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March 16

March 16

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Published by: kris5324 on Mar 24, 2012
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Bronte School Headmaster’s Newsletter

16th March 2012
Mrs. Prescott asked Years 5 and 6 to write their thank you letters to Mr. Adam Holloway MP following our visit to the Houses of Parliament. A reply arrived yesterday morning: Wednesday’s Open Morning in Reception was a great success and most interesting for the many parents who attended. Thank you Mrs. Kybert. No news about the chickens yet but the happy day is imminent!

Dear Trainee MPs and Presidents, Thank you so much for all of your kind On Monday Reception went to a pig farm in letters—I am very impressed with your writing skills! It was so good to Meopham and saw 400 pigs including some piglets that were just one week old! meet you all and I really enjoyed showing you around my office. Come Again! Adam
There is also another letter to refer to—a letter from Mr. Carter, which was sent to you yesterday, detailing the fees effective from September 2012. Mrs. Carter’s letter about uniform was followed up this week with the dressing of four mannequins in the new school uniform—which has been so well received by everyone. Come and see for yourself.

Tuesday was LAMDA day and all seemed to go well. The examiner, a former teacher who is now training as an OFSTED inspector, mentioned that the results should be with us at the beginning of next term. We were hoping that Mr. John Clements, our caretaker, would be back with us for part of a day this week. The presence of chickenpox in the school suggested that extra care was appropriate ….. But, we hope we shall see him soon. For most parents, there are meetings next Thursday with class teachers. Please check that you know the arrangements. If any parent wishes to see me, please contact the office beforehand so that a time can be arranged. Please note the following, however:

We are all very grateful to Mrs. Egan, Mrs. Moore, Mrs. Mahal and Mrs. Robinson for their help in preparing the gifts for the Mothers Day Secrets Room. We wish all mothers a very happy day on Sunday.

∗ ∗ ∗

Do not assume that children can be left in school at the end of the day (unless you have an appointment before 16.00). Unless pre-booked either for tea or late collection, children should be collected as usual between 15.30—15.40. Parents are expected to make their own child care arrangements, if returning later and not bring the children back with them.


Today is the final day for returning your Optional Extras form and the booking form for summer term clubs. Year 4’s assembly (Henry VIII’s X Factor!) was brilliant. We couldn’t stop being amused—but there was also a serious part to the production. Year 4 have become experts on Tudor history! Thank you Madame and Miss Walsh and congratulations Year 4. The script, the costumes, the dancing, the singing, the humour, the whole performance - all were outstanding.

Mrs. Moore has 17 Bronte children taking part in her dance show at the Woodville Halls a week on Sunday. We wish the children all the very best. Don’t forget to keep going with the raffle tickets. ….. The draw for the Raffle and the Bronte Friends 100 Club will take place at the final assembly on Friday 30th March. Next week we have three trips—Chatham Dockyard for Years 5 and 6 on Tuesday, Hever Castle for Years 3 and 4 on Wednesday and Wingham Wildlife Park for Years 1 and 2 on Thursday. Please remember that there is no Infant Concert next Wednesday—Infants and Juniors are combining in one concert on 28th March. The Junior Choir will be singing two songs—the Power In You and a Pop Medley—which they sang at the 02. Two days earlier (26th) at 09.00 the Advanced French Club are putting on a special production….. and listening to the rehearsals and seeing the costumes, we can’t wait!

Don’t forget to contact your representative if you would like to raise any particular points at the Parents’ Council meeting a week on Monday.

….. And finally, the Tesco Voucher Scheme for Schools and Clubs is now underway—and we are Thursday’s ‘Grandparents’ Day’ was rather short of collecting. grandparents but Years 5 and 6 learnt so much and were fascinated by the memories and recollections of a time they had been studying in their history. Thank you. An enjoyable and worthwhile afternoon was had by all. Five schools took part in the ISA London South Indoor Athletics Championships at Riverston School on Wednesday. Taking part is such a good experience but it is difficult to do well against the larger schools. We finished third in the girls’ competition and fourth in the boys’. Well done for trying hard.

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