WHY do you get the destiny you get ?

The Shashtyamsa Answer Why does a human being gets what he gets…..or doesn’t get what many other’s get? The answer of the Why lies in the Shashtyamsa ( D60) which is recommended to be seen in an essential pair by sage Parshar along with D1, the Rasi chart….and gives the answers based on a measure of the Karmik credits and debts 1. For things like Muhurata and Horary astrology, Shada( group of 6 divisional charts ) and sapta ( group of 7) varga are recommended. 2. Dasavarga ( group of 10 divisional charts) --Dasavarga is the group to be used for “manushya Jataka” i.e the entire overall life of the native…. --while Shodasavarga( group of 16) is for “Raja Jatka” i.e Royal natives. --Most of us fall under the category of Manushya Jataka…perhaps likes of Rahul and Priyanka Gandhi and Price Harry and Charles and William types will fall under Raj Jataka.

3. D1 and D60 are to be seen together: --D1 answers material questions like -- “ when will I get married ; will I have a divorce; will I have a good house and cars --D60 answers Why did my married life turn out to be unhappy?....Why did I get a divorce…Why did I not own a house or a car all my life 4. Birth Time Issues --there are many who are reluctant to touch D60, or dismiss it giving those same oft heard arguments…..Asc changes in D60 every 2 minutes, we do not know what the correct time is, when cutting the umbilical cord or when the bay cries etc. --on a scale of 20points… D60 gets a weight of 5; Rasi chart 3 and all other charts including D9 get only 1.5. You just can’t ignore the 25% weight in a single chart and interpret the Manushya Jataki right…and there must be ways , else sage Parashar wouldn’t have recommended it with such a high weight 5. The answer is to use Moon as the Primary Lagna --Other than the Asc all other planets are pretty stable even at the D60 level and the fastest moving Moon changes sign about 50 minutes in D60 --Various classics have taught us to use Moon as an alternative ( and at many places as a primary Lagna) --It has been explained that the first 12 charts deal with material plane, the next 12 on the conscious plane, the next 12 on the subconscious level and the last 24 on the supra-concious and Karmik level. --Asc ( denoting the material conscious self) makes sense as the primary Lagna for D60 --Actually the more we think about it the clearer it gets……D60 HAS to be used when doing Manushya Jatak…..and Moon is MEANT to be the primary Lagna. 6. Simple Rules to interpret Shastyamsa --interpret the Rasi house from the Asc…for example the 7th to determine when will I get married, how will be my wife, how will be my married life --interpret the 7th house from moon in Shastyamsa to get the answer WHY did I have a divorce, WHY is my marriage being delayed.( see examples in the next post)

It should be interpreted using the same Rule as in Khoo’s bestseller thread titled “ Rahu conjunct or standalone”. --and the BT should not be off by more than +/-1 house which translated to about +/2 minutes generally --I think D60 was given to mankind to be USED also for BT fixing…. --If the 7th for example in rasi is afflicted look at 7th in D60 ….. 7.e the corresponding house in D60 should look afflicted too. .why is the Ascendant required to be considered …leave aside fixed? --Ans.because there is no standard physical definition of when to consider a baby born. unless he is exalted . MT or Swakshetra when it denotes some good Karma in addition to being a malefic --Ketu is the Karak for D60 and tells us overall Karmik balance and Moksha quotient.--Using this approach house to house in rasi answering WHEN+HOW MUCH--can be mapped to answer WHY on D60 --A malefic is a pure malefic. doesn’t turn into functional benefic using friendship rules. Birth Time Rectification using Ascendant --Ques. Because house to house when compared between D1 and D60 using ascendants tells us about the Karmik afflictions to each house…and hence the remedies to improve material / physical quality of life --rectification is not too complex…take the most damaged / afflicted looking house in the Rasi and compare with the corresponding house in Rasi…there should be a correlation…i. when moon lagna answers the WHY….or move the ascendant to the 6th or the 8th…and whichever one correlates best with the 7th of Rasi is the Ascendant and fix the corresponding time --JHORA has the option of telling you how many minutes forward and backward will move the Asc in either directions.

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