IS 1364 ( Part 2 ) : 1992 IS0 4017 : 1988

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Third Revision )
Second Reprint AUGUST 1997







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8 are also the agreement between the manufacturer and user. it is expected that the entire fastener industry would have switched over to new width dimensions across flats and no old width across flats shall be permitted. 3. many changes had been agreed upon at international level which have been reflected in IS 1367 series of standards covering ‘Technical supply conditions for threaded steel fasteners’. ) as the decimal marker. the standard was published in 5 parts covering hexagon head bolts. hexagon nuts. and permitted subject to in separate table in line with IS0 4017. However.) was adopted by the Bureau of Indian Standards on the recommendation of the Bolts.8. In the 1967 version of this standard. However. the Committee felt that definite time frame may be given to the manufacturers for changeover and accordingly. e) The use of property classes like 4. In the adopted standard certain terminology and conventions are not identical in Indian Standards.8. hexagon thin nuts ( chamfered ) and hexagon thin nuts ( unchamfered ). This third revision has been made by the adoption of latest version of IS0 4017 published in 1988 as Part 2. and appear. in the absence of specific coverage in the standard. Subsequent to the publication of 1967 edition. 5. Standards ( Continued on third cover ) . The remaining parts of the standard that is. During this period. the new width across flat dimensions could not be implemented. b) The range of nominal lengths has been extended c) Non-preferred sizes have been included d) Stainless steel bolts with property classas A2-70 up to 500 mm. ) has been used as a decimal marker while practice is to use point ( . Nuts and Fastener Accessories Sectional Committee. 17 mm and 19 mm for Ml 0 and 12 size fasteners shall be permitted till 31 December 1994. Nuts and Fastener Accessories Sectional Committee ( LM 14 ) and approval of the Light Mechanical Engineering Division Council. 6. that is.Bolts. The following major changes have been made in this revision: a) The range of sizes has been enlarged to cover sizes from Ml ‘6 to M64. the Explanatory Note to 1983 version of the standard made a reference to this aspect. The standard was originally published in 1960 and revised in 1967. in the 1983 version this width across flats was brought in line with IS0 4016 : 1979 and specified as 16 mm and 18 mm respectively for Ml0 and Ml2 size fasteners. attention is specially drawn to the following: a) Wherever the words ‘International Standard’ should be read as ‘Indian Standard’.6. Accordingly. 4. referring in Indian to this with those used standard. LM 14 NATIONAL FOREWORD This Indian Standard ( Part 2 ) which is identical with IS0 4017 : 1988 ‘Hexagon head screws Product grades A and B’ issued by the International Organization for Standardization ( ISO. and A2-50 have been included. 4 and 5 have also been revised by adoption of corresponding latest version of International Standards. Reccgnizing the fact that the new width across flat dimensions could not be implemented immediately. The second revision of the standard was based on IS0 4017 : 1979 ‘Hexagon head screws of Product grades A and B’ issued by ISO. the width across flats for Ml0 and Ml2 size fasteners was specified as 17’ mm and 19 mm respectively.8 and 9. the manufacture of fasteners as per old versions shall be phased out and by 1 January 1995. they the current b) Ccmma ( . it has been decided that width across flats as per 1967 version. It is also understood that some manufacturers are already equipped and manufacturing as per new width across flat dimensions and supplies as per new specifications are encouraged. Recognizing the difficulty of immediate changeover to new width across flats. hexagon head screws. Part 1.

whichever is shorter. and product grade 6 for threads over M24 or nominal lengths over 10d or 150 mm. IS0 4035. they should be selected from existing International Standards. hexagon flanged screws. hexagon flanged bolts (IS0 4162 and IS0 8102). 1 . IS0 4036. structural bolting (IS0 4775. of product grade A for threads Ml. IS0 8673. whichever is shorter. l) hexagon flanged nuts (IS0 4161.This type of product is the same as that covered by IS0 4014 with the exception of threading up to the haad and nominal length up to and including 200 mm as popular lengths. IS0 7043 and IS0 7044). hexagon head screws (IS0 4017.6 to M24 and nominal lengths up to and including 10d or 150 mm. IS0 8674 and IS0 8675). The series comprises: al b) cl d) e) f) 9) hexagon head bolts (IS0 4014. If. IS0 4034. specifications . IS0 4016 and IS0 8765).6 up to and including M64. 1) These will form the subjects of future International Standards. IS0 4018 and IS0 8676). IS0 7411 to IS0 7414 and IS0 7417). for example IS0 261. IS0 3506 and IS0 4759-l. 1 Scope and field of application This International Standard gives specifications for hexagon head screws with threads from Ml.IS 1364 (Part2) IS0 4017 : 1999 : 1992 Indian Standard HEXAGON HEAD BOLTS. IS0 965-2. NOTE . IS0 4033. in special cases. hexagon nuts (IS0 4032. IS0 898-l. IS0 4015. IS0 888.6ther than those listed in this International Standard are required. SCREWS AND NUTS OF PRODUCT GRADES A AND B PART 2 HEXAGON HEAD SCREWS ( SIZE RANGE Ml’6 TO M64 ) ( Third Revision ) 0 Introduction * This International Standard is part of the complete IS0 product standard series on hexagon drive fasteners.

Festeners - IS0 261.Medium quality. Bolts. Mechenic8f properties of fasteners IS0 8992. Corrosion-resistant stainless steel fasteners - Specifications. Fasteners - Bolts. Tolerences for fasteners grades A. screws and studs. ‘) Part 3: Bolts. Is’0 6167-1. screws 8nd nuts with thread diameters > 1. 1) At present at the stage of draft. studs ard nuts made of non-ferrous metals. Threed run-outs and fasteners with thread in accordance with IS0 261 and IS0 2S2. Festeners Acceptance inspection. General plan. Part 1: Bolts. screws and nuts. Fasteners - Surface discontinuities Surface discontinuities - Part 1: Bolts. screws and studs for special requirements. IS0 generel purpose metric screw threads IS0 886. IS0 226.6and < 150 mm and product IS0 4759-1. Tolerances Part 2: Limits of sizes for general purpose bolt and nut IS0 898-1. F8StenerS IS0 6167-3. IS0 3269. screws 8nd studs - Nominel lengths and thread lengths for general purpose bolts and screws.IS 1364 (Part2) IS0 4017 : 1998 : 1992 2 References Bolts. screws and studs for general requirements. IS0 general purpose metric screw threads threads . Part 1: Bolts. FBsteners Electroplated coatings. B 8nd C. IS0 3606. screws and nuts Symbols and designations of dimensions. IS0 4042. Threaded components IS0 4763. ‘) Ends of parts with external metric IS0 thread. 2 . General requirements for bolts. IS0 3608. l) IS0 8839. screws. Mechanic8f properties of fasteners - IS0 9652.

.IS 1364 ( Part 2 ) : 1992 IS0 4017 : ts&B 3 Dimensions Symbols and descriptions of dimensions are specified in IS0 225. 3 .pitch diameter.-I a. a t-l 1 rr Qr Referee datum for d.c Permissible shape . _o__l a” a’ 1) 2) Incomplete thread u < 2 P d. NOTE - Dimensions in millimetres Point must be chamfered as-rolled (sheared end) X k’ _.

k’31 r Product grade $ min. nom. Product grade $ min. . Product grade B max. min. Product grade A min.21 min.Table 1 - Preferred threads Dimensions in millimetres max. IlWX. 4 Product grade $ min. nom. = max. min. s Product grade $Product grade A I 4) B min. max. max. min.




.9 d > 39mm:asagreed d < 39 mm: IS0 898-l d < 3mmandd > 39mm:asagreed d < 20 mm: A2-70 2Crmm<d<39mm:A2-50 d > 39mm: asagreed d<39mm:ISO3506 . they should be agreed between customer and supplier.Ml2 x 80 . Anlrh If different electroplating requirements are desired or if requirements are needed for other finishes. 8.IS 1364 (Part2) IS0 4017 : 198s : 1992 4 Specifications and reference standards Specifications and reference standards Stainless steel Non-ferrous metal Table 3 Material General requirements llwead International Standards International Standard Tolerance steel I IS0 8992 ss I IS0 261..... Limits for surface discontinuities are covered in IS0 6157-1 and IS0 6157-3.8 8 .8.6.8. 2) WhfUtever is shorter.. IS0 966-2 d < 3mm:asagreed Mechsnicsl properHer Classt) 3 mm < d < 39 mm: 5. nominal length I = 80 mm and property class 8.8: Hexagon head screw IS0 4017 . 10. 1) The designation symbols for the property classes according to IS0 898-l can also be used for threads above M39. provided that the finished product has all the properties assigned to the designation symbols in IS0 8981. see IS0 3269. International Standards d > 39 mm: asagreed IS0 8839 as processed I plain I plain Requirements for electroplating are covered in IS0 4642. Acceptsbility For acceptance procedure. 5 Designation Example for the designation of a hexagon head screw with thread size M12..

screws and studs. screwsand studs with full loadability IS 4218 ( Part 6 ) : 1978 IS0 metric screw threads : Part 6 Limits of sizes for commerdial bolts and nuts ( diameter range 1 to 52 mm ) ( first revision ) Technical supply conditions for threaded IS 1367 ( Part 17 ) : steel fasteners : Part 17 Acceptance criteria ( under preparation ) supply conditions for IS 1367 ( Part 14 ). reference appears to certain International Standards for which Indian Standards also exist:The corresponding Indian Standards which are to be substitited in their place are listed below along with their degree of equivalence for the editions indicated: international Standard IS0 225 IS0 261 IS0 888 IS0 898-l Corresponding Indian Standard screws.Mechanical properties of fasteners-Bolts. . : 1989 Technical threaded threaded steel. the designation of hexagon head screw may be read as ‘Hexagon head screws IS 1364 ( Part 2 )-IS0 4017-Ml2 x 80-8’8 in place of ‘Hexagon head screws IS0 4017Ml2 x 80-8’8’. .( Continued from second cover ) In this adopted standard. .. screws. nuts and IS 8535 : 1987 Bolts. Terminology and nomenclature ( first revision ) 1s 4218 Diameter ( Part 2) : 1976 IS0 metric screw pitch combinations ( first revision ) accessories threads: and - Degree of Equivalence Identical Technically equivalent Identical Identical Part 2 thread IS 4206 : 1987 Dimensions for nominal leng?hs lengths for bolts. . . screws and studs ( first revision ) supply conditions for IS 1367 ( Part 3 ) : 1991 Technical properties and threaded steel fasteners : Part 3 Mechanical methods for bolts. screws and studs. Section 2 Special requirements ( under preparation ) IS . Section 1 General requirements ( under preparation ) IS 1367 ( Part S/Set 2 ) : Technical supply conditions for threaded steel fasteners : Part 9 Surface discontinuities on bolts. fasteners : Part 14 Stainless steel fasteners ( second revision ) IS 1369 ( Part 1 ) : Threaded runouts and undercuts: Part 1 Dimensions for screw thread runouts for external IS0 metric threads ( third revision of IS 1369 ) ( under peparation ) Technical supply conditions IS 1367 ( Part 11 ) : threaded steel fasteners : Part 11 Electroplated’ coatings threaded steel fasteners ( under preparation ) IS 1368 : 1987 Dimensions for ends of parts with external metric threads ( third revision ) IS 1367 ( Part 2 ) : 1979 Technical supply threaded steel fasteners : Part 2 Product grades ( second reviston ) for on IS0 IS0 965-2 Technically equivalent Technically equivalent Technically equivalent Identical IS0 3269 IS0 3506 IS0 3508 IS0 4042 Technically equivalent Identical Technically equivalent Identical IS0 4753 IS0 4759-l conditions for and tolerances IS0 6157-1 IS 1367 ( Part S/Set 1 ) : Technical supply conditions f& threaded steel fasteners : Part 9 Surface discontlnuities on bolts. studs and nuts made of non-ferrous metals ( under preparatron ) IS 1367 ( Part 1 ) : 1980 TechCcal supply conditions far threaded steel fasteners: Part 1 Introduction and general information ( second revision ) IS0 6157-3 Identical IS0 8839 IS0 8992 Identical Equivalent ALTERATION In clause 5.

New Delhi 110002 Telephones: 323 0131. THIRUVANANTHAPURAM. LM 14 ( 0163 ) 1 Issued Since Publication Text Affected Amendments Amend No.832 { 832 78 91. PUNE.337 85 6 1 337 86 26. 700054 Sector 34-A.337 9120 60 38 43 { 60 20 25 235 02 16. CHANDIGARH 160022 337 84 99. marking and quality certification of goods and attending to connected matters in the country. Andheri (East) MUMBAI 400093 : AHMADABAD. 9 Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg.T. 1986 to promote harmonious development of the activities of standardizatim. type or grade designations. Standards are also reviewed periodically. KANPUR.I.832 78 58 78 92 : C. such as symbols and sizes. JAIPUR. Users of Indian Standards should ascertain that they are in possession of the latest amendments or edition by referring to the latest issue of ‘BIS Handbook’ and ‘Standards Monthly Additions’. Marol. Enquiries relating to copyright be addressed to the Director (Publication). BHUBANESHWAR. Road.323 94 02 Regional Offices: Central Eastern Northern Southern Western Branches : Manak Bhavan. of necessary details. LUCKNOW.323 33 75.P. Printed by Reprography Unit. This does not preclude the free use. NAGPUR. COIMBATORE. CHENNAl600113 : Manakalaya. Review of Indian Standards Amendments are issued to standards as the need arises on the basis of comments.335-336. GHAZIABAD. in the course of implementing the standard.3233841 Manak Bhavan.I. if the review indicates that changes are needed. BHOPAL. Maniktola CALCUTTA : SCO. Campus.Bureau of Indian Standards BIS is a statutory institution established under the Bureau of Indian Standards Act. 9 Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg NEW DELHI 110002 : l/14 C.I. E9 MIDC.235 04 42 { 2351519. Scheme VII M. BE. HYDERABAD. New Delhi . it is taken up for revision. IV Cross Road. BIS. PATNA. GUWAHATI. V. Copyright No part of these publications may be reproduced in any form BIS has the copyright of all its publications. a standard along with amendments is reaffirmed when such review indicates that no changes are needed. FARIDABAD. Date of Issue BUREAU Headquarters: OF INDIAN STANDARDS Telegrams: Manaksanstha (Common to all offices) Telephone 32376 17.T. BANGALORE. without the prior permission in writing of BIS.2352315 832 92 95. This Indian Standard has been developed from Dot: No.

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