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Corporate Profile

Corporate Profile

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Published by: Hem Goel on Mar 25, 2012
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Corporate Profile

BizLogic Infosystems Pvt. Ltd.
Website - www.businesslogic.in

Plot Number - 5,Phase - 1,Near Metro Pillar Number - 702, Main Najafgarh Road, Om Vihar, Uttam Nagar(West), New Delhi-110059

Topics to be Covered… • • • • • • • Introduction Background Philosophy Vision Strengths Cross industry Experience Contact Plot Number . New Delhi-110059 BizLogic Infosystems Pvt.702.1.Phase . . Ltd.businesslogic. Om Vihar.Near Metro Pillar Number .5. BizLogic www. Uttam Nagar(West).in Website . Main Najafgarh Road.Infosystems.

comprehensive capabilities across all industries & business functions and research on the world’s most successful companies. technology and outsourcing company focused exclusively on Enterprise Solutions & Consultancies.www. Main Najafgarh Road. Combines unparalleled experience.702.Phase . Ltd.businesslogic. Plot Number . Ltd.in BizLogic Infosystems Pvt.1. (Business Logic India “BLI”) is a global innovation.Near Metro Pillar Number . Uttam Nagar(West).Infosystems.5. Om Vihar. • • • For more visit:. BizLogic www. Business Logic focuses on innovation to lead the industry and partners.in Website . thus preserving a long-term competitive advantage. We offer innovative and value-added solutions which anticipate market evolutions and future scenarios through accurate strategic planning. New Delhi-110059 .businesslogic.Introduction… • BizLogic Infosystems Pvt.

• Solid track record of delivering integrated solutions which communicate effectively with internal/external customers.702. Plot Number .in Website . • Experience with developing technology solutions across multiple verticals.Infosystems.businesslogic. Software Houses. BizLogic www. US and Middle East.Background… • Incorporated in 2005 with a clear vision of developing interface-totransaction environments. Educational Institution's.5. etc. Om Vihar. . New Delhi-110059 BizLogic Infosystems Pvt. Uttam Nagar(West).Phase .1. Main Najafgarh Road.Near Metro Pillar Number . • Strong management team with sharp focus on delivering customer centric platforms. • Over 100 Customers across India. Ltd. • Currently engaged with corporations like JCB.

Ltd. Uttam Nagar(West). Change in understanding of optimizing technologies. Main Najafgarh Road. Om Vihar.5.Philosophy… To ensure the customer stays ahead of the digital system. for tomorrow.1. to reach every single consumer. partner or stakeholder individually. translating into efficiency. what one needs is “ change! ” “Change in the approach. New Delhi-110059 . BizLogic Infosystems Pvt.Near Metro Pillar Number .Phase . BizLogic www. to build system today.businesslogic.in Website .Infosystems. change in understanding the system. Plot Number .” Precisely what BizLogic Infosystems wishes to deliver to the customer.702.

Main Najafgarh Road. Ltd.Phase .Near Metro Pillar Number .” BizLogic Infosystems Pvt.702. Uttam Nagar(West).1.in Website . Om Vihar.5.Vision… “To create extraordinary work. to deliver the best by adding value and create trust with clients by demonstrating rather than selling. BizLogic www.businesslogic. Plot Number .Infosystems. New Delhi-110059 .

Rich exposure to brand and advertising processes ensures that developed platforms communicate clearly and effectively while handling massive data volumes with ease. Middle East. Uttam Nagar(West). Profitable operations since inception and self funded with practical growth plans.Near Metro Pillar Number .in Website . Om Vihar. New Delhi-110059 . Main Najafgarh Road.5. • • • • • Solid references from cross Industry customer list across India. UK. BizLogic Infosystems Pvt. Ltd.Infosystems.702. Future proof solution structure incorporating state-of-the art technologies ensures ability to scale up efficiently and smoothly. Experience of delivering technologies incorporating robust database management with rich user interface . BizLogic www. Plot Number .Strengths… • Delivering tangible Solutions to big companies since 2005.Phase .businesslogic. US.1.

Near Metro Pillar Number . Website .1.5.www.702. Uttam Nagar(West). Om Vihar.Phase . New Delhi-110059 .businesslogic. Main Najafgarh Road.Cross Industry Experience… • Engineering • Education • Manufacturing • FMCG • IT • Automotive • Pharmaceuticals • Human Resources • Retail • Hospitality • Banking & Financial • Tourism • BPO & KPO BizLogic Infosystems Pvt. Ltd.in Plot Number .

www. New Delhi-110059 . New Delhi-110059 BizLogic Infosystems Pvt.702.Phase .1.1. Om Vihar.businesslogic.Phase .702. Uttam Nagar(West). Main Najafgarh Road. Website .Near Metro Pillar Number .Near Metro Pillar Number . Ltd.5. Piyush piyush@businesslogic. Om Vihar.(011) -64725201 Plot Number . Uttam Nagar(West).Contact Us • • • • • Name Email Mobile Landline Address :::::Mr.5.in +91 -9953667483 +91. Main Najafgarh Road.in Plot Number .

New Delhi-110059 . Uttam Nagar(West). Ltd.Phase .businesslogic.Near Metro Pillar Number . Main Najafgarh Road.702.5.www.BizLogic Infosystems Pvt. Om Vihar.1. Website .in Plot Number .

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