� Lecture can use it in same way as a chalk board or marker board. � Lecture can always face the class. � Lecture can maintain eye contact with the student. � Lecture can use it again and again. � OHP serves both as an outward non-verbal communication channel for the teacher and as a means of obtaining feed back form the class on how a session is going. � OHP can be used to show pre – prepared material. The material projected can be changed easily and quickly, shapes can be presented and compared, colors may be included and exposure can be controlled. � OHP does not need room to blackout. ie. It can be used in well lighted room. � Users friendly and does not require any technical skills or knowledge.

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� It requires certain amount of routine maintenance. � Liable to break down occasionally. � Its is always advisable to have a spare bulb. � Some lectures find glare from OHP. � It is advised not to move OHP immediately as soon as the lamp is switched off.

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� It requires power supply. � It need a suitable flat surface on which to project its image. � Unless the surface is inclined forward at the correct angle, the image will probably suffering from keystoning.

Apart from these possible hardware difficulty, other problem are Writing OHP sheet too small. Untidy written OHP sheets.

will makes the students difficult to read.


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