Technical Bulletin #408

Transmission: Subject: Application: Issue Date: 4L30-E Oil level Inspecting on models that do not use a dipstick GM-BMW March, 1997

Oil Level Inspecting On Models That Do Not Use a Dipstick
The 4L30-E transmissions used in Cadillac and BMW models do not have a dipstick for checking fluid level. Use the following procedure to check the fluid level. 1. Drive the vehicle until it reaches its operating temperature (180°F - 200°F). 2. While the engine is running, remove the fill plug. 3. Add oil until it reaches the bottom of the fill plug bore (just like a standard transmission). 4. Reinstall the fill plug.

Magnet Oil Pan Gasket

Caution: This procedure must be done with the engine running.

Washer, Fill Plug Oil Pan Screw

Fill Plug Figure 1
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