Defining Culture

Characteristics of culture • Learned • Dynamic • Socially shared • Similar yet different • Culture provides convenience • Culture is subtle but very powerful .

Culture Shock When one gets it? .

Cultural System Ecology Social Structure Ideology .

Components of culture • Norms: rules of behavior – Mores (taboos) and Sanctions (negative actions) – Conventions – conduct in daily lives – Customs: behaviors lasted over time & passed over • Rituals: patterns tied to important events in life • Beliefs: what is believed by members at large • Values: beliefs about modes of conduct & end states • Symbols: anything that stands for something else .

Culture and Marketing Components of culture and marketing examples .

• Importance to Social interaction .Culture and Marketing • Segmentation • Product planning • Distribution Channels: changing places • Marketing Communication Changing lifestyles.

Culture Affect Meaning of Things .

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