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Collector user guide
Collector user guide

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Published by: GeorgeForex on Mar 25, 2012
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RU – the best forex portal of trading in RU zone

Recommended ECN-broker for online trading of COLLECTOR: FOREX4YOU !!! First of all thank you for purchasing adviser « COLLECTOR », I hope it will help you cope with this problem for each trader as a profitable position OPEN!! Find out!

Automated Trading System «Collector» - is a trading robot that uses a hidden vulnerability of the foreign exchange market, which are reluctant to extend that successful traders and brokers are trying to hide. The robot performs arbitrage operations around the clock monitoring the market and earns a correlation rates. Subject to the rules of money management risk is minimal, and the drawdown in the trade are only a few percent. Profitability can also be very large, up to 10% per day (depending on system configuration). Arbitrage trading in a rational approach is the safest way to profit in the Forex market. The key point is that at any time your open positions are protected from the critical drawdown, which would be and how many points did not follow the price. This method of trading used in one form or another, most large hedge funds and financial companies. However, with regard to conditions in the foreign exchange market Forex, it should be noted that the favorable arbitrage opportunities occur with varying intensity, and often very transient. The robot in this case, apart from the competition. Human reaction, but as endurance, not enough - waiting for the closing transactions can last for hours. Arbitration adviser if necessary, for the second opening and closing the right position, because the time factor is crucial. Transaction pairs, and a big delay between the closing of a pair of tools (which often occurs in manual trading) profits can be significantly reduced. In addition to search and track the price deviations trader would have to live near a computer, waiting for arbitrage situations. Constantly evaluate how trading lot to ensure a profit. The program automatically makes all calculations and ensures maximum profit from each transaction of the arbitration, which does. It is possible by hand, using the arbitrage strategy, you would make much more money, but also increases the risk of loss in this case many times. With arbitration robot you get money for each currency mismatch of tools and consistently, over a month away in the tens of percent of the profits with low risk. Arbitration Robot Collector - an effective system, the fruit of the efforts of professional programmers and analysts. As the authors recommend a broker company Forex4You.
WWW.FOREXGUN.RU – the best forex portal of trading in RU zone Страница 1

WWW.FOREXGUN.RU – the best forex portal of trading in RU zone

The strategy - statistical arbitrage between couple of trading tools. In the forex market is a case in point is the two currency pairs "allies" such as the EUR / USD and GBP / USD with a high coefficient of correlation. Simply put, the motion of these pairs are very similar. With the growth of a single instrument the rise of another and vice versa. At the absolute coincidence of the graphs quotes assumed rate of correlation of these currency pairs are equal to 100 percent. But! 100% correlation is not always observed! why this is a separate issue, the result is interesting, as a result we have a discrepancy in the "behavior of the two tools you can use! Theoretically, everything is easy - open up two opposite trades such as EUR / USD for sale and the GBP / USD at the time of purchase when the coefficient of pair correlation maximum. sense in this at first glance do not we just lose the spread when you open trades and all, but if you wait a while, it is easy to see that the total profits of the two orders is not constant, that is, a loss on currency pair, and gains on the other are not in equilibrium and constantly changing. At what these changes may be both negative and positive. One of the currency pair moves the other intensely. problem boils down to the trader to wait for a positive overall balance of the two transactions and close the them simultaneously, and the positive difference is sent to your account. intensity of this trade can be very high, it all depends on the change of correlation - the number of commercial situations, the speed of the dealing center chosen and the volatility of currency pairs. possible, and certainly a different situation - open hedge positions can be in "limbo" state for quite a long time from several hours to several days, and so on. And yet the situation where the pair correlation coefficient rapidly changes its value in a short period of time are not uncommon. Wait until favorable moment for closing deals - not easy, sometimes very tedious task, especially when that bolshshoy volatility of selected tools, you can simply not keep pace with the market, so for successful trading on the correlation between use of arbitration tselisoobrazno robot. Arbitration advisor or forex robot trading on the correlation between currencies may use different methods of making a profit. Some of the principles of arbitrage forex advisors: • Counselors keep track of significant deviation between the correlated instruments and take positions on the slave instrument in the direction of a pair of "leader" in the extreme deviation of the correlation. These advisers work with stop orders, short, profit, and is accompanied by an open position of trailing. Arbitration robots scalpers tend to have a large number of fairly short time, and points of transactions, and of course did not cause excitement in the majority of brokerage firms. Therefore, the work of these advisers often simply blocked by the brokerage company or client is transferred to a special "group with extensive spreads." Before setting up such an expert on the trade account will not prevent carefully read the regulations dealing with the center in which you plan to use MTS. • Forex Expert Advisors using the lag in the transmission of prices. Typically used the data from several sources. The robot tracks the price change on the "fast" and opens a transaction broker in the terminal dealing center working with a lag. The profitability of such systems on a demo account rolls over, in real life, the main obstacle to the work are errors of execution and speed of the communication channel (you can not ignore the performance of your computer). In addition councilors of this type requires a "fine" setting for a specific broker. When properly selected parameters, and an aggressive strategy to increase the robot can deposit 100% or more a day. But usually in such a capital intensive building having trouble finding the money earned. The disadvantages are also more "sensitive" to spread, with spreads on instruments for more than two points on a profitable trade can be forgotten, at best adviser begins to merge smoothly. Another minus - this is the price at which the selling of such advisers, from 1000 to 5000 dollars! • Advisors multidirectional opening deals on instruments correlated with the pair correlation is close to 100 percent, (90,80,70 - defined in settings) and pending a positive overall result. By the automatic trading systems of this type generally have brokers ka no complaints, the number of transactions is not high, the profitability in the conservative setting of about 50% per month at a sufficiently moderate drawdown.

WWW.FOREXGUN.RU – the best forex portal of trading in RU zone

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WWW.FOREXGUN.RU – the best forex portal of trading in RU zone

Frequently asked questions Are you tired of forex robots that promise in the short term to earn millions, but in practice turn out to be completely useless? I know the feeling, a few years ago I also started with this. But buying one after the other trading advisors robots, losing optimism with every distress "grail", I realized that I needed to develop and automate your trading system. And here's the result. The robot, which provides a steady growth in the trading account. • • • • • Easy to use and reliable The minimum drawdown The absence of dangerous practices, such as the Martingale, or extremely large stoploss No claim for work on the part of Councillor DC Multicurrency - can add to the work of any tools.

The results of trading in actual accounts show that the algorithm does not reduce the effectiveness of councilor, even at sharp changes in market conditions, allowing to obtain a stable high profits with relatively low risk. Can I really trade successfully the currency market with the Collector? Development and optimization of the system took several months. I use an expert on real accounts and results suggest that the Collector is really able to trade successfully. How much money do I need to trade using a Collector? It depends on the size of the lot that you want to trade. If the lot is 0.01 Deposit $ 500-700 would be enough. If you need a bigger lot, it should be increased in proportion to the sum in the account. How much money can I really make? It depends on the settings of the robot, the minimum profitability of robot with the recommended settings of 40-80% per month, changing the input parameters you can earn much more, but then increases the load on the deposit and the sale is risky. Moreover, such trade is not always consistent with the terms of the broker - to change the parameters again carefully review the rules of trade in this particular DC. How long do I have to try the demo advisor before you start trading for real? It depends on your previous experience in the Forex market. If you are a beginner, then within 2 3 weeks to observe the operation of the system on a demo account does not hurt. Although, when using the recommended settings, you can start trading for real soon. You can test the Collector in the strategy tester? No, the adviser is not tested, because he needs the quotes of different instruments, and in a simple tester is not available. Do I need to have experience in trading currency? Not necessarily, the robot is easy to operate, requires optimization of purchase, if necessary, I will explain step by step, all the moments and the values of input parameters. Can I trade other currency pairs other timeframes? Collector can work on any instrument specified by you in the input parameters, the time frame can be selected solely for reasons of comfort to display information on the job counselor is not affected.
WWW.FOREXGUN.RU – the best forex portal of trading in RU zone Страница 3

WWW.FOREXGUN.RU – the best forex portal of trading in RU zone

Do I need MetaTrader to use this robot? Yes, Collector is designed to work on a platform of MetaTrader4, you can download free from any broker. Do I need a VPS for work? Of course, when using the VPS is the possibility of continuous operation of the system, which improves the profitability and reliability, besides there is no need at all times to keep the home computer is turned on. How it works: Platform: Metatrader 4; Version Adviser: 2012; Currency pairs: EURUSD with GBPUSD, AUD/USD with NZD/USD and etc; Timeframe: Any; Hours: Round the clock; Recommended ECN Brokers: Forex4You

INSTALLATION: • Download the program from the company MetaTrader Forex4You; • Throws a file to a folder Shurgin_Collector.mq4 experts your terminal; Advisor to throw at the chart, a person smile;

Parameres ADVISER: MagicNumber = 1; Pair_1 = "EURUSD"; Pair_2 = "GBPUSD"; Lots_1 = 0.01; Lots_2 = 0.01; KoeffLots = 2.0; LossInValute = 3.0; ProfitInValute = 3.0; SumProfitInValute = 2.0; Slippage = 3; I wish you success in your trading!

WWW.FOREXGUN.RU – the best forex portal of trading in RU zone

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WWW.FOREXGUN.RU – the best forex portal of trading in RU zone


Forex Broker Forex4you appeared when the number of interested individuals who want to learn and earn small amounts in the Forex market, began to grow exponentially.

This forex broker is the main focus of its activities, and calls the micro-miniforeks. Although it should be noted that the broker provides the most comprehensive range of services in addition to micro and miniforeksa. Forex broker is a provider of Forex4you brokerage services on the Internet with the use of electronic payment systems. Dealing Centre "Forex4you" is the introducing broker company E-Global Trade & Finance Group, Inc. RF.Kompaniya in the "E-Global Trade & Finance Group, Inc" was registered in the British Virgin Islands in accordance with the Companies Act (Chapter 285) and the Law of the International Business Companies (Chapter 291).
WWW.FOREXGUN.RU – the best forex portal of trading in RU zone Страница 5

WWW.FOREXGUN.RU – the best forex portal of trading in RU zone

Advantages of Forex Broker Forex4you:
• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

mikroforeks 2 cents miniforeks from 20 USD cent and dollar / euro account 7 ways Autorecharge accounts, including terminals receiving payments JCB / E-port / OSMP across the country MetaTrader 4 Mobile Terminal + MT4 100 trade tools, including currency pairs, gold and silver CFD on shares and CFD on Futures Leverage the wide and 1 to 500 a good spread - from 2 fixed points news from Dow Jones in Russian and other analytics Automatic execution of orders interest-free input-output facilities across the country a free telephone dealing line semi-automatic removal and support multischetov in the office of the trader interest on the balance on the account of 7% and 12.5% per annum!

Forex Broker offers Forex4you learn how to earn in the service "Learning Forex", providing the lowest possible account of the deposit currency in U.S. cents or a euro, while taking into account the psychological characteristics of trade. For example, a cent account for 2000 is 20 U.S. Dollars or Euro - which is much more reasonable amount for a Forex training. We can not say that the client broker forex Forex4you study on a real account with minimum risk. As soon as the trader feels confident in their abilities, they can open a regular account groups "fx4u-micro", "fx4u-mini" or "fx4u-standard", where the deposit will not be in cents, and in U.S. dollars or in euros. More information on the company website: FOREX4YOU !!! ALL THE BEST !!!

WWW.FOREXGUN.RU – the best forex portal of trading in RU zone

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