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Elis Charts

Elis Charts

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Published by: Melle Eldridge on Mar 25, 2012
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Eli's Routines After School Routine Mon Pooper scoop the yard Water the cats and dog

Clean the living, dining, and game room Vacuum the living, dining, and game room Tidy the upstairs hallway Gather laundry from upstairs Clean upstairs bathroom Empty the tub Clean downstairs bathroom Dry and put away dishes Put away folded/hung laundry Empty wastebaskets in all rooms Take out trash Put away shoes Water plants Total Possible Before Bed Routine Mon Clean your room Pick out tomorrow's clothes Take a shower and brush your teeth Get ready for bed Hang up your towel Put dirty clothes in hamper In bed by 9 pm Total Possible Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun Points Possible 7 AP 7 PP 7 AP 7 PP 7 AP 7 PP 7 AP 7 PP 7 AP 7 PP 7 AP 7 PP 7 AP 7 PP 49 AP 49 PP AP PP Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun Points Possible 7AP 7 PP 7AP 7 PP 7AP 21PP 2 AP 6 PP 7 AP 7 PP 3 AP 2 AP 2 AP 2 AP 7 AP 3 PP 6 PP 2 PP 6 PP 7 PP AP PP

7 AP 14 PP 1 AP 1 PP 7 AP 7 PP 7 AP 7 PP 1 AP 1 PP 69 AP 102 PP

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daily. you can not have any points back. daily. but want to play for another 30 minutes. So.00 per week.00 87 AP = $8. max amount 100 AP = $10.70 etc. If you do not use your time. you may have 2 points back. at 5:30pm. if you miss curfew on Tuesday. However if you play for 20 minutes. S Curfew Extension After chores and homework are complete. Curfew extensions may be purchased for 2 points per 15 minutes. Example: Missed Curfew: For example. Shopping trips hopping trips may be purchased once per parental pay period. Privilege Points TV Time Computer time Video Games Shopping trip Sleepovers Curfew Extension 30 min 30 min 30 min 15 mins 10 pts 10 pts 10 pts 30 pts 20 pts 2 pts Sleepovers Sleepovers may occur at either our home or a friend's home. You would be eligible for curfew extension again on Friday.00 90 AP = $9. you are home for curfew. Page 2 . and only play for 15 minutes. if you buy 2 extensions.Points Points Redemption Total Allowance Points Possible Total Privilege Points Possible Allowance Points 118 151 $10. you may not purchase a curfew extension on Tuesday. You may purchase 2 15 minute extensions for 2 points each. You may purchase extensions allowing you to play until 7:00pm. You are to be at the house at 5:30pm. you may play outside with your friends freely (letting us know where you will be and who you will be with) until 5:30 pm. The maximum curfew extension is 7:00pm. Curfew Extension: For example. or Thursday. They are the same point value. you may have unused points back. but not later. Wednesday. 30 minutes time. If you miss curfew. totaling 4 privilege points. not later. you may not purchase a curfew extension for 3 days.

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