functions - planning (examine alternatives), staffing, training, leading, controling how to work together - establish goals, treat fairly

, show loyalty, reward communication is a two-way street conflict - (not always bad, avoids groupthink) - set rules, listen, don't be personal why solve conflict - it absorbs resources how to provide motivation - select complimentary members, understand goals, consistent leadership reward results and announce accomplishments motivational facts - person can only motivate himself, fear and money only good in the short term, everyone's motivations are different how make inclusive groups - (interdependent, complamentary) - know other's motivation, build confidence, allow for dirrefent ideas curse for loafing - individual accountability, minimize size, establish ground rules establish credibility - working in their best ineterest, be accountable, comminicate a good leader can - sympathize, understand strengths and weaknesses, show work effort, spread excitement, take responsibility empowerment not just supervision three management skills- technical, human, conceptual advantages - creative, congenial, thoughtful

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