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Unfairly Gorgeous

Unfairly Gorgeous

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A poem on the effects of beauty
A poem on the effects of beauty

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Published by: languageservices on Mar 24, 2012
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Unfairly Gorgeous

Obsidian hair, falling to his forehead, Bright cognac coloured eyes, Purposeful gaze, Through long lashes, Looking from up his straight nose. Soul-melting pearly smile, He moves as a panther in the wild, Flexing his powerful muscles. As I watch his manly grace, My mind goes hazy with unspeakable fantasies: Me, him and delight; He, me and no lights. A feast of the senses Release so intense Smouldering, steaming, dissolving…

But, oh, misfortune! I must open my eyes, For reality shouts An ugly tune, Bursting my brain, Shattering my reveries He leaves… Pacing far, oh so far. Out of my reach, Out of my league. Dissatisfied longing, Insatiate hunger. Come back here, boy! Won’t you be my toy? Lisa Torcato March 2012
Picture: PAUL KIDBY (born 1964) Obsidian (2011 England) http://www.onlinegalleries.com/art-andantiques/detail/obsidian/87630

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