Role of Services

Discussion Topics  Reasons for Growth in the Service Sector  Role and Importance of Services in the Global Economy  Critical Factors for success .

Why talk about Services ?? .

The service sector in India……  The services sector has been growing substantially in recent years  More than half of our GDP is accounted for from the services sector .


Service sector examples…… .

Banking… .

Tourism… .

Hospitality… .

Airlines… .

.Health care….

Education… .

.Transportation & Logistics…..

….and so much more! ..

“Any major economy that isn’t competitive in the services sector isn’t competitive internationally” Welfrum Grubler. Economist .

Factors Responsible for Growth…  Liberalization of the Service Sector  FDI  Better Living Standards  High Disposable incomes .

Factors Responsible for Growth…  Convenience Factors  Dual Income Households  New Technological Devices  Concern for Productivity .

Critical Factors for Success  Focus on Customers  Caring for Employees  Identification of Value Drivers  Deploying Technology to a Firm’s Advantage  Demand Management  Adequate Systems .

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