacked by British troops, only two have been recovered. Then-first lady Dolley Madison rescued a painting of George Washington, and in 1939, a Canadian man returned a jewelry box to President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, claiming that his grandfather had taken it from Washington. Some observers allege that most of these spoils were lost when a convoy of British ships led by HMS Fantome sank en route toHalifax off Prospect during a storm on the night of November 24, 1814, even though Fantome had no inolvement in that action. Our story takes place at this time in the view of James Madison.

Script Pirates of the Caribbean epic music begins Open on James walking slow mo (pirates of the carribean 3 ending style). Bombs (Or whatever we can find) explode around him. Green screen background of the white house burning. Nerf bullets (slo mo) fly past his face.(15 sec) James: We had no idea this was coming (5 sec) Screaming in the background (5 sec) James: Then again how could we. (1 sec) Army runs past him. Men get shot down. (5 sec) James: What have we done (1 sec) Parts of the white house fall down (5 sec) James: Construction will take months, maybe years. (5 sec) British army charges at the camera. (5 sec) James: The British will pay...they will all pay! (5 sec) Not all of our history was great fades in the screen. (8 sec) End.