Year 12 – Coursework Submission Checklist/Details


PRINT all details clearly – indicate where you’ve used capitals, especially for passwords Name:
Tutor Name/Room:

Candidate No: Your personal email: Home Tel No: Group iMac No: Group Password (editing iMac):

Mobile No: Group Code: Group Username (editing iMac):
(name & p/w used to log in for project) 

Group Members – names in full 

1. 2. 3.

You will need to invite us to be a member of your blog so that once submitted, you cannot change your work. In the settings tab, you will see ‘permissions’ – click on that option and then invite us: Once we’ve accepted, grant us ‘Admin Privileges’ Individual Blog Address: http:// Username Password Group Blog Address: Username Password Film TITLE File Name Saved in Drop Box? Evaluation DISK  File Name WEB  URL http://
(probably your blog address)


Multimodal? Format? (Disk/Web) DISK?

Now tell us where it is… WEB? (can be FTP ready folder)

Given to teacher/In Drop Box? OCR Coursework coversheet? Well Done – breathe a sigh of relief!!


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