Conscious, alert, orientated Physical habitus, well hydrated and well nourished Not in any pain or distress V/S esp

pulse, and BMI Neck swelling No unusual eye signs, not anxious, fidgety or sweaty, no alopecia, not phletoric and no stridor Swallow saliva, stick out tongue Palpate from back - Site, size, shape, surface, overlying skin - Temperature, tenderness, transillumination - Consistency, attachment, swallowing and mobility, pulsatility, fluctuance, irreducibility, regional LNs, edge Feel for trachea and percuss Auscultate Lid lag and lid retraction, proptosis and exophthalmos Sweaty palms, tachycardia, tremor Reflexes and proximal myopathy Carotids and CV Pemberton's

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